Saturday, April 13, 2013

Some Things Are Better Left As Is

The current trial of the gruesome baby killer Kermit Gosnell should be making headlines on a daily basis. After all, the press seem to be obsessed with Jodi Arias and the butchering of her lover/boyfriend Travis Alexander and that only involves one death. The Gosnell case is about hunreds, if not thousands of late term abortions better known as infanticide. But as many have pointed out, Pravda has shown absolutely NO interest in the trial whatsoever. What's even more telling is the litany of excuses they've offered up for NOT covering the case. Whatever last shreds of credibility Pravda once had for being professional or objective are GONE when it comes to this story.

I try and have a good time and make a few points by often photo-shopping images when it comes to politics and other news stories. But after staring at the photo below that's making the rounds on the web I decided there was nothing I could EVER add that could make a better statement. Look at the photo below - it's analogous with Pravda and their agenda. Empty, empty, empty! Piss on the entire fucking bunch along with their lack of ethics and integrity. They can't die a fast enough professional death to suit me.

And Omama, our poser-in-chief who seems to have an opinion on everything from Trayvon Martin to Beer Summits hasn't said jack shit. And the press haven't (surprise) asked him one single question as far as I know about the Kermit Gosnell case. Shame on the entire fucking lot.

Update From Breitbart: Now they have literally been caught with their pants down the frauds of Pravda are scrambling for a fig leaf and promise to cover the infanticide trial of Gosnell. Too late - you've been exposed.... Again!

Pravda in action. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Friday, April 12, 2013

RIP Jonathan Winters 1925 - 2013

Just my opinion but Jonathan Winters, who was one of, if not the best comedians of our (and all) time passed away on Thursday. He wasn't vulgar, obscene or tacky. He was just plain funny.

As a young teen in the late sixties and early seventies I was a regular viewer of The Jonathan Winters show on television. The "Face The Folks" segment and the various characters he came up with were among the funniest bits ever produced. Often acting on pure improvisation he could have me rolling on the floor at any given time. And I am NOT exaggerating.

With characters such as Maud Frickert, Chester Hunnyhugger, and Bjorn Bjorn the Viking, he was priceless. It will be a long damn time before ANY comedian comes along and even comes close to Jonathan. Today's clowns have to rely on shock, profanity, racism and other low forms of comedy to get laughs. I don't think I ever heard Jonathan Winters even come close to being vulgar. He could be suggestive with just a wink or nod but never dirty. RIP funny man.

Thanks for all the laughs Jonathan

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Another Idiot Who's NOT Useful

For any of you readers who are smokers and or old enough to remember the sixties this may ring a bell. At one time my Mother (a smoker) had a series of "artful" ashtrays through the house made of of colorful characters from history. The one that stands out was the old "Smiling Buddha". Needless to say her idea of "art" was quite questionable.

In the last few weeks as I watched news clips of Kink Junk Unck, the current Idiot ruling North Korea, my Mother's ashtrays came back to me. It finally dawned on me who Kink reminds me of - the smiling and jolly fat Buddha that sat in our living room next to the coffee table. The resemblance is uncanny. Unfortunately we can't dump the fat little bastard into the trash as we did with the cigarette butts.

I don't really know what the answer is to Kink Junk Unck. Perhaps we could fire an ICBM loaded with itching powder into Pyongyang. Or load a warhead with the Mumps virus that would leave the men of NoKo sterile as they goose-step down the streets of the country's capital. Some Ex-lax disguised as Chocolate bars would be a hoot. Then again people who are already starving (thanks to their leaders) wouldn't have anything to crap out... hmm... there must be an answer to put this fat little shit back in line. As for me, war is not the answer (sorry about the cliche). We need to expose him to the world for the joke that he is. One good joke deserves another. Of course these are all contingency plans in case the little dick-head fires off a nuke.

Now due to political correctness that now infests our country I doubt you could ever find any smiling Buddha ashtrays these days. So I plan on marketing my own version and very soon. It could be that clever idea and "better mousetrap" idea I've been searching for all  my life that would make me a millionaire. Then again the Omama IRS would probably find a way to tax and return me back into poverty. I can't win for losing.... But I might just give it a shot. This ends today's stream of consciousness and dumb ideas.

Final Thoughts: What can I say? I'm bored and the final episode of Spartacus doesn't air until tomorrow night. It's a damn good thing I no longer drink or smoke choom. If that were the case, think of the nonsense (besides my regular screeds) that would otherwise be appearing on this blog on a daily basis. After all - you gotta consider that I am from Kalifornia when you read my stuff. It's my only excuse. Good night all.

Fat Bastard

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Two "Useful Idiots" Go Into A Cuban Bar...

No, this isn't some silly-ass joke. It's about the special treatment the Treasury Department (???) gave J-Z and Beyonce by allowing them to visit Cuba. Maybe they went for the Cigars (I didn't know Beyonce smoked) or for a fresh cane of sugar? Who knows? But one thing is for sure - they were given the Potemkin Village treatment once they got there. The same as other American idiots such as Michael Moore, Marxine Waters, Oliver Stone, Harry Belafonte and other chumps and chimps. You can damn well bet they didn't get to see the real Cuba or its medical treatment. Ask Hugo Chavez how that worked out for him... oops, he died after Cuban medical treatment. My mistake.

Now when I say the real Cuba, Michael Moore and his slobbering love affair with Cuban medical care comes to mind. Here's a link to illustrate the authentic medical care the average Cuban receives. You bet your last dollar that world-class liar and dupe Michael Moore never got to see these clinics and hospitals on his many visits to "document" Cuba's medical system. Then again he most likely would have found a way to rationalize or justify the conditions and blame it on the American embargo. Before you click on the link be warned - it's quite graphic.

There's a reason we have embargoed Cuba. Hard foreign currency is used to support the Communist frauds known as the Castro brothers and to prop up a government that would have failed years ago if it weren't for the old Soviet Empire and other useful idiots and naive fools who never get to see what their money is supporting.

And just what in the hell is the Treasury Department doing when it comes to issuing travel permits? What about the State Department? Isn't this their territory? You can bet one fucking thing - somewhere in all of this lays the sleazy, slimy, skinny, and greasy hand of Berry Hussein Soetero Neville Chamberlain Goebbels Omama. It's called quid-pro-quo, tit-for-tat, scratch my back, etc... It's just more corrupt political payback for the support last November from the douchebags in the entertainment industry.

Now I'm not politically naive, I realize the billion dollars spent re-electing Omama required some type of payback. But by doing so I wonder how many more poor starving Cubans will end up being re-educated, punished and tortured, or forced into braving the Florida Straights and hungry Sharks on an inner-tube just for a chance at freedom? Does Beyonce or J-Z care? Michael Moore? Anyone in the lame entertainment business? Do you really think Berry Omama gives a shit? I think we all know the answer.

Two Useful Idiots With Bodyguards

Saturday, April 6, 2013

If Obama "Does" Skeet...

as well as he shoots hoops I wouldn't be within a mile of his skinny ass when he picks up his shotgun. Last week we were treated to another exhibition of Omama's so-called expertise shooting a basketball. Two for twenty-two won't get his lame ass into the NBA. And as I've posted several times, I haven't picked up a basketball in twenty years but I would bet my last cigarette I could take him to school any time I choose when it comes to hoops.

What this sorry example of shooting (he missed a layup for Christ's sakes) really brings to mind is the phony bullshit that has surrounded this man since the 2004 keynote address at the DNC. After hearing his speech I said to myself "greasywrench, they're gonna run this guy for president in four years". All because of one speech. That shows the intellectual emptiness of the average liberal. They'd rather have a great speaker with no executive skills run this country than someone not quite as eloquent or articulate (George Bush) who's actually qualified.

And after being nominated Omama further insulted the American people by selecting the bumbling fucking Oaf Joe Biden as his running mate AND impeachment insurance. What sane politician would vote to convict Omama in a Senate trial with Joe Biden waiting in the wings. We were fucked from the get go.

All this brings me to a link I bookmarked a couple of years ago listing Omama's long long list of lies, half-truths, and obfuscation when it comes to the story of his life. No one really knows a hell of a lot about the poser outside of his political career and the few stories that Pravda has investigated. It took Andrew Breitbart and a few dedicated conservative bloggers to do the REAL investigating or we wouldn't know anything about Barack Hussein Soetero Neville Chamberlain Goebbels Omama. Click here to read some truth instead of the crap that Pravda and Omama himself has been feeding us for years. And BTW, there's no mention of Omama's NBA skills to be found. WTF!

Finally! The Truth Rears Its Ugly Head!

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Douchebags Are Back And Jim Carrey Is One

The Douchebag Awards are back after several months and we're proud to announce a new recipient. Canadian comedian Jim Carrey was awarded his prize this week in a gala Hollywood ceremony. His qualifications include...

  • Insulting America's LEGAL and law abiding gun owners in a recent video.
  • Trashing and stereotyping Southern Americans with the same cliche riddled anti-gun video.
  • Defaming a true American hero, the late Charlton Heston, knowing Heston can no longer reply.
  • Continuing to impersonate a comedian via his infant level and thoroughly unfunny movies.

Just my opinion but Carrey hasn't made a funny movie in the last fifteen years. He peaked with "Dumb And Dumber". I also came to the conclusion that Dumb And Dumber wasn't an acting performance at all but instead a autobiographical two-hour long expose of the REAL Jim Carrey.

In the ceremony pictured below we see a grateful Carrey lovingly fondle his Douchebag Award and contemplating the end of his career for alienating at least half of America's movie going public. This is a prize he richly deserves. Enjoy it Jim - you earned it!

Sooner Or Later "Diversity" Will Get Someone Killed

Fellow conservative blogger Aggie95 over at Right Wing Fringe posted this article this morning and I couldn't let it slide without putting in my two cents. The diversity mentioned in the title of this post concerns recruitment/job requirements for public pool lifeguards in the city of Phoenix Arizona. It seems there are no actual physical requirements for the job - including the ability to swim well. (White males need not apply)

Call me crazy but I see some sort of a lawsuit down the road should someone be injured or drown in one of these pools - all in the name of social engineering. Now don't get me wrong - anyone can be taught to swim. But being a strong swimmer capable of saving someone thrashing about or drowning is something that might, just might, be something that has to do with gender (I.E. physical strength). Lives are at stake and these liberal assholes are pushing a political agenda that will get someone dead.

I've just saw an example of shit such as this today of this on a FOX video of a female TSA officer being attacked by a homeless woman in a Hawaiian airport. The screener was on the losing end of a beat down when a MAN jumped in to save her ass. I've seen the same thing happen on an episode of C.O.P.S. a few years back when two female officers were overpowered in a bar by drunks in a brawl and they too had to be bailed out by male officers. All in the name of diversity. I bet the personal injury lawyers in Phoenix are licking their chops right now in anticipation of all the government cash to be won in future lawsuits. Wait and see.

I guess it's time for me to apply for that Nuclear Physics position at the JPL in Pasadena. I don't know jack shit about nukes but hey - I'm a left-handed, green-eyed, Irish, Cherokee, German male of fifty-nine years. If that doesn't put me into some sort of minority category then nothing does. Ain't affirmative action great.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ward Churchill's "Trail Of Smears" Ends

I guess it was most appropriate that American Thinker posted the article and link on April Fools Day. The phony Indian poser and academic fraud better known as  Ward Churchill and his lawsuit claiming the University Of Colorado violated his First Amendment rights was finally ended on appeal by the SCOTUS. What the funny part is the University of Colorado fired Churchill for academic fraud (plagiarizing) and not for the absurd litany of lies he's more famous for.

Come to think of it, Ward Churchill reminds me of a certain politician whose entire career is the result of mass marketing, affirmative action, white guilt, and a huge pack of lies. Anybody wanna guess who I'm thinking of?

I have a special disgust for Churchill. Not only for the things he has said about the death of three-thousand innocent people on 9/11/2001, but for masquerading as a member of the Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians. When confronted in the past about his membership in the tribe Churchill neglects to mention that the membership is honorary and at one time the Keetoowah were handing out the memberships like candy on Halloween night. Bill Clinton, another world renowned liar also has one too. The Keetoowah have since repudiated Churchill as a member and stopped giving out the memberships - just another tidbit of information Ward usually omits when asked about being an Indian. Now if we could only get the other world famous fake Elizabeth Warren to fess up I'd stop being so pissed at these fake assholes.

The reason I have a special animosity towards these two scumbags is; I do possess REAL Cherokee ancestors (along with German and Irish blood) and have all the necessary paperwork to prove it. By using my Grandfather's BIA number and the Dawes roll I was able to trace my paternal lineage back to pre-Civil War Oklahoma territory. I have names of family members that go so far back they aren't Christian names. But, as I have posted several times before I will ALWAYS self-identify as an American. This is why I despise Warren and Churchill. They used lies to further their careers and have NEVER been able to prove it.

So I am ecstatic that Churchill's teaching career is (hopefully) now officially over and he won't have access and the ability to infect young minds any more. Lord knows where this wanker will end up. Many are speculating a position on PMS-NBC could be next. When you consider the trash employed there it would be entirely possible. But you can bet on one damn thing - we haven't heard the last from him. He's like dog shit in the park - you can find crap such as Ward all over the place.

Ward Churchill enjoying a sip of his favorite beverage
BTW, I stole the image here. Just giving credit where it's due. The site now appears to be dead. But it was quite funny for a while.