Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Berry Hussein Goebbels Omama Photographed Photoshopped "Doing Manly Things"

In a recently released photo, president Omama was shown "doing skeet" at Camp David. Many real hand gun and rifle enthusiasts immediately scoffed and ridiculed the photo and claimed it was a digitally enhanced picture and a lame attempt to portray King Barrack as an avid sportsman. Several experts also claimed the photo was actually a past image of Omama golfing. They even cited the golf glove in Omama's right hip pocket as proof.

After hearing the claims the photo was a fake at this morning's White House press briefing, White House press secretary Jay Carney quickly shot back with a denial and claimed "we all know that Berry is quite the athlete since we've all seen him throw a baseball and riding a (girl's) bicycle in past videos and official photos". Carney thundered back "Berry is a man's man!"

Well we all now have proof that Berry actually has a "sack" according to Press Secretary Carney. The White House just released a new series of pictures showing the president having a macho good time at Camp David doing things all guys do. One thing Carney didn't mention was the howls of laughter coming from the Secret Service Agents in the background when the "photo" was taken. Several of the agents reportedly had to change their shorts after the photo-op. Carney denied the underwear rumor and blamed it on a bad batch of White House eggs.

Judge for yourself. Could these following photos be fake? Do we see any similarities in the pictures below that might indicate it's a crock of shit? This one's a tough call. Would the president actually lie to the American people? Click on the image below to see the president in all his masculine glory.

Official White House Photos - Click To Enlarge

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gun Control My Ass!

After seeing the images of Moochelle Omama attacking her meal yesterday at the Inaugural Dinner I'm convinced the real need for weapons control is with the White House knives and forks along with her appetite. She's a fucking machine when seated at the table!

Here at The World Of Greasywrench we were able to sneak in our favorite Paparazzi Seymore Butts into the Inaugural Ball and he managed to sneak a few candid photos (shown below) of the dinner service Moochelle Omama ate from. She was swinging the knife and fork so fast she managed to melt (or eat) the flower pattern right off the dishes! Good Lord that Gal can chow down once she gets going!

All the Pork, Cattle, and Seafood in the world beware - you're faced with four more years of this woman's frightening appetite! Forget about a shortage of jobs - the USA will soon be facing a food shortage with this woman lumbering through the White House dining room and kitchen. Lord help us!

Moochelle's Plates

Friday, January 18, 2013

Loogies 101

Only a guy would laugh at this shit. Last night on Bill O'Reilly Megyn Kelly was one of the guests and the discussion was about gun control. Bill O asked Megyn a question about what a Luger was. Well what was Megyn's response? She had a blond moment and said she thought Lugers had something to do with Phlegm. Damn I wish I had the video. Anyway, you could hear the crew (guys) in the background cracking up and I damn near fell off my couch laughing at her response.

So let's get something cleared up. A loogie is a nice fat juicy goober (spit). A lunger is one of those loogies that you have to hock back real hard from the bottom of your lungs and pull out with enthusiasm. It also helps to have a bad cold when you bring up a lunger. That way you get that good color (light green) and consistency that defines a real juicy one. Simple enough? And what is a Luger? Read about them here.

I'm not a shooting guy but I swear to defend the Second Amendment to the death. So did Berry Omama when he swore his oath of office. But he's a fucking liar so that makes me a better man. Doesn't it?

Anyway, this concludes today's sermon.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Here's A Big Fat Eff U To Chicken-Shit Liberals

Thanks to the Nazi cow of the Journal News pictured below many lives may have now been put in jeopardy. And yet when the folks at FOX News and several other organizations tried to approach this cowardly bitch for a comment or response she chose to hide and not answer questions. There's nothing like a progressive to epitomize a lack of intestinal fortitude and hypocrisy. A special thanks to CharlieDelta at Gotta Get Drunk First for passing her personal info along. Give the sow a call and let her know how you feel.