Saturday, November 1, 2014

Who's The Real Chicken-Shit?

Bibi The Man vs  A Choom Toking Boy: Click To Enlarge

I don't know who actually called Bibi Netanyahu a "chicken-shit" but my money is on Omama... or else his beady-eyed little sack-of-shit of an advisor Valerie Jarrett. But a great case can be made in favor of either one of these slimy bastards being the culprit.

Omama is more likely than not seriously jealous of Bibi since he's what's considered in this day of metrosexual males as a real man and not a candy-ass such as Omama. It's just a guess but outside of being towel slapped on the ass in the showers at school or being hammered in Dodge Ball, Omama has never probably never had a physical encounter with another man in his entire life. I'm sure Omama's Sow of a wife Moochelle can (and probably does) kick his sissy ass on any given day. Any woman with feet and arms that big is not to be messed with.

The case for Valerie Jarrett is a bit deeper. She was born in Iran and probably has some serious ties to the people and culture that will never be erased... hence her open support of the Persians and the joke of a nuclear treaty they both are contemplating. And along with her candy-ass of a boss, she too despises our Military. But for either one of these traitors in the White House to refer to Bibi Netanyahu as a chicken-shit is the ultimate irony. Neither one of these assholes would ever bare arms in defense of our country. But they are gladly "transforming" our service men and women into Eunuchs via the social engineering they have forced on our troops.

As for Bibi Netanyahu - he's a veteran of the IDF along with his late brother Yoni who was the leader and the lone Israeli Military casualty of the successful raid on Entebe back in 1976. For all of Israel's citizens service in the IDF (with the exception of Arabs for obvious reasons) is mandatory. Omama despises our Armed Forces along with our men and women who serve. I'm sure it's a reminder of his own lack of patriotism and basic cowardice. I'm sure he feels the same way about the IDF too. Especially the women who serve. Any woman in the IDF could probably give his skinny ass a serious beat-down if necessary. And Omama knows it.

Who's your money on? My guess is Jarrett. But it doesn't matter. General Valerie pulls the strings for this sissy-man sitting in the oval office with his big feet on the Resolute Desk. He, along with his bitch Jarrett have NO respect for anything traditional or what may be considered sacred. I pray I live long enough to see this trash put curbside in 2016. They both belong in the garbage and in three short days America has a chance to begin cleaning house by tossing out some of the other trash in congress. Tuesday will be a red letter day.

Study the photo above and tell me who you feel is the chicken-shit. It's a tough choice (sarcasm off) but you can bet your last dollar that one of these reeking assholes used the phrase. We may never know for sure but we do know how both of these shit-stains feel about America. They're both "chicken-shit" personified. Bibi Netanyahu is a REAL man.