Saturday, December 20, 2014

Cowardice And Hollywood - Nothing New Here

The recent capitulation from Sony Pictures to the NOKO's is nothing new. They have been self-censoring themselves when it comes to Islam for the last thirteen years. Since 9/11/2001, Hollywood has gone way out of their way to kiss muslim ass and not offend Allah. I'm talking about NOT showing Islam in an unfavorable light when it comes to terrorism. It's called being a Dhimmi and basically means to submit to Islam for non-muslims in the form of obedience or taxes. If it involves ISIS it could mean losing one's head. Either way this shit coming out of Tinsel Town is nothing new. The only target they'll have left after bowing to Political Correctness will be Nazis and old white guys. They've always been fair game and easy targets for the PC jerks in Hollywood anyway, especially when it comes to offending anyone white and male.

I find it highly ironic that before the World Trade Centers were knocked down Hollywood made a ton of money and movies making fun of Muslims and depicting them as barbarians and blood-lusting killers who flew around on magic carpets. And after the terrorists actually carry out a monstrous and heinous attack for real, Hollywood pulls the plug on the so-called stereotypes and muslime cliches. It would be comical if it wasn't so chicken-shit. With the exception of the "Taken" movies and a couple of other obscure films I can't recall just now, you won't see Muslims portrayed in a negative light at all. Sounds like censorship to me. It doesn't matter who imposes it.

I gave a nice little example five years ago in a post of what Rolland Emmerich had to say about his movie "2012" when he destroyed damn near every major city, country, and continent on Earth with the exception of anything "Islamic". When Emmerich addressed the issue he confessed he was terrified of having a Fatwa issued had he shown any Muslim landmarks such as Medina or Mecca being destroyed. Does this sound familiar. It's parallel to what just happened to Sony with the NOKO's.

But this time, the story is; Sony was supposedly hacked and openly threatened by the fat little lard-ass Kink Junk Unc who currently leads North Korea. At least that's what Sony and our government claim. Personally I believe the Chinese may be behind this and the movie was just an excuse to test their hacking skills for some future nefarious project. There are bigger targets for the Asian hackers than some dumb-ass movie about the fat little shit running the soap opera country known as North Korea. My true sympathies lie with the people of North Korea who have to eat grass and weeds to survive, not with the politically correct assholes in Hollywood who are scared of their own shadows. They asked for this years ago.

So before everyone feels any sympathy for Hollywood don't forget they have been doing this to themselves for years in the form of not offending anyone Muslim or listed among their other victim groups. Click on the link to my old post above and you'll be able to read several examples I offered. This is nothing new and I don't give a shit if Sony loses every dime on this dumb-ass flick they now won't release. They set the precedent themselves years ago. Now they can lay in their own bed they helped make. The movie will hit the net in torrent form anyway as soon as someone gets a hold of screener to post. Just my prediction.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Stop Crying Wolf Pravda And Do Your Job!

Watch the following video by Christina Hoff Sommers. She is what feminism should be about. Her extensive writings on what Feminist Nazis are doing to the boys of America are real eye openers. Here in the video below she weighs in on the rape hysteria that is infecting Pravda and America's college campuses.

As the title of this post suggests, crying wolf (and RAPE) too many times will hurt the REAL victims of sexual assault in America. Real crimes against women will not be believed if this shit keeps up. And as with of today's many politically correct story lines, we can place a huge amount of blame on American Pravda. Keep it up media and your readers won't believe it when you predict the sunrise.