Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Truth Will Set You Free...

Unless you're a white man or woman. In that case the facts tend to die a lonely death caused by White Guilt or the label racist.

Last night I read a great column in American Thinker that reminded me of what I predicted four years ago when Berry Hussein Goebbels Soetero Neville Chamberlain Omama was elected. I predicted that all criticism of the not-so-great Pretender would cease under the threat of being labeled a racist. The article cited several instances that PROVE my prediction. Read it here.

And with people such as the slobbering Christine Matthews, Alan Colmes, and Bob Beckel, who are the leading butt-licks of Pravda, there's no longer ANY criteria where the Poser-In-Chief can be criticized for anything unless you mention his lame fucking predictions in the NCAA Basketball Tournament. And I'm sure that given a few more days or weeks Chrissie Matthews will find more dog-whistle bullshit in order to silence Omama's critics about that. And that's the scary part. This is nothing more than censorship in its most subtle and sleazy form. And the Poser in the White House knows and loves the people pretending to be journalists and the fact they will cover his ass in almost all situations. And as far as I'm concerned these dicks masquerading as reporters should be forced to eat the paper their lies are printed on. Then they can gag like the rest of thinking Americans on the crap that's passing for objective reporting these days.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Reality TV - It's Not Reality, It's TOTAL Bullshit

Because it sure as hell isn't "actuality" as one of the so-called reality programs and its parent channel claims. 

I ran across this article today on the Torrance Daily Breeze website. The Daily Breeze is the local rag here in the South Bay of Los Angeles. The news article dealt with the arrest of a family of Gypsies who have been stealing high-tech shit across the USA. Take a good look at these scuzzy looking crew of shit-stains and compare them to the "Gypsy Sisters" being featured on TLC. See any connection to reality or actuality when you compare the TV tarts with the real deal? Didn't think so.

Reality TV my ass! The list of phony reality shows is endless and stinks. Amish Mafia, Lizard Lick, Gypsy Sisters, blah fucking blah blah blah. TV is a VAST wasteland as was said many years ago. It's just getting worse. The TV Gypsies and the REAL Gypsy hags (along with a couple of Gypsy guys) are below. See any resemblance? Nah, not in a million years.

There used to be a Gypsy clan that would blow into San Pedro every now and then from Washington State and they were fucking trash. They ran body shop scams, boosted, stole bikes and were a general pain in the ass. The leader of the clan was an old man we used to call the Ant-Eater because he had a nose like a foot long Salami. I haven't seen them in years but they sure as hell weren't attractive like the fakes on TV. Fuck reality TV right in the ear! It's total shit!

TV Gypsy Gals  

Real Gypsy Hags

Thursday, March 14, 2013

President Chicken-Shit Hiding Behind Skirts Again

Actually, he's hiding behind an honorable group of men known as the Secret Service. He, via his butt-lick spokesman Jay Carney is now blaming the Secret Service for the shut down of the White House tours. Does the word Vagina come to mind when thinking of Berry Soetero Hussein Goebbels Omama? Can anyone remember any president who's been such a douche and expert when it comes to passing the buck?

Remember - the Secret Service who personally guard this piece of trash posing as Commander-In-Chief (what a perversion of the term) are expected to take a bullet for him if need be. I have no doubt they are honorable men who would do exactly that if the unthinkable should happen. And all for someone who shows them NO respect and hides behind them by blaming them for the White House tours being canceled. They would literally die for him and Omama isn't fit to shine their shoes. Can the four or five people who read my blog see the irony? Just one more lie in an ocean of dishonesty.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

RIP Alvin Lee 1944 - 2013

An outstanding guitar player from my generation of rockers passed on today. Alvin Lee of Ten Years After died on March 6, 2013. One of my favorite albums of all time was his masterpiece "A Space In Time". Released late in 1971 it really hit big in 1972 and featured ALL great songs. The year 1972 played a major part in my life for many reasons, but the music that year was among the best rock ever produced. And "A Space In Time" will always stand out. And as Alvin Lee once wrote - I'd Love To Change The World... and he did.