Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dems Release Officially Approved Weapons List

In keeping with their tradition of being as worthless as a turd in a punchbowl, the democraps in congress today released their officially approved list of self-defense weapons for women. The list of weapons includes dirt clods, squirt guns, rubber band guns, warm piss, cow flops (complete with an ammo maker) and a potato gun. The image below illustrates the complete fucking lunacy of the progressive mind along with the lack of respect for the ability of the average woman to handle a weapon.

Along with drug and alcohol testing, term limits, and FULL financial disclosures, I'm of the opinion that the members of congress should have to submit to some type of mental screening process. To be perfectly honest I'm not against drinking and an occasional encounter with choom (I was young once myself - just like Omama) but these fuckers are playing with people's lives - all in the name of social engineering and a desire to stomp on the Constitution, especially the Second Amendment. Toss in the fact that these assholes are writing our Nation's laws and we have a recipe for disaster.

In days gone by Conservatives joked that liberalism was a mental disease. We're not joking anymore. Something is terribly fucking wrong with these "progressives" and they need to be stopped before they destroy America. The lines are being drawn.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Omama Leads West Hollywood Gay Parade!

Ever since Newsweek and Andie Sullivan proclaimed Berry Soetero Goebbels Neville Chamberlain Omama America's "First Gay President" the Liar-In-Chief has openly advocated and participated in several Gay Pride events. From Long Beach, the Castro District, West Hollywood, and Fire Island, Omama can often be spotted swishing and marching his way through the Gay districts of America with a sweet and demure smile on his face.

In the lovely photo below, Omama was photographed prancing his way down Santa Monica Blvd in a spiffy new outfit accompanied by a couple of "buddies" he managed to meet (and leave with) in a local West Hollywood tavern. When Omama first spotted the two gentlemen who were standing at the bar in the tavern, he kindly offered to "push up their stools". If nothing else, our president is certainly a gentleman.

Later, as they were leaving the tavern, reporters asked Berry where he was heading and what he planned to do with his new-found friends. He coyly smiled and said "we'll be discussing the upcoming Libya Military strategies with my dear friend RuPaul". He was last seen checking into a Motel Sex Six with his two new "advisers". His last words for the press were "with the help of my two friends here I'm sure we can ram some new things through".... in a political context of course.

Since Moochelle (Mrs Omama) was nowhere to be found on Omama's latest excursion and the president was seen walking with a noticeable limp (and a smile) the next morning, there was considerable speculation he injured himself having some good old-fashioned presidential fun at the Motel Six playing "take my temperature", a game he's often played with Rahm Emanuel while at Camp David. Omama was quoted as saying he "takes being labeled The First Gay president seriously".

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Piers Morgan Brings A Knife To A Gunfight...

And the dumb-ass Limey picked the wrong man to debate - Uncle Ted Nugent. Ted disassembled Morgan into little bitty pieces and left him looking stupid and clueless. And as with most nitwit progressives, when confronted with a bit of logic and truth Morgan was unable or unwilling to answer Ted and just stuck to a series of asinine talking points. Watch the fun in the video below.

Omama's REAL Skeet Shooting Target

In a lame attempt to try and bolster Berry Hussein Goebbels Omama and his claim to being a true American and a Man's Man, the lying bastards at the White House (Jay Carney) have recently released a series of photos showing the Liar-In-Chief shooting skeet. The first photos (see my previous post) were obviously a shitty attempt at photoshopping. The Wankers who tried to pass off the photos as being authentic were caught red-handed in their bullshit story and the doctored images were literally laughed off the Internet.

So, in a second attempt to try and prop up his credibility at being a gun enthusiast the lying shit-stains subsequently released the photo below. What they didn't count on were the patriotic hard working snoops here at The World Of Greasywrench who were able to get our hands on the REAL photo of Omama shooting at his favorite target - the U.S. Constitution.

Instead of the cropped image released initially released by the White House donkey-dicks, feast your eyes on the true and unaltered image of Omama and what he actually shot at (our Constitution) in the National Archives and Records building in Washington D.C. Impeachment anyone? I do believe it's time.

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