Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Obama Mamma

Pretty fucking pathetic isn't it? Besides using the overpaid pro basketball nitwits who will NEVER have to face the prospect of using this lame program. Besides using the nerdy cocoa drinking idiot Pajama Boy as a sales pitch. Besides using most of the Hollywood douchebags who have REAL insurance. And - besides forcing this fucking abortion of a program down the throat of America, now the shit-stains of HHS are using Mothers as a recruitment tool to sign us up before the March 31st deadline. Is nothing sacred to the trash occupying the White House?

Here's my big fat FUCK YOU to the democraps and the Omama family who will never use this shitty program that is just a poorly disguised voter drive to assure future dems will retain the White House until the proverbial Cows come home.

And my message to the republicans who are posed to re-take the Senate in November is; grow a set and get rid of this abomination or the GOP will soon go the way of the dinosaur. DO SOMETHING about the Unaffordable Care Act when you oust Harry Reid or you will join the Whigs and the rest of also-rans of political parties in American History!