Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It's Hump Day!

If these guys can last over forty years then there's hope I'll last for a while longer. It just feels like today is good day for a music video.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mayweather Vs Alvarez

I don't usually order pay-per-view fights. For one, money is too tight these days for my family. My wife works hard enough without me throwing it away on what usually turn out to be lame fights. IMHO I haven't gotten my money's worth since the Ray Leonard vs Thomas Hearns fight back in 1981. I hope tonight is an exception to the rule since my Wife ordered the fight for me (thank you Woman) as an early birthday gift.

Now for the real question. Who's gonna win? It depends on which Floyd Mayweather shows up to fight. If it's the dancing track star I saw back in May who tip-toed around Robert Guerrero for twelve rounds and avoided any type of infighting and trading blow-to-blow it's probably gonna be Mayweather... which will make for a very boring fight. Should Canelo get inside Floyd's very very good defense and make an impression there's a good chance he'll get a real brawl going and Floyd will suffer his first K.O. Mayweather can NOT punch with Canelo Alvarez plain and simple. And they both know it.

This is the classic old lion vs young Lion fight we often see when one fighter is on the way up and the other has hit and perhaps passed his peak. Has Floyd Mayweather stayed too long? I asked the same question about Manny Pacquiao around a year ago when he started looking just a bit more vulnerable and slowed down. Well low and behold he walked right into a perfect Juan Manuel Marquez right and ended up on queer street.

Bare in mind that Floyd has never been seriously damaged in a fight and is a young thirty-six while Manny Pacquiao fought some wars and it was beginning to show. Sometimes a fighter will age ten years in one fight if he picks the wrong opponent. Even Floyd Mayweather has admitted to hand picking his last few opponents to keep the odds in his favor. It doesn't help that there are too damn many boxing organizations to really make sure the best fighters are always matched against the best. There's too much ducking of opponents going on in prize fighting to take some of the fights seriously.

Tonight may be the surprise fight I've been waiting for the last few years. I respect Floyd's ability as a fighter but I don't like his big fat mouth or the fact he beats up on his women. If he does decide to go mano a mano with Canelo Alvarez he's gonna get an ass-whipping. Here's hoping the man nick-named Cinnamon will give Floyd the beating he so richly deserves and will close that mouth tonight.

My Prediction: Alvarez wins in a decision is my prediction.Either that or Alvarez will knock his block off by the seventh round. What's your call?

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Addendum To My Previous Post

In my last post I asked the question as to why the clowns and sycophants of Hollywood haven't had anything to say about Hussein Omama's anticipated attack on Syria. Especially when one considers that the criticism of George W.Bush was non-stop when we entered Iraq and Afghanistan. Well hot damn! We have an answer from one of the most far left assholes ever produced by Tinsetown - Ed Asner. It boils down to "white guilt".

From the late great Andrew Breitbart's site (among others) comes this little tidbit. It seems the shit-stains of Hollywood are suffering from a collective "white guilt" when it comes to Omama. This validates just about every criticism I have made concerning the media and democrats in general when it comes to why Berry Hussein Soetero Omama was elected president to begin with when his qualifications consist of.. of... of... JACK SHIT!

In early 2009 I correctly predicted that most major media criticism of Omama would stop due to the fear of being labeled a racist. I also predicted that cartoonists would hesitate to draw caricatures of Omama for fear of being trashed. I was partially correct on that one too. Thank goodness some people on the conservative side haven't been frightened into a PC box and draw president Dumbo as he appears, jug ears and all.

White guilt is nothing more than racism in another sleazy form. The RevRearEnds Jesse Jerkson and Al Sharpton know it. The dick-heads of PMS-NBC know it. And just about every democrat in congress, especially the congressional black caucus know it too. And they've been exploiting this curious disease that infects the liberal mindset for the last forty years with wonderful results - and in the process making a great living taking advantage of stupid liberals (redundancy check).

As I've stated many times Political Correctness (along with liberalism) is a disease that will destroy our country. It attacks critical thinking and promotes TRUE censorship all under the guise of not hurting someones feelings. The great cartoonist Thomas Nast is now rolling over in his grave. His cartoons of politicians were some of the most entertaining and thought provoking works of art ever seen. Now days I often read MAD magazine to get my occasional dose of of political caricatures and satire.

I don't feel I'm being melodramatic here. We are fighting for the heart and soul of America and due to fear of hurting someone's (Omama) feelings we are being cowed into silence. This is one battle we can NOT afford to lose.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Hollywood Half-Wits Strangely Silent On Syria

While watching today's episode of "The Five" on FOX, Greg Gutfeld posed the question of why the puckered sphincters of Hollywood have remained strangely silent on the Syria situation. If my memory serves me well, when GWB was President they couldn't seem to keep their mouths shut and their opinions to themselves when it came to our invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. I wish I had a dollar for every time I read a story from or about how George W Bush was censoring or stepping on the Constitution by violating someone's First Amendment rights in some form or another. The reality is/was the spoiled donkey-dicks out here on the left-coast never seemed to shut the fuck up. Anyone see any hypocrisy or a double standard here? Censorship my Ass!

I can remember Oliver Stone, Danny Glover, Marxine Waters and others who couldn't wait to zip on down to Cuba in their efforts to kiss the asses of the Castro Brothers. And what about Sean Penn's odd love affair and man crush with Venezuela's Hugo Chavez? Now these celebrity assholes (along with a couple hundred other Hollywood dick-heads) are deafening in their silence. And why hasn't Jane Fonda been photographed sitting on the anti-aircraft guns of Iran? Any ideas as to why my friends? Maybe she couldn't catch the express Camel out to the local L.Z. 

Blind Faith was a great rock band in the late sixties and early seventies. But Blind Faith doesn't serve our country well when it comes to politics and the booty-smooching of some of the worlds worst dictators. When it comes to the swinging dicks of Hollywood, if it weren't for low morals, they wouldn't have ANY morals at all. Are you listening Roman Polanski and Woody Allen?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Well Surprise Surprise - A Post

I've quit posting on a regular basis for several reasons. The main one being my frustration at our political system and the stupidity of the "low information" voters (will someone please be honest and call them stupid) who put Omama back into office along with the political whores who represent a large percentage of them. I feel like I'm pissing into the wind most of the time with my gripes and rants so why bother. Every now and then I do get inspired and toss out a tidbit for the few readers I have. Here's my latest.

I love lampooning the idiots and liars of politics and the ass-kissers and fools in the entertainment industry. Often times I'll give out one of my Douchebag Awards in recognition of their (non) achievements. Here's a crumb I'll toss to the Commander In Chief. I use the term loosely since he's got no more business giving orders to our Military than I do flying the space shuttle. In face, every time I see him salute someone who's earned a salute I wanna toss my cookies. One can only guess what these honorable men and women REALLY think about this chicken-shit fraud who's leading our country. Especially since he's about to get us involved in Syria just so he can save face for bragging and boasting about the so-called "red line" HE drew in the sand over a year ago. Anyway, I've made Berry Hussein Soetero Neville Chamberlain Goebbels Omama the newest company spokesperson for the fine line of Depends adult diapers. After seeing his recent (and cowardly) reactions to Vladamir Putin my guess is he had to stock up.

As far as leading our country, I have a sneaking suspicion that the real balls in the White House are swinging between the legs of Valerie Jarrett. President Omama just don't pack the gear. Just watching him vacillate over the last few days about taking on Assad was painful. I can see him actually using a "Magic 8-Ball" or plucking the petals out of a Daisy when it comes to making decisions of any importance. Nope, this call was made by Valerie Jarrett, not Berry Omama and certainly not our Military Joint Chiefs. Anyway, check out his new Depends spokesperson image below. Maybe it will give you a few laughs. Lord knows I could use one after the last four and one-half years.

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