Friday, July 5, 2013

Food A Banquet For Thought

I haven't been a very active blogger since last November's election. A thorough disgust with the stupidity and apathy of many American voters have left me speechless to put it simply. But every now and then I run across a post on the Conservative blogs and sites I visit that compels me to post my thoughts. Today one of those articles smacked me right between the eyes. I read this post on Nox & Friends this morning and the outrage and anger it caused forced me to react.

It seems that under the guise of "training for an emergency" the Omama regime has/is allowing Russian troops to train in America... with the supervision of American officers and our military. Any guesses as to what this clandestine (well, not any longer) operation is really for? Aren't our security forces good enough for the job?

Now I realize why Omama has purged and neutered our Military. For some reason I first believed it was to protect and buffer himself from the plethora of scandals surrounding the NSA, IRS, State Department, and Lord knows what else. But could there be a more sinister reason? You decide. Just what the fuck do Russian soldiers have any business doing helping our Military do a job that in most cases private security could do on its own? This shit and the implications are scary. Do some critical thinking and try and come up with a good reason for this to be happening.

Final Thoughts: Read the article very carefully. Once again Omama is violating American law and our Constitution AND by-passing congress. And so far our impotent "leaders" have nothing to say. And I'm waiting for Pravda to pontificate on this one and offer its opinion. But... I won't hold my breath as to how long it takes for them to react.