Friday, April 18, 2014

If This Doesn't Piss You Off....

Then you are incapable of anger. From American Thinker comes this outrage!

I think most informed folks will remember the auto workers who voted and rejected to allow the UAW to represent them at the Chattanooga Volkswagen plant a couple of months back. Well guess what? It appears there may be a do-over thanks to the Fascist assholes running the UAW and of all people, the suits at Volkswagen. And if I'm not mistaken the people at American Thinker predicted this might just happen right after the election results were tallied.

The destructive pigs (I.E. Detroit) of the UAW may just get the legitimate election results overturned because of comments made by Senator Bob Corker (R) of Tennessee. I guess Corker doesn't have the same First Amendment rights that other Americans (supposedly) have and wasn't supposed to opine on the upcoming vote. 

It's astonishing that the election could even possibly be considered to be invalid and have to be held again. But then again these are progressives and this is the same Omama regime who have packed the NLRB (illegally) to make this all possible. We are witnesses to the quiet but surely certain end of our Representative Republic if this is allowed to happen. One quote below from a San Francisco (surprise) State professor illustrates the thinking process that infects our Universities and confirms their twisted thought processes.

"The Volkswagen election showed the extraordinary lengths to which Republican lawmakers and anti-union organizations are prepared to go in order to subvert workers’ right to choose a union," writes John W. Logan, a professor and director of labor and employment studies at San Francisco State University. "Whatever the eventual outcome at Chattanooga, they must never get away with this election chicanery again."

Click on the American Thinker link above to read more. I'm stunned but not surprised. Is it even possible for me to be both? Not when it comes to unions, progressives, and the Omama regime. I'm beyond anger!


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Jay Carney Spends Some "Me" Time At Home

Heroes And Zeros - Which Is Which? Click To Enlarge

Reports surfaced this week that Jay Carney's home is adorned with photos and propaganda posters of his various democrap heroes. Here at the World Of Greasywrench we sent our favorite Paparazzi, Seymore Butts, on undercover assignment to confirm the story. Well low and behold it's true! Here's Jay relaxing in an unguarded moment with some of his favorite democreeps Communists ASSHOLES decorating his living room wall.

In an unrelated note, it looks like Berry Hussein Omama isn't paying his male employees enough money either as the walls of the Carney residence look like they need some new drywall and paint. Oh well - it's the thought that counts, eh Jay?

Note: The original photo came from Olberman Watch. I just happened to fix it for them.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Obama Mamma

Pretty fucking pathetic isn't it? Besides using the overpaid pro basketball nitwits who will NEVER have to face the prospect of using this lame program. Besides using the nerdy cocoa drinking idiot Pajama Boy as a sales pitch. Besides using most of the Hollywood douchebags who have REAL insurance. And - besides forcing this fucking abortion of a program down the throat of America, now the shit-stains of HHS are using Mothers as a recruitment tool to sign us up before the March 31st deadline. Is nothing sacred to the trash occupying the White House?

Here's my big fat FUCK YOU to the democraps and the Omama family who will never use this shitty program that is just a poorly disguised voter drive to assure future dems will retain the White House until the proverbial Cows come home.

And my message to the republicans who are posed to re-take the Senate in November is; grow a set and get rid of this abomination or the GOP will soon go the way of the dinosaur. DO SOMETHING about the Unaffordable Care Act when you oust Harry Reid or you will join the Whigs and the rest of also-rans of political parties in American History!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Pre-Superbowl Music Palate Cleanser

So today I'm watching the Crossroads Guitar Festival from 2010 on VH1 and this excellent video comes on. You HAVE to recognize Derek Trucks from the Allman Brothers band. He's one of the great slide players in Rock. But, I didn't realize he has his own band with Susan Tedeschi who BTW is also his wife. She's a great singer and musician in her own right as I found out. Think Bonnie Raitt. You'll should recognize Warren Haynes from the Allman Brothers too.

All in all a great video and tasty sound. Enjoy something nice for a change instead of my usual douchebag reports on the Omama regime and his fellow comrades in the White House playing at being leaders.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Caricatures? What Caricatures?

President Berry Hussein Soetero Goebbels Neville Chamberlain Omama recently whined about FOX News channel and the "caricatures" they have portrayed of him. Well I'm here to tell you the following images were NOT created by FOX. The link to the funny images is at the bottom of this post and it does NOT lead to FOX. It seems there are plenty of other sites who believe Omama is an asshole. So dear Berry Omama - give credit to those it is due. And stop whining about FOX. Plenty of other Americans despise you besides intelligent conservatives. The proof lies below.

For a more detailed explanation of Omama and his pathology click here to read an excellent article from today's American Thinker website. B.O. is one screwed up dude from a mental standpoint. In fact, the entire democrat party is seriously fucked up and hateful.

 Click on the images to enlarge. To visit this hilarious site click here.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Separated At Birth?

Click To Enlarge TheTurds

Every now and then I post one of the "separated at birth" images just for fun. In fact there's one I posted a couple of weeks back featuring the nerdy Pajama Boy from the Omamacare sign-up campaign and Pat, the androgynous character from Saturday Night Live.

After reading about the Holder/Omama INjustice department nomination of Debo Adegbile for a top position as a civil rights enforcer I was "inspired" to create a new comparison image. Put on your thinking cap and X-Ray glasses and check out the picture I created above and see if you can spot the resemblance. It's uncanny how similar they are. One is a huge steamy looking pile of shit and the other is a creamy looking dog turd on what appears to be warm asphalt. Is there a difference? You decide.

All bullshit and silly images aside, this appears to be another one of Omama's middle finger salutes to America and our justice system. Nominating this asshole Adegbile is just Omama's way of pissing on America for the umpteenth time. Debo Adegbile is one of Mumia Abu Jamal's lawyers and another caucasian hating half-nigerian shit-stain (sound familiar) who doesn't give a fuck about justice or civil rights! His career as a lawyer is an agenda-driven drive to replace one type of racism (Jim Crow) with another (Affirmative Action). The only difference is; Jim Crow racism ended many years ago. Affirmative action lives on.. and on.. and on..

Nothing new to see here. Let's move on....

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hey Lynn! Puff On This You Traitorous Hag!

Click To Enlarge

Like most other Americans with a sense of justice and decency I was stunned when the DOJ authorized and then released this skank AKA Lynn Stewart.What really pissed me off was the reason given. They cut her loose since it's been determined she only has a year and a half left to live due to cancer. They called it "for humanitarian reasons" as the criteria to let her out of what should have been a sentence that ended with her death in prison.

Stop and think about this entire scenario for just one minute. What justice was served by releasing a woman who hasn't professed one ounce of remorse for the deaths she caused helping the blind sheik. She has blood on her hands and doesn't regret one spilled drop of it. And she is still convinced she is/was right in assisting the blind sheik in the bombing. I don't recall her EVER apologizing to any of the American families she has harmed. But Omama and his Boy Holder didn't want her to die in prison so in a blatant mockery of justice she was released. Somehow I get the feeling that both of the racists (Omama & Holder) involved in this perversion of justice are having a big laugh right now at the expense of Americans.

And why, pray tell, did America's leading shit-stain do this? You can bet the farm this is just another one of Berry's pay-back actions to the American people for the personal pathologies that Omama himself suffers. Everything he does seems to regress to his childhood and the rearing he received at the hands of a family that HATES America. Toss in a bit of self-loathing for being only half black and we end up with one sick fucking dude for president.

It's easily understood why Lynn Stewart is such an American hating skank when you consider her mentor was William Cuntsler and her peers include the twenty-first century hippie asshole Ron Kuby. Both Stewart and Kuby are "radical lawyer" cliches from a cheap sixties made-for-tv movie, right down to the ridiculous looking greasy pony tail that Kuby still sports. Hey Ron, you're fifty-seven years old. Get a fucking haircut and leave the pony tails to kids and old rockers.

I'll close this post with just one question - has anybody got a light? Since Lynn loves blowing things up so fucking much she can start with herself.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Unintended Consequences?

In an ironic turn of events, president Hussein Soetero Omama became a "survivor" of his own healthcare law. While touting the benefits of Omamacare, president Omama was the victim of a botched flu shot...

Due to the current shortage of Doctors who are now retiring because of the ACA, the medical staff at D.C. Memorial hospital have began using staff members not licensed to practice medicine to conduct basic medical procedures. This included janitors who were giving EKG exams, cafeteria workers who were authorized to perform open heart surgeries and orderlies who were performing kidney transplants. One could say the president got a "taste of his own medicine" once they were finished "practicing" on him.

The president was actually the victim of a bathroom attendant who was mistakenly given the job of performing a prostrate exam instead of the flu shot Omama was scheduled to receive. During the procedure the attendant accidentally "probed" too deep with a toilet plunger and struck the spinal column of the president leaving Omama partially paralyzed. 

But fear not - Omama's buddies at GM were able to fit the crippled leader with this spiffy new high-mileage vehicle (the successor to the Volt) that is guaranteed to NOT harm the environment. The White House press corps cleverly dubbed the two wheeler the "deuce poop". It is powered by six large hungry rats on treadmills and is capable of a ten mile per hour top speed. It also gets approximately five-hundred miles per gallon of fuel. Of course the Secret Service has to follow the fallen "leader" around with a bag of Purina Rat Chow to keep the speedy vehicle rolling. There was no mention of the stream of steamy rat turds now littering D.C. Evidently they can't be sorted out from the politicians (more rats) who infest the Nation's capital.

Now - here's hoping that Harry Reid keeps that D.C. Memorial appointment for the testosterone treatments he's scheduled to receive next week. There's no telling what these "medical experts" will be able to come up with while treating Dirty Harry. But I have a sneaking suspicion he's gonna be needing that birth control coverage everyone else is being forced to pay for once he gets his "shots". And I can't wait to see how Nancy Pelosi's frontal lobotomy turns out. It may actually improve her. Any bets?

The moral of this parody is this: If it's good for the Goose, it's good for the Gander. With Omama this pun IS intended. Think about it.

Note: in the interests of full disclosure I found the wheelchair image on the web several years ago. I stuck the Omama face in place of FDR all by myself.

Re-Education Camps - A Progressive Wet Dream

There is no such thing as a wrong opinion. Period! You may get your facts wrong in trying to debate and back those opinions but the opinion itself can NEVER be wrong. That's why we differentiate between facts and opinions. If we can punish someone for verbally expressing a thought it won't be long before we can punish them for even thinking incorrect thoughts at all. Punishing someone for "wrong thinking" is as old as rocks. Look to North Korea, Cuba, the Middle-East and dozens of other totalitarian countries for examples.

Now I'm not a particularly religious person but I do believe in some sort of higher power. I don't know what form or state it would take but it's just a feeling (or faith) I have. So when Phil Robertson expressed his views or interpretation of the Bible he's got every right in the world to do so. He has the RIGHT to be politically incorrect. It is our First Amendment that guarantees it. So now all the PC assholes and fascists of GLADD and other gay rights organizations are pissing and screaming for Robertson's head for daring to think.

The one thing that comes to mind in this twenty-first century version of a book burning is the wonderful dialog between two great American actors in the American classic movie "Inherit The Wind". The courtroom exchanges between Frederic March and Spencer Tracy were epic. Now, even though the movie took a negative viewpoint of Religion vs Darwin, the actual premise of the movie is still relevant. The true point of the movie is/was the punishment of a man for expressing his thoughts. Check out Nox & Friends for some great comments on what's really going on with the gays and their ugly thought control tactics.

It seems the more things change the more they stay the same. The USSR established Gulags for so-called "wrong thinking" dissidents during the Cold War. China and North Korea have re-education camps as I type. Will the witch hunting thought police on the far-left do the same? If they have their way they're gonna pull us all down a very slippery slope and there will be NO going back. As I have said many times on this blog, P.C. thinking and attitudes will and are destroying America.

It's Pat!

I haven't watched SNL for many years. Besides the obvious bias, Saturday Night Love just isn't funny anymore. It's been a good thirty-five years since it was. But every now and then a character showed up that tickled me. The androgynous "Pat" was one of those characters.

Now I'll pose this question - whatever happened to Pat and was it ever established what she/he actually was gender wise? I'll say this, whatever Pat was she/he has a Son. Or maybe it's a daughter. You figure it out. But anyway we know Pat was fertile whether he/she was a guy or gal. The living proof is Hoody/Footie Pajama boy. Or maybe the nerdy Pajama Boy and Pat are twins who were separated at birth. Decide for yourself.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Finally! The Healthcare Site Is Fixed! (sort of..)

Click To Enlarge

Well Hot Damn! The geeks and nerds who've been working diligently to fix the unaffordable health care website have come up with a fix!

Today president Omama proudly previewed the system that will be used to repair the website and get us all into a government sponsored health plan we can all be happy with. They've installed all eleven-thousand pages of regs and rules onto a floppy drive setup. There seems to be a slight problem though - the government techies will have to go out and buy a shitload of floppy drives to install the 233 disk program to implement the patch. When told that the floppy drive format has been pretty much obsolete for the last ten years and they're harder to find than an honest democrat, the pencil pushers of the HHS poo pooed the naysayers and said the disks and drives can easily be found on Craig's List for next to nothing. And besides, a government spokesman crowed - "we still have the IBM punch-cards and hardware waiting in the wings if this doesn't fix the fucking thing".

On hearing the news, democraps in congress were ecstatic. Rumor has it that Nancy Pelousy cackled twice, ovulated once and laid an egg (she's only thirty-nine according to her official bio) in her private house chambers. Kathlene Sebilious who's not known for her religious convictions dropped to her knees, said a quick prayer and then offered up a goat as a sacrifice. "Hey" she quipped, "don't let it be said that demoncraps aren't religious too". Other democreeps in congress called for a national holiday (with pay of course) and parade down Pennsylvania blvd.

And just when you thought our "leaders" couldn't get anything done. BTW, this silly-ass post isn't a parody. It's a prediction based on past performance by the Berry Soetero Hussein Neville Chamberlain Goebbels Omama regime. I won't put anything past these bastards after five years.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Finally - A Sneak Peek At The LIV's!

Low Information Voters: They've become such a political catchphrase these days most blogs and sites just use the term/acronym LIV when speaking of these rather stupid people.

Our ace paparazzi and investigator Seymore Butts was able to sneak this recent picture at a "save the cockroaches" rally at the Berkeley Kalifornia campus. And the LIV crowd was out in full force. We were easily able to identify Sean Pennis, rapper Snoop Dogg-Breath, and our (and the congressional black caucus's) favorite Dick-tater, InFidel Castro.

But the several people in the front row who appeared to be .... sheep, remain blindly loyal Berry Omama supporters. I guess the pro Omama signs are a dead giveaway. So in this photo we have the base of today's president and most of the democrapic political party. Criminals and sheep who are more than willingly being led to the slaughter by a president who's no more a leader than I am an astronaut.

  • We have rapper Snoop Dog-breath who was once tried in court for his involvement in a murder and has a list of other crimes on his rap sheet (pun intended)
  • Sean Pennis - a well known communist and hollywood asshole who openly advocates that those who don't agree with him (conservatives and Tea Party members) be committed to mental institutions. He's also done time for beating up photographers for snapping photos. 
  • And last but not least there's Infidel Castro who's been responsible for crimes against humanity and ruining millions of lives and supporting the leading douchebag of the twentieth century - Che Guevarra.
But the biggest threat to our Republic is the uneducated voter (LIV) I've pictured as sheep. They are the ones who vote on the basis of what their union tells them, what the biased assholes of Pravda keep "reporting", or what the talking heads and shit-stains of PMS-NBC tell them to believe.

Dickheads such as Berry Hussein Neville Chamberlain Goebbels Omama will come and go. No one will remember the shitty music of Snoop Dog-Breath in ten years. And Infidel Castro will burn in hell for his crimes even if he's not held accountable in this life. The Castros will pay. But the LIV's are like dog-shit - they're everywhere.

But the LIV is the real problem. We have to find a better way of educating stupid people. Not indoctrinating them as they're doing in today's schools and Universities. Until we figure out how to educate these "voters" they're gonna keep voting for the douchebag who promises them the most "free" stuff... I.E. democruds.

One final thought: As I've posted on several other blogs, boards, and sites, I will no longer refer to these people as LIV. I will call them what they are - stupid!

Progressive Pretzel Logic

From The Right Scoop: Only a liberal would force a single male to have maternity coverage on his insurance policy. And the lame answer/excuse from Sebelius is equally absurd. Or maybe I just missed something after 31 years of marriage when it comes to having children. Read more here...

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Democraps Are Talking Out Of Both Sides Of Their Necks (again)

Today's Ann Coulter column features these inconvenient truths proving for the umpteenth time the hypocrisy and bullshit that IS the democrap political party. Read the full text below and you be the judge.

Ann Coulter

"No major legislation has ever been passed like Obamacare -- and I'm using the word "passed" pretty loosely.

It became law without both houses ever voting on the same bill. (Say, is the Constitution considered "settled law"?) Not one Republican voted for it -- and a lot of Democrats immediately wished they hadn't. Historically, big laws have been enacted with large, bipartisan majorities. 

In 1935, President Roosevelt enacted Social Security with a 372-33 vote in the House and 77-6 in the Senate.

In 1965, Medicare passed in the Senate 70-24 and the House 307-116, with the vast majority of Democrats supporting this Ponzi scheme and Republicans roughly split.

Reagan's magnificent tax cuts in 1981 -- which Democrats now denounce as if they'd been appalled at the time -- passed with a vote of 89-11 in the Senate and even 323-107 in the hostile Democratic House.

Even Bill Clinton's signature legislative achievement -- Midnight Basketball for the Homeless -- received more bipartisan support than Obamacare.

No law, certainly not one that fundamentally alters the role of the government, has ever been passed like this. But now, this greased-through, irregular law is relentlessly defended as "settled law" and "the law of the land"! (At least the parts that Obama hasn't unconstitutionally waived -- again, anybody know if the Constitution is "settled law"?)

Wow -- Obamacare sounds fantastic! Not only does Congress refuse to live under it, but its proponents' strongest argument is that it's "settled law!" The most hilarious part of the "settled law" argument is that it's coming from the left, for whom nothing is ever "settled" until they get their way -- as described in my new book, "Never Trust a Liberal Over 3 -- Especially a Republican."

Liberals seem to believe our founding fathers sought to create a country where the pushiest always win. (That's why they're the party of trial lawyers.) They want the nation's policies to be determined by a never-ending co-op board meeting dominated by the most obnoxious shareholders. As New Yorkers are about to discover if they elect Bill de Blasio mayor, for example, liberals will never abandon their plans to hamstring cops and spring criminals. For 30 years, New York City tried the Democrats' approach to crime. The result was an explosion of murders, rapes, permanent disfigurements, robberies, car thefts and burglaries. Then Rudy Giuliani came in and saved the city. The dramatic decrease in crime effected by Giuliani's crime policies made commerce, tourism -- life! -- possible again in New York.

But liberals have been biding their time, waiting for people to forget, itching to get their hands on the levers of power so they can start releasing criminals again. (Or as Democrats refer to them, "our base.") Wasn't "stop and frisk" "settled law"? Why yes, it was, upheld in 1996 by a New York appeals court in People v. Batista. But that settled law was recently overturned by a liberal judge in a case funded by George Soros.

Hey, does anyone know if the Second Amendment is "settled law"? And how many dozens of states have expressly voted against gay marriage? Are we up to three dozen yet? But liberals consider repeated votes of the people merely an invitation to run to the courts to get the people's will overturned.

California voters said "no" to gay marriage in a statewide initiative to amend their constitution. State courts upheld the amendment prohibiting gay marriage. You might say the No-Gay-Marriage amendment was -- what's the expression? -- "settled law, upheld by the courts." Liberal groups appealed to the federal courts, where an activist judge, who happened to be gay, issued a PC ruling overturning the will of the people. His work done, the judge then resigned from the bench.

Oh -- and how has the left treated "settled law" on race preferences? The fight against racial discrimination goes back to the Civil War, Reconstruction and a slew of Republican amendments to the U.S. Constitution. But Democrats refuse to give up discriminating on the basis of race. (They just switched which race gets screwed.) The triumph of a color-blind political system lasted for about six minutes before Democrats were at it again.

In 1996, the people of California voted to amend the state constitution to prohibit race discrimination by the state. Liberals sued and sued and sued to overturn a majority vote of the people that merely affirmed constitutional rights won by the Civil War nearly a century and a half ago. They lost. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the amendment and the Supreme Court refused to review that ruling, making the anti-race discrimination amendment ... the "law of the land"!  But liberals won't stop. Michigan voters approved a similar amendment to their state constitution in 2006. Guess what "settled law" is on its way to the Supreme Court? Again. Right now. 

It's been 17 years! (One-hundred and forty-eight years, if we're counting from the end of the Civil War.) Liberals will fight until they get their way -- and, as soon as they do, they announce their one victory is "settled law." That's what happened with Obamacare. Weren't Americans reasonably clear about not wanting a hostile takeover of our health care system the last time Democrats tried it? Hillarycare was so widely reviled that the majority Democratic Congress never held an up-or-down vote on it. In the very next election, the public punished Democrats for even thinking about nationalizing health care by voting in a Republican Congress for the first time in almost half a century. 

Obamacare wasn't passed because the nation changed its mind. We got Obamacare because, at a brief moment in time, the Democrats happened to have aberrationally large majorities in the House and Senate, as well as the presidency. It was quickly and unconstitutionally enacted on a strictly party-line vote. In the very next election, the American people elected 63 new Republicans to the House of Representatives -- the largest sweep of Congress for any party since 1948. Even liberal Massachusetts elected a Republican senator solely because of his vow to vote against Obamacare. This is why the duly elected Republican majority in the House keeps funding the entire federal government -- except Obamacare. Or except Congress' exemption from Obamacare. Or except the individual mandate that Obama has already waived for his big-business friends. 

"Settled law" has nothing to do with it. When Republicans won't give up on an issue, it is because they are defending the will of the people, not pushing some harebrained scheme cooked up by a small group of zealots and imposed on the nation by an activist judge or freak Congress. When Democrats refuse to give up on an issue, it's against the will of the people with one party laughing, "Ha ha! We have 60 votes!"
As usual, Ann uses her "take no prisoners" writing style to point out the blatant bullshit and hypocrisy coming in from the far-left, RINO's and democreeps in congress. She doesn't refer to them as "low information voters" or any of the other PC terms now ingrained into the writings of American Pravda. She calls them "obnoxious", "irregular", (that one explains much), "discriminating", harebrained, and zealots. The hypocrisy of the dems is so thick we'd need a chisel to cut through the shit. Then again I NEVER expect logic and truth to prevail when it comes to democraps. Just watching them and their baldfaced lies and rationalizations when discussing the disaster that is the government healthcare website the last two weeks prove that. 

I've been on both sides of the political fence during my lifetime and one thing I can tell you - I have never ever seen members of ANY political party or a sitting president face the American people and lie so openly and not give a shit about it or the consequences. That brings me to my final thought; it's been said many many times that liberals are mentally diseased. That might explain things if it weren't for the fact that the dems know exactly what they are doing is WRONG for America, which rules out mental illness and puts them right back into the "asshole" category. Which one do you think it is?

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Omama And A Democrapic Wet Dream

While they're busy closing American landmarks and memorials the rumor is; Berry Hussein Soetero Goebbels Neville Chamberlain Omama and the democruds have plans for literally burying the Statue Of Liberty in sand like cat-shit in order to further vilify the right.

Is this the future of America once the progressives and Omama are finished "fundamentally changing" our country? God help us all if they ever accomplish ALL their goals! As things stand now, we're screwed!