Friday, December 7, 2012

"Gimme Gimme Gimme" - Another Omama Supporter Demands Some Payback!

Bailout Part Deux: This is exactly what the American taxpayers don't want or need right now, especially to a failing city and specifically the city of Detroit. If Detroit were a human being in an intensive care unit the Doctors would have most likely pulled the plug and began harvesting usable organs. In other words it's time to let the city die. Either that, or let Detroit sink or swim on its own.

And why isn't this woman (JoAnn Watson) asking for jobs for the citizens of Detroit? All I hear from her is a plea for more money, or maybe I just missed something. And as far as jobs, there are other States in the USA where there are jobs to be had. Get off your fat lazy ass and go looking for them. And the very last thing this woman appears to need is "more bacon" as she said. 

The problems in Detroit are legion. But there are some explanations as to what's really happening. Besides the impact of a downsized American Auto industry, corrupt UAW contracts that effect everyone in America (we ALL paid for that one) a city overrun by crime, failing property values, and of course the famous racist City leadership featuring several former members who are now in prison for a litany of crimes, the place looks like a burnt out war zone. Read more about Detroit's "leaders" here, here, and here. I even cited an article from the Huffington Post. If the HuffPo can see what's happening there then you know how bad things are. By the way - I only got nine-million hits on the Google search term "corrupt Detroit politicians".

Other reasons for the death Detroit: several generations of "white flight" due to inner-city racism and blacks rioting in 1967 and no sane person in America of ANY color or ethnicity would want to live there. Hell, even the famous record company Motown left Detroit many years ago. Berry Gordy saw the writing on the wall and moved to L.A in 1972. Or could that have just been a coincidence? Detroit is the most dangerous city in America to live in and that is a FACT!

Several conservative fellow bloggers have written great articles about why we DON'T need to fund or bail out the city of Detroit and why it has become the shit-hole it currently is. The truth is often ugly but it is what it is. Read what Aggie95 wrote at Rightwingfringe the other day and see if you agree with him. American Thinker also pontificated on the same subject two months ago.

One last related point: when the assholes up in Sacramento ask Omama for some of that "bailout" money I'm gonna laugh my ass off if he says no. This entire fucking State NEEDS to go over that "fiscal cliff" everyone has been talking about. Once that happens and we're all on welfare too, maybe, just maybe, some of the idiots here on the Left Coast who keep re-electing the same progressive trash over and over will finally wise up. But, I won't hold my breath....

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Time For The Sunday (1 day early) Comics

Officially Dubbed The Sea Pew

This report from Yahoo is a crack-up if you really think about it. The Iranian Navy just launched a submarine in its all out battle for Naval Supremacy. All of the U.S. Navy's Boomers and Hunter/Killers had better beware - there's a new kid on the block!

And as I read the story the Persians were bragging about the ship's ability to fire anti-ship missiles and defend the islamic "republic". I'll bet the "anti-ship" missiles the sub carries are in reality hand grenades. All they have to do is surface and the Iranian with the best pitching arm starts tossing them at anything that gets in its way.

The story didn't mention what the power source is for the sub. This is just speculation but I can visualize it now - thirty guys named Mohammad are now gainfully employed by the Iranian Navy. They just had their treadmill training and are ready to "roll". Either that or the damn thing has a couple of small-block Chevy engines converted over to Diesel. Wait until the EPA and the U.N. get hold of them!

Now here's the funny (and really really really stupid) part of the story. As you can see in the above photo the sub is painted blue in some dumb-ass attempt to have it "blend in" with the ocean according to the Iranians. Now someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I always thought that subs didn't have windows. For some dumb reason the word Sonar comes to mind. IOW subs are visually blind underwater. I guess the Persians have come up with a new way to temper those old windshields laying around in the Persian version of "Pick Your Part" junkyards.

I guess we're really in trouble now in the Persian Gulf. There goes the U.S. Navy and its dominance of the Seas. Blockade anyone?