Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nope - I'm Not From Kalifornia... Really!

One more reason NOT to tell anyone you're from Kalifornia. This is why I never tell anyone when I'm out of State I'm from the Left Coast. For some reason they tend to think we're all this way. Either we're on drugs, hugging trees or bunnies or living in the forest and eating mushrooms.

Because of the Happy Meal toy ban and other dopey stuff the douchebags up in San Francisco have given us a terrible reputation down here in Baja Kalifornia and we really don't need any more help.

The whole state is infected with progressives and liberals. When the libs here get tired of the taxes and anti-business climate (yes - even some libs hate taxes) they tend to leave the state. The problem is they take their progressive agenda with them. This is why people from Kalifornia are so disliked up north and in other places where they tend to migrate. People in Washington State and Oregon call the people from here "Californicators".

So remember ... mum's the word and don't tell them you're from here or they'll hate you for it. Shhhhh.....