Friday, August 13, 2010

Rant Number 266

To all you ignorant fools who are trying to say "NO ONE". Stop spelling it "noone". Noone is the last name of the singer in the band Herman's Hermits. God Damn this one always gets on my nerves! This has to be the most common mistake of grammar I see on the web. WTF are they teaching you people in school these days? And learn the difference between "their", "they're" and "there". You nitwits make me want to pull out my hair!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

From The Files Of WTF! Part Two

From Livefeed Hollywood Reporter comes this gem...
Date: August 6, 2010
Author: James Hibberd

"In what has to be the oddest and potentially inflammatory "American Idol" knock-off reality contest yet, Investigation Discovery just announced two prison talent shows."
"At the Television Critics Association's press tour in Beverly Hills, the Discovery-branded crime network announced it's developing a singing competition titled "Talent Behind Bars," and another show called "Dancing Behind Bars."

Is Hollywood getting so desperate that this is the best they can come up with for entertainment? And what would really not surprise me is; this show just might get very good ratings. The proposed show is coming from reality show guru Mark Burnett of Survivor fame. I can just imagine some of the other prison talent categories they can include along with singing and dancing. Some really cool ideas of mine are to follow below...

1. Shiv making competition - Who can make and hide the best knives in the slammer?
2. Hide the contraband - concealing drugs and the best places to do it in your cell.
3. Abuse the guards - how to best fuck with guards and not get solitary confinement.
4. Biggest liars - stories of how all prisoners are innocent and have been railroaded by the "man".
5. Rape competition - I think this is self-explanatory.
6. Bullshit the parole board - telling the best and biggest whoppers to get released early.
7. Gang competition - how to pit Latino, Black, and Caucasian gangs against each other in contests of skill and strength.
8. Chess Competition - the best Chess players I've ever played were ex-cons. True statement.

I could go on and on for days with my perverted ideas but I have a couple of tool boxes to move into the new shop I'm going to start working in and don't have enough hours to complete this list. But I think we all get the idea. I'm reminded of the movie "Running Man" with Arnold Schwarzenegger and the story line it featured. I wonder how long it will be before we get a Pay-Per-View show featuring a fight to the death or perhaps a live execution. Don't discount it. We're getting real close to it when it comes to what passes for entertainment these days. The link to this bizarre story is below. Thanks to for the link to this article.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Marxine Waters Is Up To Her Old Tricks Again

Well it sure as hell didn't take too long for Marxine Waters of Kalifornia's 35th congressional district to factor in racism with the ethics charges she, along with Charlie Rangel, will be facing. It's almost a given that Marxine will see anything and everything through the prism of race. She's made a career out of this kind of bullshit and she's not going to change this late in life. She's made a very lucrative living out of blaming life's (and her problems) woes on White folks so why stop now. Click the image on the upper-left to enlarge and see the official democrat party issued "race card" being played by Ms Waters.

In the past Marxine has also suggested the probing of anyone who disagrees with her. I blogged on this very subject here and here last year. Once again, she has suggested investigating those who simply have the nerve to disagree with her and not because they have broken any laws. That's pretty scary to hear from a U.S. Congresswoman and it smells of Totalitarianism. Then again, consider that Marxine is a huge fan of the Castro brothers and the Cuban government.

She, along with the other professional race hustlers pictured on the "race card" above have betrayed the memory of Dr Martin Luther King over and over with their actions. With Marxine it's always about skin color and never about character. By tarring and smearing those who would investigate the dealings of her Husbands OneUnited Bank Waters is trying to intimidate the investigation. Even the ultra liberal Huffington Post, is questioning her ethics. From Congresswoman Waters, via the Huffington Post we have this quote: "The accusations against me stem from work I have done throughout my decades of public service as an advocate for minority communities and businesses in California and nationally" She's obviously trying to put a racial spin to what is basically a conflict of interest and her illegal activities on behalf of her Husband's bank.

Although several democrat party members have openly suggested Charlie Rangel retire or just plain go away rather than put the party through an ugly political scandal I have serious doubts they will do the same with Marxine Waters and her ethics scandal. I just don't think the democrats have the guts or integrity to do the right thing and challenge Marxine. Marxine is promising a fight and evidently doesn't give a shit how ugly or nasty things get. She's known to be a bully and use her political clout to have her way so she's not afraid of a political brawl. Is it possible Marxine could she have some dirt on some of the other members of congress? For whatever reasons it's obvious they are unable or unwilling to stand up to her.

Her crooked dealings with her Husband's bank and the conflict of interest charges are blatantly obvious but she's doing what she's made a career out of doing. And that method is to lay the blame on racism and mean old White guys. Her own racism has worked well all through her political career and she may just get away with the same shit again. It will be interesting and maybe even comical to see how she intends to defend the charges but it sure as hell won't be boring.

One has to remember this is the same douchebag who referred to the 1992 Los Angeles riots as a "rebellion" and called the rioters and murderers as "righteous". I wonder what she would have said were it her home burning down or her family being shot by the very same thugs she had the balls to call "righteous"? The racism in this case is Marxine's and hers alone. She owns it.

Anecdote About The 1992 Riots: I worked in a small auto repair shop in San Pedro in 1992 and we were located right next to the Rancho San Pedro housing projects. A lot of our customers were gang bangers and drug dealers. I could always tell who was selling crack by the way they paid their shop bills. I had one guy come in and pay for a $2500.00 engine job with a handfull of five, ten, and twenty dollar bills. And he wasn't the only one. I had another customer (Dodge City Crips) who was making trips back and forth to the riot areas in downtown Los Angeles and stealing malt liquor and womens hair pieces. He actually was taking orders from people and bringing back whatever they ordered. He asked me if there was anything I wanted since the cops were doing nothing to stop the looting. Of course I refused to place my order for goodies but he broght me back a case of Old English Malt Liquor (I gave it away) anyway. These are the people that Marxine called "righteous". Think about it.

Final Thoughts: Marxine isn't known as the sharpest member of the H.O.R. (she's actually considered pretty stupid) so it should be interesting to see her rationalizations and justifications about her Husband's questionable bank dealings. And once she gets off her "racism" talking points she won't have a leg to stand on and she KNOWS it.

We'll also get to see how much stomach the democrapic party leaders such as Nazi Pelousy have when it comes to holding the most "open ethical congress evah" accountable for their actions. My guess is she'll get a slap on the wrist. After all, one doesn't want Marxine calling them a racist. It's a technique she's used over and over with great success and she isn't going to abandon it now. After all - it's worked for her during her entire political career.