Thursday, December 23, 2010

CBS - Up To Their Old Tricks Again

Did CBS re-hire Mary Mapes for this little incident and not tell anyone? It sounds like the Lamers at CBS learned nothing from their past mistakes since they're repeating them again. Below is the CBS report/discussion video clip on the effectiveness of book Covers that started the latest round of criticism of their bias. What sweet irony that they decided to bring up "Decision Points", the new book authored by former President Bush and they tried to use a fake/malicious book cover to try and illustrate their point. It didn't take the blogging world and a few other objective pundits long to catch this "error" by CBS.

If you pause the CBS video below at the sixteen second mark you'll see another glaring example of the bias at CBS when it comes to George W Bush. The fake book cover appears as opposed to the legitimate cover CBS should have shown in their report. CBS is claiming it was a "mistake" and that's basically the only apology they make. Whoever posted up the fake cover also has a problem using the spell checker. Pay attention to the way decision is misspelled. This is exactly the type of journalism Bernard Goldberg was criticizing in his book "Bias" a few years back.

Isn't this kind of shit getting just a bit old. And once again we see why people are turning to FOX News in droves. They're sick and tired of this kind of reporting too. Somewhere Dan Rather Blather is having a big laugh.