Thursday, May 31, 2012

We're Mad As Hell And Not Gonna Take It Anymore!

That's what I would like to hear from the people of NY who are once again being victimized by their own Mayor. Now Mikey Bloomberg is proposing a ban (again) on all sugary drinks over sixteen ounces. Sugary? Can you be any more ambiguous Mr. Mayor?

The only way this proposed ban was quantified was "over twenty-six calories" which puts it in the neighborhood of plain water being the only acceptable beverage. Some diet drinks have more calories than that. Twenty-six calories can be translated into the sugar in my morning coffee. And no one will screw with the sugar in my Coffee - EVER! Come to think of it, Beer has quite a few calories from sugar. If Bloomberg starts fucking around with a man's Beer he'll soon find out he's bitten off way more than he can chew. And I can promise you this: the "ban" will morph into a soda tax faster than a New York minute - you can take that to the bank

Just what the fuck is wrong with Bloomberg, or for that matter, any other politician who once in power decides to arbitrate what is good and bad for the average human? That's not why you were put in office asshole! What NY needs to do is BAN Bloomberg via the next election. It's hard to believe this is the same city that had the honorable Rudy Giuliani as Mayor ten years ago. How in the fuck did New York go from Rudy to Mikey?

Fifteen years ago when I uploaded my first webpages I featured a series of rants about the ETS smoking data and the government grab theft of tobacco taxes based on and justified by that data. I have no problem with a reasonable tax on consumer products. My complaint then (and now) they were then using these taxes to legislate morality, behavior, bring about social engineering, etc. And my website claims of 1998 are coming to fruition. I predicted the taxes would not stop with tobacco. I predicted they would continue with taxes on dangerous behavior, risky sports, lifestyle choices, and an endless list of other excuses to raise revenues.

Back in 1998 some of the responders who replied to my website rants via my email and message boards often claimed that the since the taxes were on smokers it "wasn't their problem". Well NOW it is your problem America. Once again I'm back on my soapbox and screaming louder than ever. Living here in the People's Republik Of Kalifornia I've been experiencing shit such as this for years. We're facing a sixteen-billion dollar deficit on the Left Coast and I can't wait to see what the assholes in Sacramento come up with next when it comes to new taxes. Fuck you Bloomberg and fuck you Jerry Brown!

This crap isn't just happening in Kalifornia and New York. This is happening everywhere and taxpayers and consumers are getting sick and tired of it. We are fast approaching a tipping point in the USA as to how much more the people will endure from their so-called leaders. When the shit does hits the political fan it will be ugly. Bet on it.

I feel a "Douchebag Award" coming on. I wonder who'll be the recipient.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WTF Was Wrong With Bob Beckel Today?

I usually watch "The Five" on FOX News channel each weekday and it's good fun to watch Bob Beckel's liberal head explode on a regular basis. So what in the hell was happening today with ol' Bob? He's one of the most confrontational people on air but today he was as subdued as a kitten. He appeared to be either stoned, zonked out on Valiums, or just plain gassed. Take your pick.

Bare in mind I have no problem if Bob wants to get loaded. I've been known to pull a cork from time to time and in my younger single days I "experimented" with damn near anything and everything. But, unless I missed a pre-program explanation Bob was loaded on something today. Something was different.

Or maybe it was just me and a Freudian longing for the old days...

Foo Fighters + Page + Jones = Kick Ass!

I'm a year and a half shy of sixty but great music is STILL part of my life. With the exception of Rap and Hip-Hop (both blow goats) I can and do listen to damn near anything. I can appreciate great musicians from Alan Jackson to Mozart, The Beatles to Van Morrison, blah blah blah. Great music will ALWAYS stand the test of time.

I don't think I'm alone here when I say I grew up right smack dab in the middle of what is arguably the very best era of Rock. If you want to arbitrarily pick the best fifteen years of Rock, the years between 1965 to 1980 might well qualify as the very best. Just my opinion. If I had more readers here and more replies in my posts I could/would be starting a shitload of arguments with that statement.

The first time I heard Led Zeppelin play I was in my junior year of high school. You might argue that Zep were the first true metal band. I'll leave that one to Eddie Trunk. But they were matter what genre of Rock you prefer. Prior to Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page was already a legend in England. Ever hear of the Yardbirds? Then John Bonham died and things were never the same. Robert Plant is off making his own music these days.. and all power to him. Jimmy Page seems to be (to me) retired. All great bands have a lifespan and Zeppelin had theirs.

Now my point: every now and then two different generations of musicians come together and remind me of what once was. The Foo Fighters Live In Wembley concert shows up from time to time on VH1 Classic. I have watched it several times and it is excellent. The best part of the concert comes near the end and features Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and the Foo Fighters ripping through a great version of a Zeppelin classic - Rock N Roll. It's worth a watch.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Headlines From The World Of Greasywrench...

we wish we could read. I have a terrible problem with insomnia and I was up all night again so I thought I'd have a little fun with Jasc Paintshop Pro. Here's something I did to pass the time. There wasn't a hell of a lot on TV tonight anyway. View the image full size or you'll miss my ridiculous comments. I just love fucking with the Tabloids.

The International Bullshitter - Publishing Crap One Pile At A Time

Monday, May 28, 2012

PMS-NBC Pontificates .... again

Posting this viral video is appropriate since it's Memorial Day. Once again we have another profound example of the thought processes from the shit-stains of PMS-NBC. Here's douchebag Chris Hayes blathering on about what is a "hero". He claims to not want to "disrespect or desecrate" the memory of our fallen Veterans and then he does exactly that by suggesting that calling them heroes IS the very justification for war.

Anyone who signs on the dotted line and joins our Armed Forces knows the distinct possibility exists they could someday end up in a far away combat zone. One doesn't have to be Audie Murphy or Chesty Puller to be considered a hero. By putting themselves in harm's way all Men and Women of our Armed Forces qualify. For some reason the progressives fuckers of PMS-NBC are unable or unwilling able to grasp this simple fact. Just my opinion...

A Safe Memorial Day

Have a safe and sane Memorial Day and always remember its meaning - to honor the sacrifices made by the Men and Women of our Armed Forces who paid the final price for ALL of America. God rest their souls.

RevRearEnd Al "Not So" Sharpton Strikes Again!

Ani-gif by Greasywrench
The RevRearEnd Al Sharpton is at it again ginning up racial animosity between white and black folks. And before ANYONE accuses me of racism because I made this Chimp graphic of Al, remember how many times George W Bush was called and drawn as a Chimp by the far-left douchebags of America. Now on to my post...

This morning on American Thinker I read this story about Al Sharpton and his race hustling pandering ass is once again making reckless and incendiary accusations. Sharpton actually had the balls to claim Republicans are trying to "wipe out black people". Coming from a man who is directly responsible for the deaths of several White and Hispanic people the statement is breathtakingly stunning in its hypocrisy. Then again it is Al Sharpton AKA an American democrat. Need I say more?

The fact that Sharpton made this absurd statement isn't the issue here. Al Sharpton says ridiculous and racist shit all the time and has made a career along with a wonderful living out of it. The problem is he gets away with this crap over and over and no one in the far-left dominated media calls him on his shit. EVER!

Remember - this type of self-righteous puke and drivel is coming from a man who has blood on his hands. He's already arguably responsible for the deaths of eight people at the Freddie's Fashion Mart fire via his agitating and anti-semitism in Harlem. Al also played a large part in the Crown Heights Riots that ended in the death of Yankel Rosenbaum by stirring up anti-semitism and racial animosity. And as he often does, the RevRearEnd Al just washed his hands and walked away from these deaths and claimed he played no part. Does anyone see a pattern here? Al is a blatant fucking racist and yet the democrat media never calls him on it. He's even been rewarded with a slot on PMS-NBC.

More of Al's Douchebaggery: I guess I could/should throw in the Tawana Brawley case for good measure. This is the false rape incident that brought Sharpton to the public's attention in 1987. Al knowingly supported a phony story of rape and racism (again) that was later proven in court to be fraudulent. As always, Al just walked away with no accountability or apologies. When he was ordered to pay damages by the court for falsely accusing local prosecutor Steven Pagones of playing a part in the abduction and rape Al still was unrepentant. Lawyer Johnnie Cochran and others payed the $65,000.00 fine for Sharpton. Once again Al crawled away with no consequences.

Over and over in his career as a race-hustler and far-left pimp Al Sharpton has been responsible for death and destruction and time and time again has never had to pay a price. Sooner or later there WILL come a time when Al Sharpton DOES pay. How it will happen is anyone's guess. Perhaps someone will get tired of his shit and put a bullet in his fat head. Maybe he'll go just a bit too far and bite off more than he can chew and finally be legally held accountable. But - justice is coming for this scumbag and it can't come soon enough for me. This fucker is despicable and I eagerly await the day when his karma bites him in his big fat ass. Until that day comes I'll just have to create some more animated gifs and cartoons.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Brett Kimberlin Wins Teabag Award!

Note from editor - AKA Me. "The Teabag Award is not to be confused with the Douchebag Award. The Douchebag is usually reserved and awarded to celebrities and politicians. The Teabag Award is specifically given to especially egregious Anti-American trash. We hope that clears things up" - Greasywrench

Until a few days ago I had never heard of far-left domestic terrorist, convicted bomber and felon Brett Kimberlin. Now he's become quite the progressive rock star and celebrity chic. And because it's Award Season and in keeping with the tradition of all left-wing celebrities shit-stains it's time to give Brett an award. Here on The World Of Greasywrench we strive to be fashionable ... so let's give Brett a prize....

Introducing The Inaugural "Teabag Award"

It's not only an award: The handy Teabag is not just an award - it also doubles as a convenient beverage container. The Teabag Award's handy size allows for convenient travel and simple storage. Air travel carry-on is also no problem. And - it can also hold more than just Tea! It makes quite a lovely Kool-Aid container. Because of its light weight it can also be used for camping and backpacking. The "Teabag" also comes with a handy flexible "drinking straw" for quick sips in tight places. All in all this is one hell of a useful beverage holder and we think Brett Kimberlin will find a use for it. Drink up Pal.

Brett Kimberlin Teabag Award
Parody (so sue me)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

If You Control The Bully Pulpit... You Get To Bully!

Click to enlarge
Recently the topic of bullying has been quite popular. Here's a wonderful example of bullying masquerading as teaching. BTW, I took the liberty of modifying the image featured here. I couldn't find a picture of Tonya Dixon-Neely on the Web so the Hitler cartoon I just downloaded will have to do. I confess to editing the blackboard. Was I wrong?

I've been reading this story for the last two days, and as with many stories concerning the blind admiration and submission for Omama it pisses me off! I'm talking about North Carolina teacher Tonya Dixon-Neely who berated  fifteen-year old student Hunter Rogers for daring to argue with her about the legalities of criticizing Berry Omama AKA "Dear Leader" ( North Korea anyone?).

What may be done to remedy the situation?
First: I suggest this ignorant excuse for an educator learn the difference between the words "criticize" and "threaten". It is NOT against the law to criticize a sitting president. If that were the case, most of the Lame Stream Media would have been jailed four years ago. A healthy course in honesty would also come in handy. Using lies (no one was arrested for criticizing GWB) to advance one's personal political viewpoints seems to be a favorite tactic of the progressives. I.E. when you can't win an argument on facts just dazzle em with bullshit.

Second: using a teaching position to promote and advance personal political views is nothing short of propaganda. Our schools and grades are falling and failing in many cases because of the advancement of progressive agendas in lieu of real education. What happened to teaching the three R's and other sciences? Dixon is a bully and needs to STOP with the progressive talking points in class. Save it for the Union meetings or fire her ass!

Third: after listening to the rant of this teacher I've come to the conclusion SHE is the one who needs further education ... in civics and English. Could she be an undereducated affirmative action teacher who is in way over her head and out of her league? Just asking since she doesn't sound very well educated or articulate to me. The young man she argued with pwned her ass in my opinion. And - he could teach this instructor a thing or two about the First Amendment. I wonder just what other misinformation she's blathered on about in her classroom rants? After all - this is the only incident that was recorded.

This "teacher" has subsequently been suspended and is NOT responding to phone calls. Hiding out much?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy Anniversary Lynda - Love Rich

Thirty years is a long time. When we were married I had my doubts if I would even live thirty more years, much less be married that long. Thanks for the memories. If we stay married another thirty years do you know what that'll mean?
We'll be pretty damned old!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

RIP Robin Gibb

I just read that Robin Gibb is dead. This is another sad reminder that so much of what I enjoyed growing up and as a young man is now fading fast. Anyone who hangs the "Disco Singers" title on the Bee Gees doesn't know shit about Pop music. These guys were out making great music nearly fifteen years before they ever cut the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack (which was a great album) or any other disco type music. Sad day for Pop Music. Now there's only one brother left. And yeah - I considered Andy Gibb a Bee Gee too, so there were four Brothers Gibb all those years ago.

In Memory of Robin Gibb - Nights On Broadway

Friday, May 18, 2012

For Your Entertainment

 Lynyrd Skynyrd - T For Texas
If Lynyrd Skynyrd ever could be said to have peaked, it was right here, with this performance, and this song. This is one of their songs that seldom got airplay. In my opinion the "day the music died" was October 20, 1977. Sorry Buddy Holly and sorry to the reformed Lynyrd Skynyrd. You're great but....

Angry Janitor Complains About Turd (Prank Phone Call)
You have to listen to the next one. For a long time I thought this was the Jerky Boys. I'm not sure who it is now.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hanoi Jane Fonda? Screw You Yahoo...

for your "big story" about Jane Fonda and her seventy-four year old body. With all the classy older women who still remain in Hollywood, Yahoo features this traitor?

I wouldn't piss on Jane if she were on fire. She STILL owes a sincere apology to the Vets who served in Vietnam. And take a good look at her face if you click on the link. More likely than not she needs a bead blaster to get her makeup off at night.

I clicked on the link because I had a feeling from the backside-shot it was Hanoi Jane. What I really wanted to read were the comments. And yes, despite what Yahoo driveled on about - Jane IS a hated woman in America! Read the comments on the story link and you will see what I mean.

It's Official!

Click to enlarge
It looks like a done deal on the USS Iowa. All the i's have been dotted and the t's have been crossed. She'll be towed down and prepped in about three weeks. Click here to learn more.

This Blows!

I spent all day long yesterday trying to run down a problem in my Son's computer. I build and repair the damn things to save some money and ensure that control of the content of what's on the machine is my Son's and his alone. When you buy a P.C. from Best Buy, Target, Walmart, etc they're always proprietary. IOW, the O.S. and whatever software packages pre-installed are often dependent on Microsoft and Dell, HP, etc... and other vendors - so I build my own.

Anyway, the computer would start up... shut down. Start up... shut down. All this would happen in the course of a couple of seconds. I have computer parts laying around the house from all of my former builds so I do have plenty of components to use in diagnosing. I pulled the machine completely apart to clean it out. Tested the power supply, CPU fan, Rom Drives, etc...

So - I finally decided to get a can of compressed air to clean out the Motherboard, fans, CPU, heat sync and other internals that are critical to good operation. Compressed and canned air must to be used to clean these things. You can't just run down to the local gas station or auto shop and use one of their air nozzles. Shop air is full of moisture which is a no-no to any electrical component. Canned air contains propane so it will boil as soon as you spray it. That way electrical goodies won't get wet and be fried.

So I buy a can of compressed air for TEN DOLLARS and what do I get - four or five good squirts and then jack-shit! Ten fucking dollars for damn near nothing! Which leads me to another point - when did American made begin to mean "good enough" instead of "outstanding"? I've used canned air before and cleaned out entire systems with one can. This one lasted four or five squirts. WTF! Maybe I'm being a whiner here but something is wrong with this scenario. Okay - I'm done bitching.

BTW, the problem with the computer was the power button in the front of the case that turns the computer on. There's a dead short in it. Now I have to worry if I'm gonna go out and throw ten bucks down for a power button that will only last six months. Sometimes I just can't win.

Update: On the advice of Alltech Computer Supply in Lomita, Kalifornia, where I buy my computer parts, I switched the reset pin connector with the power button pin connector on the motherboard and solved the power problem. Now - instead of using the power button to boot the computer I just hit the reset button. Thanks Camille.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Steely Dan - Turn That Heartbeat Over Again

Great song from a great album. The song takes me back to what was probably the last year of my life when I had no sleazy politicians to obsess over, no worries, no problems, no complications, blah blah blah.... then I had to grow up.

Where were you in Seventy-Two?

Eastern Sierra Trout Season

You can say what you want about Kalifornia. But there is one fact that can never be denied - we have some of them most beautiful back country anyone could ever imagine. It's just too damn bad this lovely State is so full of ... of ... of ... Kalifornians!

Anyway - it looks like I'm gonna miss another year up in the Eastern Sierra. I haven't been up North for the Trout season since 2006. Then again, the season just began and I've got until the end of October. I'll just have to wait and see. But for anyone who wants a vicarious thrill here's a link with some great photos.

I've fished most of the major and many of the smaller lakes and streams in the Sierras over the last thirty-five years and had very good success. As a young man I used to backpack on my vacations and spent time in the back country of Yosemite. In 1978 a good friend and I hiked into Merced and then Washburn lakes and absolutely killed it catching Brooks. Click here to see some nice photos of the Merced and Washburn area trails. Here's a slideshow I made of my last trip in 2006 with my Son and my Buddy Kevin (RIP)

At one time (1992) I had my picture on the "Wall Of Fame" at the Fern Creek Lodge in the June Lake Loop holding a five pound Rainbow brooder I caught with a Rapala floating minnow. Great looking fish - lousy eating. I should have released it. I'm not one of those guys who preach "catch n release". That's up to the individual. I fish because I enjoy being in the mountain environment and I love the taste of Trout. But I'll never keep anything over pan-size again. The brooder I caught had flesh with the consistency of mushrooms. I guess that's the trade-off for catching and eating hatchery raised Trout as opposed to wild. I'll take the wild fish anytime. Anyway, check out some nice fishing links below.

Washburn Lake in the Yosemite Back Country (Short YouTube video)
Eastern Sierra Trout Fishing
Fly Fishing in the Mammoth Hot Creek Area (great fish photos)
Hatch Report  for all you catch n release folks (what's hot right now)
Western Outdoor News: information for all of Kalifornia fishing

Monday, May 14, 2012

One Absurdity Deserves Another

Click to enlarge
In honor of the ridiculous cover on Newsweek declaring Barack Omama the "First Gay President", The World Of Greasywrench presents our equally ridiculous and "edited" version of  "The First Gay President". 

By proclaiming Omama "Gay" and picturing him with the absurd halo above his head, Newsweek, along with most of the democrat media have now officially lost the last few shreds of credibility they may have once had.

I've often joked that some asshole in the media will sooner or later picture Omama walking on water, healing the blind, or raising the dead.

After this - I'm not joking anymore.

Weird Dreams Part 1

Something different...

I bet I have the most bizarre dreams of anyone alive. I've often wondered just what the hell a dream actually is and what purpose it serves the (my) human mind. Last night I had one dilly of a silly dream. As with most dreams I have, it had no beginning and it had no end. It only had a middle. It went like this...

I was out on Pacific Coast Highway in a small beach house with my Wife. Well who the hell knocks on my door but the one and only Neil Young. I hate Neil's politics but I try my best to separate them from his music, which IMHO is great. I saw Neil live with Crazy Horse at the Universal Amphitheater in 1986 and he was awesome. Anyway, Neil walks in and for some reason we all begin doing shooters of Wild Turkey. I hate Wild Turkey. I prefer Glenlivet Scotch Whiskey on the rocks. Figure that one out. I can remember chugging the Turkey shots in the dream and thinking to myself "this tastes like shit".

So as my Wife, Neil, and I are chugging shooters of Wild Turkey and discussing his upcoming album I pull out a vinyl L.P. (I'm dating myself here) with his latest songs. I can remember thinking in the dream "how the hell did I get this material if the album hasn't yet been released". Neil offers a couple of pearls of wisdom on music and then he hopped on a bicycle and cruised on up the highway. WTF!

Dumb dream over and I wake up...

In my dreams I've flown like a bird, met celebrities, re-lived great moments from my youth, ran in terror from the Banana Man (someone I saw as a kid on Captain Kangaroo) and done some of the most outrageous things anyone could imagine. If I live to be a thousand I will never figure out what the hell they mean. I'm only writing this stream of consciousness bullshit down to keep the dream fresh in my mind. Just what the fuck ARE dreams? I'll never know and I sure as hell will never understand the damn things.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The People's Republik Of Kalifornia...

Bend over... here it comes
is broke (again). But that's not surprising since we're the State that's given the World San Francisco, Hollyweird, Nancy Pelousy, Babs Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Jerry Brown, Marxine Waters, Gray Davis,and a litany of other progressive assholes.

We're facing a sixteen-billion dollar deficit and the Donkey-Dicks in Sacramento are scratching their collective heads and trying to find a solution. Tax increases anyone?

Due to Union giveaway's, Welfare corruption, handouts here, here, here, and here again, a Totalitarian Educational system, and several generations of Democratic run government, the State of Confusion, AKA "The Left Coast" is in trouble for the umpteenth fucking time!

Each and every year it's the same damn thing with these assholes in power and the same fucked up solutions - tax increases and (non) spending cuts. It's no wonder that no one in Kalifornia and America (with the exception of a few billionaires who won't be effected) wants a tax increase. Once the additional taxes hit the government coffers they're spent on earmarks and other pet political projects. They are NEVER applied to any deficits. It's money gone and the same as pissing in the Ocean.

I have a unique solution for Jerry Brown, Omama, and the idiot democrats in Sacramento - drop the ridiculous "Train To Nowhere" that you are planning to build. No one will ride it. It won't turn a profit. It is totally unnecessary. And despite what the liars upstate claim, it is NOT wanted by the people of Kalifornia by a 59 percent to 31 ratio. IOW - it's a complete waste of taxpayer dollars in a State that's drowning in debt.

Addendum - stop with the taxes on my smokes. I'm already paying five dollars a pack for something that costs the Tobacco industry less than two dollars per pack to grow, manufacture, and market. The government makes more money on cigarettes than the Tobacco companies. Fuck You!

But what the Hell do I know? I'm just a simple old auto tech.

Picture Of The Day

Click to enlarge
While reading HotAir this morning I clicked on a link to some Omama photos when this caught my eye. It has nothing to do with Omama or bimbos on the beach. But it's hilarious.

BTW, I learned a new word today - "photobomb"

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pass It On

Fellow blogger Hardnox In Virgina posted the video on his site tonight. It needs no explanation. It speaks for itself.

Congwadulations Bawney! Here's My Gift To You!

Hot off the pwesses comes this wonderful news. Bawney Fwank announced his wedding pwans today. Here on the World Of Gweasywench we offer our congwaduwations and this wovely wedding gwift - some new fucking teeth! We didn't know where you were wegistered so we just took a stab at the gift.You certainly have a need for them.

Now that you're leaving the House Of Representatives here's a big fat fuck you (maybe I should rephrase that) and thanks for the memories along with the Big Dig, Dodd/Frank, the House Page Scandal, and an assortment of other lies and douchebaggery. You were an endless source of material for a simple old blogger.

What I can't understand is why you didn't use you wonderful taxpayer provided congressional dental plan and get some new teeth sooner. You've been spitting shitting on folks for too long.

They Think We're Stupid ... Or Blind

Click to enlarge
The "they" refers to ALL politicians. But right now this post concerns Omama and his energy (non) policies. While I was visiting the Hot Air website this afternoon Ed Morrisey posted this article. It featured the Omama energy pie charts from Wednesday and the "new improved" version from today There was a blaring difference in the charts. Enlarge the image by clicking on it and see if you can spot the change.

As reported by Hot Air, on Wednesday there was no depiction of Coal as an energy source in the chart. Today it magically reappeared. Remember - Omama said in 2008 that he intended to "bankrupt" the Coal industry via Crap N Trade. Understand that "bankrupting" the Coal industry isn't just putting an energy supplier out of business - it means ending many many thousands of jobs. Omama, along with the EPA know that ending Coal as an energy source is a job killer and they don't seem to give a shit.

Now that he's "officially" running for re-election Omama suddenly remembered that the Coal mining is vital to American industry and jobs  - hence the sudden reappearance of Coal in the pie chart. Oh - I almost forgot. There just happen to be millions of votes at stake in the Coal producing states, especially Pennsylvania. Could that have something to do with this?

I guess Omama is still "evolving" when it comes to energy. Either that or he's lying again. I despise politicians - all of them.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Lumberjack Joke

After several months in the woods Olaf the lumberjack decides to head into town for a little sexual relief

Showing up in the town bordello he began by asking the Madam for something a "bit" different

"Head up to room three and you'll be in for a surprise" the Madam said

Upon entering room three the lumberjack spots a fifty-year old hag just sitting and humming

"I was told to come up and see you" said the lumberjack. "I'm in the mood for something real kinky"

The old hooker replied "come over here big boy"

Upon walking up to the hooker the lumberjack said "you don't look like nothing special"

The ancient hooker then popped out her glass eye and said "put it right here big boy"

The lumber jack proceeded to skull-fuck the shit out of the hooker for half an hour

Afterwords the lumberjack said to the hooker "Damn! That was the best fucking sex I've ever had. The next time I'm in town I will be sure to look you up

"You do that" said the hooker. "And I'll keep an eye out for you"

Sentimental Bullshit For The Day

Tuffy and Michael John - 2008
Dumb post for Cat lovers....

If Cats have nine lives my big male Tabby used up two or three last week. My Wife and I came within an hour of taking him to the Vet and having him euthanized. After coming down with who knows what, this Maine Coon mix nearly died. Thanks to a very good friend, a tough-as-nails former Marine (thanks Vance B) "Tuffy" got a new lease on life. A shot of antibiotics from the Vet didn't hurt either.

Add to the facts that Mrs B and I took turns staying up all night to keep my neurotic female Cats from attacking this sick Tabby (Cats WILL do this) and he's nearly fully recovered. In his prime this Cat weighed sixteen pounds but at the vet last week he only checked in at only nine. My Wife actually had to force-feed and hydrate this stubborn fellow with an eyedropper since he refused to eat or drink for five days. Thank you Lynda.

Consider this - we were worried we'd have to put him to sleep and now that he's recovered what is he doing? Sleeping all fucking day! WTF!

Pants On Fire!

Gotta Get Drunk First, another Conservative site I visit from time to time featured this Glenn Beck TV video today. I'm linking to it because the process of vetting Barack Obama has finally began... four years too late - but it has began.

And bare in mind that while the Lame Stream Media in general and the Washington Post via their "haircut" hit piece continue to obsess over something that Mitt Romney may or may not have done nearly fifty-years ago, the stories of Omama and his composite fantasies continue to be ignored. Anyone who can still claim the media are NOT biased or in the tank for Omama after watching this clip can kiss my ass!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Parody And Vetting - In The Name Of "Fairness"

Fairness is a word Omama and the democrats use so often it has now begun to lose its meaning. Here on the World Of Greasywrench we've decided to do an expose of Omama's early days in Hawaii and Indonesia just as the Washington Post did with a five-hundred page investigation into the past of Mitt Romney. This saga will be printed in chapters. I begin at the beginning...

Barack Hussein Omama - Born, 1961 in a log cabin in Hawaii to Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Omama Sr, a Kenyan part-time scholarship student and full-time philanderer. At one time Barack Sr simultaneously had three wives (no divorces). Barack Sr was known for especially loving the women of Hawaii for their large breastesess. This caused a rift with Omama's mother Stanley (32 A-Cup) and soon after his birth, Omama's parents were divorced and his mother Stanley moved the family to Indonesia to take advantage of the local cuisine. Little else is known about Omama's early days in Hawaii as a dog reportedly ate Omama's "Certificate Of Live Birth" making further verification impossible. Young Barack vowed to someday "extract revenge" on all dogs for the incident.  

Note: No further records exist and the "missing" certificate of live birth along with other Omama documents are still being debated.
Dog Days Of Indonesia - After moving to Indonesia the young Omama was adpopted by Lolo Soetero and changed his last name. As a young boy, the now Berry Soetero was known for having some light fun at the expense of the street dogs of Indonesia. He could often be seen chasing the wandering canines down the roads, knife and fork in hand, in an amusing attempt to frighten the unfortunate things. When Berry was feeling especially naughty he would mockingly wave hot dog buns along with salt and pepper shakers at the local Dachshunds. He was also often seen chasing Grasshoppers and Rattlesnakes with a Ginsu knife and a bottle of Soy Sauce. But Berry Soetero soon grew out of these fun distractions and moved on to other things.

Note: Some have speculated, due to Berry's strange eating habits, that his biological Father was actually Idi Amin of Uganda. When Omama's Kenyan relatives were confronted with the ugly rumor they angrily replied - "No way Dada" and "Ugandans are so fucking stupid! Yuck"
Back In Hawaii - After leaving Indonesia due to food fido shortages we now find Berry Omama back on the streets of Honolulu. By now Berry is living with a couple of "typical" old white peoples. It was at this time that Berry began his descent into Reefer Madness... Cocaine Madness...Pimp Daddy Madness...

To Be Continued....

He's Still "Evolving"

Click to enlarge
President Comrade Omama stated yesterday "I'm still evolving" on the subject of gay marriage. No matter how you feel about gay marriage, you have to wonder how many other position changes will this man have for us in a second term? Omama stated and changed his position on gay marriage several times in the last fifteen years. Political expediency anyone?

What's scary as Hell is; what the fuck is America gonna end up with when he's done "evolving" and what else don't we know about this man? What other surprises will he pull out of his bag of tricks?

All morph gifs by Greasywrench AKA rich b. If you steal my gifs give me a credit please.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Click to enlarge
I just did my daily news reads and visited my favorite Conservative and Libertarian blogs and sites. While browsing I found this very interesting post at American Thinker and felt compelled to link to it.

Be warned - it's another conspiracy theory story but it has some credibility if you have an open mind and read ALL of the links from the article. Pay very close attention to the photo and the points being made. They are fascinating.

Bare in mind we have a president that has shown no hesitation to stretch the truth and on occasion even outright lie when it's to his advantage. Would the LSM even dare to cover this story were it proven to be true? I think I already know that answer. To view the enlarged and enhanced version of the photo click on it and then expand by right-clicking or clicking on the expand button to view the full resolution.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Alfonzo Rachel Of PJ Media Strikes Again

I haven't posted anything from Zonation for a couple of years so I'll make up for lost time. This video is about six months old but the ideas are timeless. Alfonzo is more than happy to be responsible for exploding liberal heads everywhere.

Hey Progressives - The Truth Will Set You Free...

but only if you are open minded enough to accept and understand it. Below is a graph that was featured on a post today from American Thinker. Even a slow-moving low-torque old Auto tech such as I can read and understand this simple chart.

The next time you hear Omama braying like a Donkey about the job creation the Stimulus Bill passed by the democraps has provided, refer to this graph. Show it to your liberal friends (assuming you have any) and confront them with the truth. Then watch their heads explode in a lame attempt to explain away or rationalize the facts staring them in the face.
Then Lather, rinse, repeat...

Click to enlarge

Should Jehmu Shamu Greene Be Fired Terminated?

Alright, just kidding about the Killer Whale reference. But a legitimate question is; should Jehmu Greene lose her job at FOX News for calling Tucker Carlson a "bow-tying white boy"? Jehmu let that little comment slip yesterday on Megyn Kelly's news show, America Live. Carlson and Greene were debating Elizabeth Warren's ridiculous claim to having Cherokee blood when the comment slipped out. I was watching the show and was not actually not sure what I heard until Megyn returned from the next commercial break and apologized for Greene.

And what the most puzzling thing to me is; why did Megan Kelly give out the apology for Jehmu Greene? Why didn't Ms Greene do her own apologizing? Is Jehmu beyond reproach at FOX? Maybe Ms Greene didn't feel she said anything wrong as she later claimed? That's what's really pissing me off. Jehmu may just walk away from this with no consequences. To be perfectly honest I DO NOT want Jehmu Greene fired. Every time she opens her mouth she offers up more examples of the stupidity and covert racism of libs. She's the "gift that keeps on giving" as is often said.

One has to consider that this IS FOX News and they do have a tolerance for stupidity. How else would/could one explain Alan Colmes, Geraldo Rivera, Sally Kohn, Christopher "Bullethead" Hahn and some of the other liberal halfwits that FOX employs? In striving to be "fair and balanced" FOX features an assortment of progressive shit-stains who often make fools out of themselves while striving for liberal ideals. I can't think of a better example than Alan Colmes and his consistent defenses of the indefensible.

I suppose one way to measure what happened here is to use the old "what if a conservative (or White) had said it" comparison.  I'm pretty damn sure we all know what would happen - there would be one less conservative gainfully employed at FOX. And as usual, I saw nothing on the Lame Stream Media about this nasty little incident. Double standard? What double standard?

By the way - I've been watching Tucker Carlson since his days on Crossfire and he hasn't worn a bow-tie in several years so Fuck You Jehmu! (Hey - I made a rhyme)

Friday, May 4, 2012

American Graveyard..

Good song... good message... now listen.

USS Iowa - Welcome To San Pedro

Click to enlarge
USS Iowa (BB-61): Welcome home to San Pedro. The progressive shit-stains in San Francisco didn't want this historic ship when they had the chance so we welcomed Her here. Their loss - our gain. 
San Pedro is a blue-collar town and fiercely independent from the assholes in downtown Los Angeles and the douchebags of Hollywood. Despite what many folks think about Southern Kalifornia, we're not all tofu eating nitwits and we respect the Military here in San Pedro. We are also home to Fort McArthur.

And no, San Pedro isn't Los Angeles either - I don't give a shit what's printed on the maps. We may appear on the Kalifornia maps as the Port Of Los Angeles, or the Harbor District, but I'm here to tell you this is San Pedro. And it's pronounced San Peeeedro, not San Paydro.

The Iowa grand opening is scheduled on July 7th. When She arrives in about a month I will be there to take some pics. I'm proud to see that this beautiful ship will be berthed in my home town. So welcome home Iowa. We'll take good care of Her. Click here and here to learn more.

Well Hot Damn! Omama Told The Truth! Or Did He?

Click to enlarge
I'm so fucking confused about this story that I'm shaking like a dog shitting peach pits. Was Omama's girlfriend a bullshit story or the truth? And here I've been doing the horizontal bop with real live women all of my life. Silly me.

Here's a tasty little story from the Telegraph in the U.K. that helps explain the significance of not knowing what's true and what's isn't when it comes to Omama and his "composite" life story.

Here's a "composite" image of Omama for all the progressives to enjoy. Note the toned arms. I bet Chris Matthews is tingling all over again just looking at this lovely photo.

I wonder what other fascinating tales president Berry Sotero has made up that we're in the dark about? Thanks again Lame Steam Media for NOT doing your job and vetting this liar.

Image source downloaded here.

This Is Why FOX News IS Necessary

There's a story of an assault on two people that recently happened (April 14) in Norfolk, Virginia that's just NOW coming to light. The assault consisted of approximately thirty Blacks who attacked a White male and female for no apparent reason. That's not the real story here. What's really going on is the fact that the local newspaper, the Virginian-Pilot seems to have covered up the assault in what may be a politically correct attempt to hide this story.

The larger truth here is about media CONTROL and political agendas. The local newspaper chose to ignore this story for two weeks before reporting on an assault that may have been a hate crime. Now here's the real kicker - the two people assaulted, Dave Forster & Marjon Rostami, were reporters for the very same local paper.

Even now, as of May, 3, the assault story is rated somewhere between an article on the death of "crape myrtles" and and the "Lost Colony Of Roanoke" on the "local news" section of the Virginan-Pilot. Maybe it's just me, but if I were the editor of this paper this story would rate just a wee bit more attention. When you consider the feeding frenzy of attention the Travon Martin story has generated one has to wonder just what the fuck is going on with this newspaper. Their excuse for not immediately reporting on the story was "we don't cover simple assaults".

Whether anyone chooses to believe this was a case of a paper that is afraid to cover the news because it doesn't fit a progressive political agenda, or if they were being honest about not normally covering this type of crime you have to wonder why it wasn't publicized since it was their own reporters who were attacked. And why, after two weeks, is this story only now coming to light? I think we all know what the the answer is - FOX News and The O'Reilly Factor. I saw absolutely nothing about this beating on the other web sources I usually read. Of course, now that the story is receiving national attention and it can't be buried anymore it's all over the Internet.

I guess I'm bitching about this because I read Yahoo, Excite, and several other Internet directories each and every day and at least four or five times each. Until yesterday when the (two week old) story broke I had seen nothing on the Yahoo pages. Nothing. Yahoo and the other web sources usually rely on Reuters and AP for their stories. And for whatever reason, the major news services also ran nothing.

The Virginian-Pilot is now in the spotlight and they're gonna have to come up with a better explanation than the lame fucking excuse they've offered us so far. As for me, I will rely on FOX and a few other Conservative and Libertarian sites to get my information. I just can't depend on the Lame Stream Media.

This is just another nail in the coffin of traditional news outlets. Tap tap tap tap...

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Michele Malkin's Bullshit Meter Working Overtime!

Last night on Sean Hannity, Juan Williams and Michelle Malkin got into quite a feisty little debate about OWS, the Tea Party, and racism. After a few minutes of give and take Michelle finally dropped Juan with a straight "right" to the jaw and left him more or less mumbling and falling back on the usual liberal talking points.

I usually have a lot of respect with Juan Williams - I almost never agree with him but he's not the knee-jerk progressive nitwit that is say... Alan Colmes. Juan usually presents a thoughtful and coherent argument in a debate but last night Michelle pwned his ass and left him stammering.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ray Scott In Your Face

As I previously posted most rock music has passed me by. It's the price you pay for getting old. But there's some very good stuff coming out of Country. Ray Scott nails it in this song. Ray reminds me of what you might end up with if you crossed Waylon Jennings with Johnny Cash. Either way this song doesn't take prisoners and makes no apologies.

It's On!

I saw this campaign video on another conservative site named Gotta Get Drunk First and I had to post it. I have a sneaking suspicion that all of this crap is gonna backfire on the demorats in November. I guess when you consider that President Berry Sotero has nothing else left to fall back on, all that IS left is the "Big Lie".

What's really ironic is the fact that the democrats and far-left have held the Military in contempt for many many years and NOW they're trying to cloak themselves under the blanket of freedom our fighting men and women have so bravely provided. They are fucking despicable!

Bias? What Bias?

Click to enlarge
Here's a screen capture of the Yahoo spash page as of 12:25 this afternoon. I posted it because I regularly subject myself to the shit Yahoo posts masquerading as news on a daily basis. Yahoo often uses Reuters and AP for their news sources so the left-wing drivel isn't surprising. I lined through (in red) the articles that I read, and as usual they slant progressive. I only remain on Yahoo because my email account is joined at the hip with the Yahoo directory. It would take months to change all my links and address book so I'm stuck.

Another curious thing is; I often post on the message boards at Yahoo and I am consistently censored. Not because of foul language or racism. I strongly suspect it's because of my never-ending criticism of Yahoo and their agenda driven op-eds disguised as news.

I abandoned as a homepage ten years ago due to an email account that was swimming in spam and non-responsive tech and help support. I guess it's time to get ambitious and do the same with these jerks at Yahoo. I really wouldn't mind Yahoo and it's pro-Omama bias except for the fact that they rarely present anything critical of him to maintain credibility and balance.

I could and would post these screen captures every day to prove my point, but it's like pissing into the wind - and just as messy and frustrating.

Junior Seau Dead? Say It Isn't So!

RIP Junior Seau
"TMZ first reported that retired NFL star Junior Seau was found dead Wednesday morning, and that the police were investigating after his housekeeper found the NFL legend with a fatal shotgun wound to the chest. 
He was 43 years old.
The report has been confirmed by the North County Times:"

I just saw this report on Yahoo and it shocked me. Why? WTF!

Fun With Cartoons

Weenie Anyone?
I couldn't resist one last cheap shot with the dog eating story. I got into my graphics file folder last night on my second hard drive and found a few timely cartoons. Click on any and all images to enlarge. I wish I had a name or site to credit but the original owner/uploader of this graphic is unknown to me.
No Caption Necessary
More Fun...
Here's another image I found via a Google search. Search using the term "obama pissing on America" and select the image tab. The number of return hits is endless. As always, click on the image to enlarge.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Elizabeth Warren AKA Faux-Cahontas - You Lie!

No, this isn't another Joe Wilson post. I hit that one once already. This is about Elizabeth Warren, the democrat who's currently running against Scott Brown of Massachusetts for U.S. Senator. Warren has gotten herself into a "situation" after self-identifying as a Cherokee years ago to qualify for minority status at Harvard. Now she's trying to walk that one back. What's the old saying - "if it looks like shit, smells like shit, then it must be Ward Churchill"  

The real fun lies in watching her campaign try and spin this shit-sandwich she made for herself and weasel out of her bullshit story. Oh those zany fucking democrats and their nonsense - they're a laugh riot!

As I posted on Hot Air this morning, if Elizabeth Warren wants to prove any Indian blood at all, all she has to do is provide a name, tribe, and do some simple research. I found and documented my Cherokee family on my Paternal side quite easily. I also had my Grandfather's BIA number which helped tremendously. I then wrote to the Cherokee Nation headquarters in Oklahoma and was provided the family documents for a twenty-dollar fee. But I don't really need the "official" Cherokee Nation paperwork. As young children my Brothers and Sisters and I were told all about our heritage and to be proud of all of our family ties.

This kind of Native American posing has happened with progressives before. Could it be another form of self-loathing? White guilt? Or is it just plain bullshit? Nahh - it's just another wrench in the democratic toolbox of sleazy political tricks. Same shit - different pile.

Ward Churchill, another progressive poser, pulled this shit for years until he finally got caught. He was also proven to be an academic fraud and he lost his teaching position at the University of Colorado. The only thing genuine about Churchill is his deception. Another curious fact about Ward was; once he was exposed as a fake he suddenly became disdainful of Indian documents and referred to them as "poodle papers".

And why do I get so pissed about this particular case - because being one-quarter Cherokee and having the genealogical research and documents from the Cherokee Nation to prove it makes Warren's claims self-serving and fraudulent. Unlike Elizabeth Warren, I don't wear my heritage on my sleeve and have NEVER used it on a job or educational application as Ms Warren has done. I'm also half Irish and one-quarter German but when it comes to identifying myself I'm an American! Now Ms Warren may actually be 1/32 Cherokee as she claims - but a minority? I ain't buying the shit she's selling.

And to all of the other Native American posers of the world - I know who I am and my family history. And, unlike Elizabeth Warren - I know the truth.