Saturday, January 25, 2014

Caricatures? What Caricatures?

President Berry Hussein Soetero Goebbels Neville Chamberlain Omama recently whined about FOX News channel and the "caricatures" they have portrayed of him. Well I'm here to tell you the following images were NOT created by FOX. The link to the funny images is at the bottom of this post and it does NOT lead to FOX. It seems there are plenty of other sites who believe Omama is an asshole. So dear Berry Omama - give credit to those it is due. And stop whining about FOX. Plenty of other Americans despise you besides intelligent conservatives. The proof lies below.

For a more detailed explanation of Omama and his pathology click here to read an excellent article from today's American Thinker website. B.O. is one screwed up dude from a mental standpoint. In fact, the entire democrat party is seriously fucked up and hateful.

 Click on the images to enlarge. To visit this hilarious site click here.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Separated At Birth?

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Every now and then I post one of the "separated at birth" images just for fun. In fact there's one I posted a couple of weeks back featuring the nerdy Pajama Boy from the Omamacare sign-up campaign and Pat, the androgynous character from Saturday Night Live.

After reading about the Holder/Omama INjustice department nomination of Debo Adegbile for a top position as a civil rights enforcer I was "inspired" to create a new comparison image. Put on your thinking cap and X-Ray glasses and check out the picture I created above and see if you can spot the resemblance. It's uncanny how similar they are. One is a huge steamy looking pile of shit and the other is a creamy looking dog turd on what appears to be warm asphalt. Is there a difference? You decide.

All bullshit and silly images aside, this appears to be another one of Omama's middle finger salutes to America and our justice system. Nominating this asshole Adegbile is just Omama's way of pissing on America for the umpteenth time. Debo Adegbile is one of Mumia Abu Jamal's lawyers and another caucasian hating half-nigerian shit-stain (sound familiar) who doesn't give a fuck about justice or civil rights! His career as a lawyer is an agenda-driven drive to replace one type of racism (Jim Crow) with another (Affirmative Action). The only difference is; Jim Crow racism ended many years ago. Affirmative action lives on.. and on.. and on..

Nothing new to see here. Let's move on....

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hey Lynn! Puff On This You Traitorous Hag!

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Like most other Americans with a sense of justice and decency I was stunned when the DOJ authorized and then released this skank AKA Lynn Stewart.What really pissed me off was the reason given. They cut her loose since it's been determined she only has a year and a half left to live due to cancer. They called it "for humanitarian reasons" as the criteria to let her out of what should have been a sentence that ended with her death in prison.

Stop and think about this entire scenario for just one minute. What justice was served by releasing a woman who hasn't professed one ounce of remorse for the deaths she caused helping the blind sheik. She has blood on her hands and doesn't regret one spilled drop of it. And she is still convinced she is/was right in assisting the blind sheik in the bombing. I don't recall her EVER apologizing to any of the American families she has harmed. But Omama and his Boy Holder didn't want her to die in prison so in a blatant mockery of justice she was released. Somehow I get the feeling that both of the racists (Omama & Holder) involved in this perversion of justice are having a big laugh right now at the expense of Americans.

And why, pray tell, did America's leading shit-stain do this? You can bet the farm this is just another one of Berry's pay-back actions to the American people for the personal pathologies that Omama himself suffers. Everything he does seems to regress to his childhood and the rearing he received at the hands of a family that HATES America. Toss in a bit of self-loathing for being only half black and we end up with one sick fucking dude for president.

It's easily understood why Lynn Stewart is such an American hating skank when you consider her mentor was William Cuntsler and her peers include the twenty-first century hippie asshole Ron Kuby. Both Stewart and Kuby are "radical lawyer" cliches from a cheap sixties made-for-tv movie, right down to the ridiculous looking greasy pony tail that Kuby still sports. Hey Ron, you're fifty-seven years old. Get a fucking haircut and leave the pony tails to kids and old rockers.

I'll close this post with just one question - has anybody got a light? Since Lynn loves blowing things up so fucking much she can start with herself.