Friday, November 15, 2013

Finally! The Healthcare Site Is Fixed! (sort of..)

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Well Hot Damn! The geeks and nerds who've been working diligently to fix the unaffordable health care website have come up with a fix!

Today president Omama proudly previewed the system that will be used to repair the website and get us all into a government sponsored health plan we can all be happy with. They've installed all eleven-thousand pages of regs and rules onto a floppy drive setup. There seems to be a slight problem though - the government techies will have to go out and buy a shitload of floppy drives to install the 233 disk program to implement the patch. When told that the floppy drive format has been pretty much obsolete for the last ten years and they're harder to find than an honest democrat, the pencil pushers of the HHS poo pooed the naysayers and said the disks and drives can easily be found on Craig's List for next to nothing. And besides, a government spokesman crowed - "we still have the IBM punch-cards and hardware waiting in the wings if this doesn't fix the fucking thing".

On hearing the news, democraps in congress were ecstatic. Rumor has it that Nancy Pelousy cackled twice, ovulated once and laid an egg (she's only thirty-nine according to her official bio) in her private house chambers. Kathlene Sebilious who's not known for her religious convictions dropped to her knees, said a quick prayer and then offered up a goat as a sacrifice. "Hey" she quipped, "don't let it be said that demoncraps aren't religious too". Other democreeps in congress called for a national holiday (with pay of course) and parade down Pennsylvania blvd.

And just when you thought our "leaders" couldn't get anything done. BTW, this silly-ass post isn't a parody. It's a prediction based on past performance by the Berry Soetero Hussein Neville Chamberlain Goebbels Omama regime. I won't put anything past these bastards after five years.