Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hollywood - Dhimmis or Dummies? Is It Both?

This is just another in a series of stupid rants from Yours Truly & TWOG.

Last night as I watched one of my favorite old movies - "National Lampoon's Vacation" on the Bravo Channel, the nitwits in charge of programming did something that seriously pissed me off. In the scene where the Griswold Family are captured as kidnappers by SWAT teams at Wally World, Roy Wally appears and begins shouting questions at the SWAT team in rapid fire. At one point of the dialog Roy Wally asked the SWAT commander if the Griswold's were "terrorists or Arabs". Well WTF did Bravo do but censor out the words Terrorists & Arab. I know the original dialog included the word Arab & Terrorist as I've seen this movie at least fifty times. Dhimmi or Dummy?

Are the suits in charge at Bravo frightened of the words Terrorists and Arab? Now bare in mind this is the Bravo Channel. A channel that regularly promotes controversial viewpoints and lifestyles. And consider this - the word "Bravo" is Spanish for brave. I see nothing brave in Bravo's choice to censor two words out of what's obviously Political Correctness and/or fear.

It seems Bravo doesn't mind offending a majority of Americans with some of their programing and lifestyle content but apparently they are shitting their pink network panties at the usage of the simple words Terrorist and Arab. Dhimmi or Dummy?

I do realize Bravo IS a cable channel and all one has to do is grab the remote, push a button, and change channels. But - if a classic American movie can be scrubbed, all in the name of Political Correctness (or fear) by Bravo, then their attempts at being bold by promoting controversial viewpoints in their programming rings hollow. Dhimmi or Dummy?

I've also noticed that the Studios/Douchebags in Hollywood, in their zeal NOT to offend Muslims have largely quit making terrorism movies since 9/11 that featured.... Muslim Terrorists. Muslim Terrorists appearing in pre 9/11 films were quite common. But with the exception of this year's excellent Liam Neeson movie "Taken", post 9/11 films feature almost none. However it seems that Nazis and Bolsheviks (safe targets) are making quite the comeback in the post 9/11 world of Hollywood. How ironic that after Islamofacists actually carried out a horrible attack and killed thousands, Hollywood decided not to depict Muslims Fanatics as terrorists anymore. This is the Hollywood equivalent of making movies about Nazis and leaving out Germans. Dhimmi or Dummy?

In an earlier post I cited a Yahoo interview with 2012 Director Roland Emmerich where he actually confessed to fearing a Fatwa if he destroyed any Muslim images or landmarks in his films. So I pose the question again - are the nitwits in Hollywood Dhimmi or Dummy?

Or could it be they're just cowards? You make the call.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bawney Fwank 101 - The Financial Meltdown

Another great article from Thomas Sowell who is a regular contributor to Front Page Magazine and the Jewish World Review. For those who are financially challenged (like me) Thomas Gives as simple yet concise explanation why Bawney Fwank and other Politicians will keep on keeping on.

"No one will really understand politics until they understand that politicians are not trying to solve our problems. They are trying to solve their own problems— of which getting elected and re-elected are number one and number two. Whatever is number three is far behind.
Many of the things the government does that may seem stupid are not stupid at all, from the standpoint of the elected officials or bureaucrats who do these things.
The current economic downturn that has cost millions of people their jobs began with successive administrations of both parties pushing banks and other lenders to make mortgage loans to people whose incomes,
credit history and inability or unwillingness to make a substantial down payment on a house made them bad risks.
Was that stupid? Not at all. The money that was being put at risk was not the politicians’ money, and in most cases was not even the government’s money. Moreover, the jobs that are being lost by the millions are not the politicians’ jobs— and jobs in the government’s bureaucracies are increasing.
No one pushed these reckless mortgage lending policies more than Congressman Barney Frank, who brushed aside warnings about risk, and said in 2003 that he wanted to “roll the dice” even more in the housing markets. But it would very rash to bet against Congressman Frank’s getting re-elected in 2010.
After the cascade of economic disasters that began in the housing markets in 2006 and spread into the
financial markets in Wall Street and even overseas, people in the private sector pulled back. Banks stopped making so many risky loans. Home buyers began buying homes they could afford, instead of going out on a limb with “creative”— and risky— financing schemes to buy homes that were beyond their means.
But politicians went directly in the opposite direction. In the name of “rescuing” the housing market, Congress passed laws enabling the Federal Housing Administration to insure more and bigger risky loans—
loans where there is less than a 4 percent down payment.
A recent news story told of three young men who chipped in a total of $33,000 to buy a home in San Francisco that cost nearly a million dollars.
Why would a bank lend that kind of money to them on such a small down payment? Because the loan was insured by the Federal Housing Administration.
The bank wasn’t taking any risk. If the three guys defaulted, the bank could always collect the money from the Federal Housing Administration. The only risk was to the taxpayers.
Does the Federal Housing Administration have unlimited money to bail out bad loans? Actually there have been so many defaults that the FHA’s own reserves have dropped below where they are supposed to be. But not to worry. There will always be taxpayers, not to mention future generations to pay off the national debt.
Very few people are likely to connect the dots back to those members of Congress who voted for bigger mortgage guarantees and bailouts by the FHA. So the Congressmen’s and the bureaucrats’ jobs are
safe, even if millions of other people’s jobs are not.
Congressman Barney Frank is not about to cut back on risky mortgage loan guarantees by the FHA. He recently announced that he plans to introduce legislation to raise the limit on FHA loan guarantees even more.
Congressman Frank will make himself popular with people who get those loans and with banks that make these high-risk loans where they can pocket the profits and pass the risk on to the FHA.
So long as the taxpayers don’t understand that all this political generosity and compassion are at their expense, Barney Frank is an odds-on favorite to get re-elected. The man is not stupid.
What is stupid is believing that politicians are trying to solve our problems, instead of theirs.
As for the FHA running low on money, that is not about to stop the gravy train, certainly not with an election coming up in 2010.
The Federal
Deposit Insurance Corporation is also running low on money. But that is not going to stop them from insuring bank accounts up to a quarter of a million dollars. It would be stupid for them to stop with an election coming up in 2010."

Thank you Thomas Sowell. Thomas also appears on the FOX Channel from time to time. His expertise IS in the field of Economics for all who are interested.
Happy Thanksgiving to America and all fellow bloggers. Now let's eat some Turkey and watch some Football. Special thanks and Prayers to our Men and Women in far-away lands. May you ALL be here next Thanksgiving.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Global Warming My Ass! Hell Just Froze Over! Pt 2

Well hot damn! Hell just froze over for the second time in the last few years. Yahoo actually posted an article not quite friendly to Obama. They criticized the President for using the word "unprecedented" for events that had.... precedent. Jesus Tits! Break out the fibulator Mrs Greasywrench - I'm having the big one just like Fred Sanford. Read the Yahoo clip below...

Carol E. Lee Carol E. Lee – Wed Nov 25, 12:54 am ET
"The Obama White House is addicted to the “unprecedented.”
Perhaps it was a sign when
President Barack Obama sat down in January to record his first weekly address and announced: “We begin this year and this administration in the midst of an unprecedented crisis that calls for unprecedented action."

What has followed is declaration after declaration of “unprecedented” milestones. Some of them are legitimate firsts, like the president’s online town hall at the White House in May.

But others the president wins merely on a technicality, and several clearly already have precedents."

The entire article can be read here. This won't be around long so read it while it's hot.

Going Viral: Climate Change Fun From YouTube

I saw the link to the video below on this morning and thought I'd post it. For any "yutes" who may ever read my useless blog, the video is based on an old Tommy James tune "Dragging The Line". The video is self-explanatory.

I realize I'm preaching to the choir here and those who actually believe in Al Gore and his fraudulent theories will ignore any incriminating data and the facts the video presents anyway. I guess there's nothing like a little denial and rationalization to keep sheep believing a LIE! However - anyone with an open and inquisitive mind may find this parody amusing.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Obama Osama Bin Laden And The NY Times

Just In: Osama Bin Laden was recently spotted squatting in front of the NY Times Building as he awaited the latest leaks press briefings by the Times on U.S. Military strategy in the Middle East.

Al-Queda figurehead Osama Bin Laden was recently photographed in front of the main doorway to the New York Times corporate building squatting on the ground and eating a foot-long cheese steak sandwich from Subway and enjoying a hot cup of Starbucks (Arabica of course) fresh ground coffee.

I.P. Freely, ace reporter from The World Of Greasywrench ambled up to the spiffy and smartly turbaned Al-Quead leader and engaged him in some light conversation. When Freely asked the alleged terrorist what he was up to, Osama proudly replied "I'm here to get my information on American troop movements and strategy from the New York Times. The Times is my greatest source of information". Bin Laden also added "if it weren't for Maureen Dowd and some infidel named Friedman, we'd be up shit-creek in Pakistan". "They've been wonderful sources of intel for our guys". "They should be opening the doors any minute for the latest briefings".

Bin Laden then sat down his coffee cup and loudly belched as a passing New Yorker tossed a Dollar in the cup and shouted "get a job hippy". Bin Laden growled and shot back "blow me you f***ing Infidel! Do I look like a bum"? The New Yorker then laughingly responded with a vague reference to crisply fried bacon, Osama's Mother and a goat, then continued on his way.

A spokesperson who appeared for the NY Times denied providing leaks to Bin Laden and cited the long history of the Times being on the vanguard of National Security. "All that shit about Valerie Plame, outing CIA Agents, and Daniel Ellsberg was a Fascist lie". The spokesperson claimed. "We print all the news that's fit to leak, er, I meant be read".

The Times spokesperson was then asked about the New York Times and their refusal to print the emails of the University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit and the possibility of withholding evidence about Climate Change. He responded in his best Robert Gibbs impression "Oh - that was different" and he immediately fled the area with no further comment.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Olbermann Joins Cast Of Dancing With The Tsars!

No - that's not a typo. ABC has announced a new run of dance segments in honor of the Obama administration's Tsars. Of course the new segments will highlight a Russian theme featuring.... Tsars!

The first celebrity segment will feature PMS-NBC's Keith Olbermann in full regalia. When he announced his participation Olbermann was giddy and ecstatic. Olbermann said "I feel so in touch with my feminine side when I dance". The producers of Dancing With The Tsars were not sure if they should pair Olbermann with a woman or a man for a dancing partner so they decided to match him up with Janet Napolitano. "That way, we'll be safe" said producer Seymore Butts.

In the photo on the upper left, Olby is featured wearing his favorite "Daisy Dukes" along with a keen pair of Argyle socks and a pair of his most lovely Oxford shoes for his dance segment. "The little fringe thingy was all my idea" giggled Olbermann as he hummed "I Enjoy Being A Girl", one of his favorite tunes from the motion picture "Flower Drum Song".

Olbermann was quoted by a "friend" as saying "All of this talk of teabagging has got me feeling so silly and excited. I just had to be on the show". After filming his first segment on Dancing With The Tsars Olby was last seen heading out to West Hollywood for a night of "clubbing" and zany fun.

Good luck Keith on Dancing With The Tsars. Here's a big "shout out" for Janet Napolitano too. You guys, gals, folks, look great together. You're a perfect match. And since you're so obsessed with them, watch out for those Teabaggers in West Hollywood Keith or you might end up being the cup instead of the teabag!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lil' Bow Wow

Mmm mmm mmm... Barack Hussein Obowma!

Obowma is at it again. Bowing and scraping before another world leader in violation of previous Presidential protocols. Well Jesus H. Christ! You can dress Obowma up but you sure as Hell can't take him anywhere. Click image to enlarge.

Let's see how Robert Gibbs and the Obowma spinmasters handle this one. Here are some possible explanations from Gibbs at the next White House news conference explaining Obowma's latest diplomatic gaffe....
  • "Cuz" he liked them so much, Obama was admiring the lovely black penny-loafers of the Emperor.
  • His Hemorrhoids were acting up and he didn't pack the Preperation-H, so he wanted some fast acting relief.
  • Obama spotted an Oriental Cockroach and was about to step on it.
  • Due to rough and kinky sex with Michelle the previous night Obama couldn't straighten up.
  • Barack dropped a "big fat joint" and was just looking for it before the Emperor found his "stash".
  • Our Afghanistan war strategy was stenciled onto his shoes so Obama wouldn't forget when discussing it with the Emperor.
  • Without a teleprompter, his notes were cleverly sewn into the pattern of the carpet fabric so he could remember what to say.
  • The Presidential beans were giving him gas and he just "cut a big fat juicy fart".

The possibilities are endless and Robert Gibbs is a world class liar. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how the pantloads in the White House Rose Garden spin this one. It ought to be pretty good.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Honoring Veterans Today

A special Veterans Day to all Men and Women who are serving or have served in our Armed Forces. A special prayer goes out to the families of the thirteen who were murdered last week in Fort Hood Texas. May you find peace.

Thanks to Debbie Schlussel for the photo posted here. The caption says it all.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rant # 69 - Internet Explorer 8 Blows Goats!

After upgrading from Internet Explorer 7 to Internet Explorer 8 last week I figured my web browsing would be all set. Five days later and another "upgrade" from Microsoft just got rolled back to an earlier version. IMHO Explorer 8 is a total fucking dog. I was running it with XP Pro with service pack 2. Could that have been the problem? I refuse to run Windows Vista again. I used Vista for a month and rolled back to XP. To me Windows Vista is about as worthless as Windows ME

I may not have the fastest PC in the world but it isn't a Toad either. I have an AMD Athlon 64 3200 CPU that runs at 2 Gigahertz with 960 MB of DDR Ram. Not exactly a monster but it should run Explorer 8 well enough. I've had as many as three OS's running (2 versions of Windows and 1 Linux) via a boot loader and have never really had any performance issues. Multi-tasking has never been a problem either. I also keep my Windows Registry maintained and am always defragging my hard drive. Scumware, Spyware, and Viruses have not been a problem either. But - after watching my ani-gifs on this very blog crawling along and not displaying properly the last few days I decided to downgrade back to Explorer 7 and see if it cured my problems. It did.

Anyway, here's another great example of Microsoft fixing something that wasn't broken. Here's hoping the new version of Windows doesn't suffer from the same performance "issues" as their sorry-ass browser Explorer 8 seems to have. I did some Google research on the Web and found a shitload of complaints about Explorer 8 so I know the problem it isn't just me.

Thank God for monopolies or Microsoft would be out of business based on some of their applications. Bare in mind I am not one of those people who make a habit of bashing Microsoft. I really admire most of the apps, but it's no wonder the Web is so thick with Bill Gates jokes. You gotta love the old Geek though.... he keeps coming back with the same buggy, resource hogging shit over and over and look where it's gotten him.

Aretha Franklin - When Motown Was Motown

The title of this post says it all. Now listen and enjoy a great song from one of Motown's very best. A singer like Aretha Franklin only comes along once in a lifetime. And, as an added benefit, she wears real animal fur in defiance of PETA and subsequently makes their shit list. You gotta love that!
Beyonce - Eat your heart out!

Time To Take Out The Trash

November 10, 2009: Today is going to be a day of justice. It's been seven years coming, but John Allen Muhammad will be executed in Virginia unless granted a reprieve by Governor Tim Kaine.

There's not much more to say other than he'll die by lethal injection. That's a lot more humane than the way he executed his targets. Several surviving family members of his victims plan to be in attendance and watch this piece of trash draw his last breath. Good riddance and they can throw his body out with the rest of the garbage on pick-up day.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Larry David & Hollywood's Dhimmitude Part Deux

To anyone who doesn't know the definition of the word Dhimmitude I can give you some examples of those who personify it. Let's start with Larry David. In a recent post I ranted about Larry's cheap shot attack on a Christian target in his "Curb Your Enthusiasm" HBO television show. The actual content of the episode doesn't really matter. What matters is Larry felt it was okay to lampoon Christianity in the name of a cheap laugh. I have no problem there. This is the USA and we have very specific freedoms thanks to the First Amendment of our great Constitution. My beef is; Larry in his wildest, most perverted dreams would NEVER have the balls to do the same to Islam in today's world. That would invite a Fatwa. So much for creative freedom.

Another great example is the upcoming Sci-Fi movie 2012. It is due to be released on Friday. In a revealing Yahoo interview, director Roland Emmerich mentioned all of the world's landmarks that he has destroyed over the years in his various movies. Movies such as Independence Day, Godzilla, and The Day After Tomorrow. The subject happened to come up of destroying the Kaaba, the cube shaped structure in the Islamic holy city of Mecca. Emmerich confessed his reasons for not destroying any Islamic landmarks was the fear of a Fatwa. I guess the Vatican and other great religious landmarks can't be destroyed fast enough for Hollywood but don't dare touch Islam, even in the context of a movie or you'll have to live the rest of your life in fear of assassination.

All of this leads me to the recent slaughter of thirteen American Soldiers at Fort Hood. May their souls rest in peace but just what did they die for if we can't even get our so-called President to call their murders what they were? These murders weren't "Anger Management" issues or "Man Caused Disasters". This was Islamic terrorism and nothing more. And yet Obama urges restraint about "not drawing any conclusions" until all the "facts are in".

It was confirmed that the shooter yelled out the Muslim battle cry "Allah Akbar" several times during his rampage. It may be legally correct to not accuse Nidal Hasan of these murders but the moral aspect of calling terrorism what it is, is the right thing to do. Now when will our President be willing to do that? Thank God GWB didn't have the same lack of intestinal fortitude.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Difference Between a Man & A Man-Child Is...

in the words of the clip below. Just where as a Nation we are headed? Has the difference between a Lib and a Conservative ever been more clear and more articulate than in the video below.