Monday, July 12, 2010

Slavery My Ass!

Off Topic but first: I just read on Yahoo that Derek Fisher will be staying with the Lakers next season. I found that good news for me as a fan and Derek as a player. He brings a stabilizing maturity to the Lakers that Kobe just doesn't provide. Thanks for sticking around Derek.

Why the "Slavery" title of my post? Because I found Jesse Jackson's comment today comparing Lebron James to a slave ridiculous. Lebron will make how much money next year? Excuse me Jesse, but in one season Lebron will probably earn more than myself, my entire family, and my small circle of friends will make in our entire lives and you have the stupidity to compare it to slavery.

I guess you can't help being a racist Jesse. Your entire career has been built on keeping racism alive and an open wound. It's provided you and your family with a wonderful living. Why stop now? Until you, Al Sharpton, and some of the other old-time race hustlers lay down and die and take your racism with you we will never get past the black/white issue in this country. You won't allow it. Fuck you Jesse. You've built your entire career on the coat-tails of MLK but you aren't fit to carry his hat.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday America 1776 - ?

Here's a big fat happy 234th birthday to the World's greatest experiment in Democracy (actually we're a representative Republic) with many more to come.

And what will yours truly be doing tomorrow? Firing up the grill for some hot dogs, chicken breasts, and Italian Sausages. Add some homemade Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, and any other concoctions I can dream up and its ON!

Happy Birthday USA

God bless America and Happy Fourth Of July!