Monday, April 30, 2012

He's One Cool President.. He Really Is!

One Cool Dude
 April 30, 2012...
Greasywrench Press Service...
Hollyweird CA. USA...

Much ado has been made out by our media and its obsession with the "coolness" of President Omama. The President has made it a pattern of showing up on late-night television and prime-time over his first three and a half years to reinforce the image of "coolness". Well now it seems the Prez is going to be making an appearance on Dancing With The Stars to cement his image once and forever.

In the photo pictured here we get a sneak preview of Omama in the nifty outfit he plans to wear. There was no mention of who his dancing partner would be. "We'll just have to watch to find out who it is" Said congresswoman Nancy Pelousy when she learned of Omama's appearance on the popular show.

Meanwhile, the "Fast And Furious" congressional investigation continues to go.... NOWHERE!

We Won't Get Fooled Again...

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or will we?

From the Gunny over at the Anti Liberal Zone comes this great poster. Over the years and in various countries the names and faces of Totalitarianism have changed but the song remains the same. And in the title of this post I borrow a line from Pete Townsend's great song about being fooled by our leaders. I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Sometimes Even Progressives "Get It"

Jon Lovitz is an admitted democrat but he's also a hard-working American who deeply resents the cash grab from Omama and the demorats. Last week he made an eloquent point of expressing those feelings. Here's an expanded version of the video comments Jon Lovitz made when discussing Omama with Kevin Smith. BTW, Kevin Smith is a committed progressive but he was gracious with Lovitz. I wonder if he would have so kind had one the few hollywood conservatives made the very same point? Buffet Rule My Ass!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Democrats: Vote Early - Vote Often!

Demorats may register here.
April 28, 2012...
Chicago, USA...
Greasywrench Press Service...

The Democrats for Omama campaign for 2012 began in earnest today with a registration drive held at a local Chicago cemetery. When asked by the friendly reporters from the Chicago Tribune why the drive was being held at the site, Omama campaign director David Axlegrease replied "the dead are among the most loyal of the democratic party voters - so why not". And the official democrapic party literature no longer will refer to the voters as "dead" according to Axlegrease. Henceforth we will be calling them "permanently resting" voters.

When President Omama was asked to comment on reports of criticism of the cemetery voter drive he claimed the Republicans were "waging a war on the dead". Chicago Tribune reporter Iama Sycophant also denied reports that her newspaper was in the "tank" for the Omama campaign. Why, she was then asked, are all the Chicago Tribune reporters wearing Omama 2012 badges? She angrily tossed hers down and shot back "badges - we don't need no stinkin badges".

Entertainment was also provided at the cemetery voter drive featuring Mayor Rahm Emanuel dancing Swan Lake in his lovely new Pink Tutu. Former Governor Rod Blagojevich was reportedly unable to attend the event due to a conflict in schedules. Evidently Blagojevich is still in prison. Omama adviser Valerie Jarrett had to cancel her appearance because of a suspicious fire in one of her many low-cost Chicago rental units. Loyal Democratic supporter Al Capone was unavailable for comment.

Next week's democratic party voter registration drives were reportedly going to be held in Mexico City, Caracas, Venezuela and Bogota, Colombia. "Se habla Espanol"

Friday, April 27, 2012

"Nail" Al Armendariz Along With The EPA

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 Update, April 30, 2012: It seems that "Weird" Al Armendariz has fallen on his sword and resigned. I guess the next question is; who or what will replace him. Pete Townsend said it best in 1969 - "Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss".

I can't add much more than has already been said about the recently publicized comments using the word "crucify" made by an official of the EPA. But, I did find a great cartoon and article on American Thinker today that expresses my feelings of anger and outrage quite eloquently.

And halfwit administrator Al Armendariz of the Texas district of the EPA is just another great example of the contempt that government bureaucrats have for us "little people" and some of our greatest Corporations. If anyone needs to get "nailed", and in the process lose their job, it's this little shit-stain.

BTW Al - apology NOT accepted. You're only sorry you got caught.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Narcissism Redux

Just in case anyone has forgotten what an arrogant self-absorbed liar we have in the White House here's a video repost from 2008. I'm still stunned and can't believe fifty-two percent of America bought into this man's bullshit. Fucking amazing!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Big Fat Shit Salad For Omama & The Demorats

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Since Berry and Michelle want us to eat healthy they can start with this lovely salad. Arugula included...

Due to the crap Omama and the demorats are pulling with the Advantage Medicare funds in a desperate and sleazy attempt to maintain the votes of Seniors we're offering them this appetizing and delicious Shit Salad.

Omama and the demorats aren't fooling anyone, especially our Seniors with this brazen attempt to con elderly voters. Seniors are among the most informed and consistent voting demographic. Older voters are not stupid and they'll see right through the shit Omama is pulling with their Advantage program.

By transferring eight billion dollars back into Medicare before the November elections Omama is hoping the Seniors won't catch on that the new healthcare program has actually cut into their benefits, especially after being promised the exact opposite with the passage of Obamacare. And how the fuck are the dems doing this? By a surreptitious transfer of funds for a phony "experimental" study on Medicare. Of course once the election is over the con job will be up and the cuts will be allowed to continue. The great Conservative website American Thinker has a more detailed explanation of this scam.

This smells like shit and desperation! So because of their bait-and-switch we offer this lovely Shit Salad to Omama and the demorats. I apologize for leaving out the Peanuts and Corn in this tasty little dish. In honor of this sneaky maneuver we suggest "Hidden Valley" dressing. So grab a fork and dig in demorats - you earned it.

All image editing by Greasywrench / AKA Rich B. If you steal my images please give me a credit - thanks.

Palate Cleanser # 547

It's time to get off my political soapbox and post something different so here goes.... 

I'm an old shit and Rock N' Roll has pretty much passed me by. These days I listen to Country and Classic Rock. The music I like mostly faded in the early nineties when Grunge (which I do like) began to fade. But ... there are still a few bands left I really enjoy and The Foo Fighters are one of them.

Monday, April 23, 2012

North Korea At It Again

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I wonder just how long the leaders of North Korea will continue to provoke their neighbor to the South before it backfires and ends in their own destruction. The leaders of North Korea are acting like psychotic children who just aren't getting enough attention and are now throwing what could turn out to be their final temper tantrum.

The people of South Korea aren't gonna take much more of this shit before they finally get fed up and respond. My heart goes out to the people of North Korea for the crap they have to endure so their idiot leaders can continue to eat Lobster and drink good Scotch. This can't go on.

Ouf Of The Mouth Of Babs Oft Time Come Gems

Former Douchebag Winner
"I gotta say to the women out there, whether you're Republican or Democrat or Independent, if you're a self-respecting human being, please vote for President Obama, and to the men who care about women, do the same thing"  

Once again Babs has opened up her big fat mouth and made another ridiculous statement. Is she saying those who don't vote for Omama aren't self-respecting human beings? Is she insinuating I don't care about women or their health? My oh my - the demorats are providing conservative sites and blogs a rich and endless source of material. And, as I said about Nancy Pelousy, Babs is the gift that keeps on giving.

Considering that Babs is a former Douchebag Award recipient from The World Of Greasywrench, she once again proves her worthiness. The photo on the left shows Babs receiving her prestigious award several years ago for disrespecting Brig.General Michael Walsh in the famous "Don't call me mam General, I'm Senator and I've earned it" incident. The only thing Babs earned that day was our Douchebag Award. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge and enjoy.

She's Breatakingly Stupid!

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And to think this pathetic Botox riddled hag was only two heartbeats away from being President. All the more reason to have protected Biden and Omama until they're given their walking papers.

Of course I'm talking about Nancy Pelousy. Today she was once again the "gift that keeps on giving" when it comes to ridiculous statements. She actually said she "wished they (the poor) could earn more (money) so they could pay more taxes". Only a democrap would advocate raising taxes on someone (poor folks) once they began to get ahead financially and escaped poverty. If anything ever illustrated the stark difference between the Republicans and democraps and their philosophy on economics this is it.

In other words, according to Nancy, the taxpayers in America exist to supply the government and not the other way around as that pesky old document The U.S. Constitution asserts. Fuck - I must be crazy or something to think otherwise!

One only has to consider this is the woman who ...
1. Thought "five-hundred million" Americans would lose their jobs without the stimulus.
2. Advocated passing Obamacare with the statement "so we could find out what's in it".
3. Thinks unemployment benefits "create jobs".
4. Is too stupid to realize Natural Gas IS a fossil fuel after bashing fossil fuels in favor natural gas. 
5. Supports the "Occupy Wall Street Movement".
I could go on and on but I think I've made my point. What's really outrageous is the woman has a very nice job in the House of Representatives. All the while as Nancy has driveled on about the being a supporter of the Occupy Wall Street movement while failing to mention she is fabulously wealthy in her own right. Holy shit - she IS a one-percenter! Can anyone say hypocrisy?

Of course considering she's from The Peoples Republik Of Kalifornia on the left-coast and being from the Bay Area (San Francisco) is not surprising. That should be a dead give-away as to why this idiot of a politician keeps returning to Congress year after year. In all likely-hood she's gonna have to retire or die to lose her seat in the House. That's the real stupidity tragedy in this case. I can't think of a better reason for term limits than Nancy Pelousy.

Nancy's Stupid Statement Source: Real News Blog

The Political Crystal Ball Strikes Again

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Four years ago on this blog I went out on a limb and predicted the selection of Sarah Palin for John McCain's running mate. I realize it's a bit early but here comes my crystal ball again and it's begging me to tell all. Here goes...

Has anyone ever heard of Allen West? Just kidding. Of course we have. With so many people jockeying for position in a potential Romney Administration and dozens of names being bandied about for Vice President, Colonel West comes to mind. He's Conservative, a former Lieutenant Colonel and Veteran of the Middle East conflict, and a current Florida Congressman. And Col. West, being from Atlanta, also brings in many Southern voters. In other words, he's everything Omama and Biden are NOT. And best of all he doesn't take any shit from anyone. Allen West is a refreshing change from the average politician. He always speaks the truth no matter who it pisses off.

As a candidate would Col. West be trashed by the Lame Stream Media as was Sarah Palin? You can bet they'd try. We could expect the scrutiny of emails, past indiscretions no matter how trivial and a thorough trashing of his Military service, especially the incident that ended his Military career. That incident was the interrogation of Iraqi police officer Yahya Jhodri Hamoodi, suspected of having critical information on terrorist activities. Col. West held a gun to the head of Hamoodi and threatened to shoot him if he didn't divulge pertinent information. Col West later stated his actions were in support of his troops. The incident ended his Military career although he was allowed to retire with full benefits. From Col West, when asked if he would act differently under similar circumstances again, West replied, "If it's about the lives of my soldiers at stake, I'd go through hell with a gasoline can."

So - if the criteria for being a Vice President is idiocy, verbal gaffes, lies so ridiculous Ray Charles could see through them, and a host of other blunders, then Joe Biden is your man. But - if one prefers integrity, service to our Country, and the ability to speak the truth, no matter how inconvenient it may be, then Allen West gets my vote. 

Last but not least: should the unthinkable happen I would trust this man with my life and as our President and Commander In Chief of our Military. Can anyone honestly say the same thing about Joe Biden? 

Did Obama Eat Der Furher's Weinerschnitzel?

Could this be the viral video of the day week year?
The dummycrats stepped in shit when they started THIS food fight.
If it doesn't make you laugh then you aren't capable of laughing.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dog Day Afternoon... or... Are Puns Funny?

Walk the dog - not Wok the dog
April 22, 2012...
11:45 A.M...
Greasywrench news service...

President Barack Obama and football star Michael Vick were reportedly going for lunch today. Word has it that they will spend the afternoon chowing down at a Pup N Taco eatery. Obama reportedly said "I'm ready to wolf down anything they put in front of me". When asked whether he preferred Pups or Tacos Obama barked back in a jocular moment  "don't bug me - let me eat my woofles, er I meant waffles" Michael Vick then shockingly replied "You can't beat that" upon hearing Obama's quip. When reporters persisted in scrutinizing their lunch contents Obama growlingly replied "stop hounding us".

On the day's menu for Obama were Hot Dogs, Snake Fries, and Grasshopper Nuggets. Vick, when asked if they could eat all of the sumptuous amount of food they had ordered barked back to the reporters "whatever we can't finish we'll just take home in a doggy bag".

Back at the White House Michelle Obama was also quoted as saying "Barack prefers the other white meat" when asked what the President liked to eat. When asked to elaborate she coyly said "don't dog me with silly questions".

Next week Obama is said to be planning a luncheon in Chihauhau Mexico.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Scared Of Clowns? I'm Scared Of These Two...

One Scary Fucking Clown
Quickie rant about a couple of clowns...

Some folks are frightened of clowns. The word for the condition is Coulrophobia.I've never been afraid of circus clowns but there are two of them in D.C. who frighten the Fuck out of me - Eric Holder and Nancy Pelosi.

Eric Holder is one evil fucking clown that definitely needs to run away and join the circus. Anything to get this man out of the Justice Dept and the position of Attorney General of the U.S.A.

And another progressive half-wit who belongs in a three-ring sandbox is Nancy Pelousy. Now she's advocating an edit to the U.S. Constitution. Just a little restriction of the First Amendment. That's all.

Dear Stedman: it's time you married Oprah Orca and faded off into the sunset before you do anymore damage to the USA. And dear Nancy - it's time you retired to your Winery and enjoyed your dotage. Just go.

Morph gif by Greasywrench

Friday, April 20, 2012

Just Testing A Favorite Old App

I thought I would test my morphing skills again on an old app that no longer runs on any of my newer operating systems. The program is Bitmorph and it quit working once I upgraded from Windows 2000 to XP. I do have various versions of Windows dating back to Windows 95 that I occasionally re-install via Symantec Ghost image files to use this great little program.

Check out my latest ani-gif and see how this app works. The subject matter was entirely arbitrary (Tee hee hee hee) I will have to do some cropping to get this anifmated gif file visually correct. Any comments? BTW, Bitmorph is free.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Don't Fuck With The Elderly!

I saw this post on one of my favorite Conservative blogs/sites the other day (Angry White Dude I think) and I had to post it. I don't know if it's made up or true. But - if it's not true it should be. In the wake of the Travon Martin tragedy the gun-grabbers are gonna be coming on hard and after legal weapons so this is extremely relevant today.

Click on the image to read the text. It's great.

He Thinks We're Stupid

Now that the ridiculous "Buffett Bill" has been voted down by the Senate I wonder what's next in Berry Omama's bag of tricks? I've been listening to his various speeches and drivel as he tried to justify this tax increase. The one that really pisses me off is when Omama claims the wealthy in this country have to "give back to those who made them wealthy". Something like that. Well when you think about it, had this tax had passed just who in the fuck would the money have actually gone to? The US Government - that's who.

This tax money would have gone into the general fund and disappeared like a fart in the wind. And in the last few weeks with the GSA scandal and all the various "Green Companies" going belly up I just don't feel like seeing the government get any more money to piss away. And, as many have stated, the actual money derived from this tax would have funded the U.S. government for about a week or ten days. Just like pissing in the ocean it would have added jack-shit. Fuck em - my family and I have to live on what we take in... it's time the assholes in D.C. did too.

"Give back" my Ass!

The Douchebag Awards Are Back!

Well it's been a couple of years since we gave out the Douchebag Awards here at TWOG. Well here it is four months into 2012 and we have not one, but two recipients! The April 2012 prizes go to Barack Omama and Joe Biden. Never were two folks more deserving of being called "douche". The criteria for receiving these lovely little awards is totally arbitrary. I just figured it was time to give these two clowns their due. After all - they may both be out of a job next year and we had to give them their due while there's still time.

Pictured here, we see Omama and Biden smiling and yucking it up for the cameras as they receive their prizes. They promised to continue all the douchebaggery they've done as president and vice-president to justify the prestigious awards. Let's all give them a big hand. Haven't these two done so much to America to justify these prizes. We think so.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More Rants From Another Conservative

Since we'll soon get a decision for the SCOTUS on Omamacare here's a funny video from "The Guy From Boston" via YouTube. This guy has been posting vids on YouTube for years and for the most part they are hilarious. This one is about a year old. Check it out.

Berry Sotero Walks On Water! It's A Miracle!

Does anyone remember the 2008 Presidential campaign when candidate Omama made the ridiculous statement where he promised to "heal the planet and halt the rise of the Oceans"? It went something like this. Well Moochelle Omama is now claiming that president Berry Sotero has "led us out of the darkness and into the light". No really - she did! This ridiculous statement comes to us via

I don't know about the average voter, but as for me, I am just a little bit leery of anyone, especially a politician, who uses Biblical analogies and brays like a Donkey about their (non) accomplishments. Then again maybe the progressives are buying this load of horse-shit.

I've read much speculation of Omama and his apparent narcissistic personality along with what appear to be delusions of grandeur. I think we would probably have to go back to the Nixon administration to find a President who presented such a psychologically target rich environment for the shrinks. Perhaps a more telling analysis of Omama comes from the excellent website American Thinker. It offers quite an explanation on Omama and what appears to be the underlying envy and animosity he apparently holds for the wealthy. I sincerely believe there is something mentally wrong with this man. Or maybe it's just a profound example that liberalism really IS a mental disease.

I don't know who the real Omama really is and that is largely due to his own intentional obfuscations of his past. But I sure as Hell do know what he is not - and that is some later day version of Jesus Christ, Moses, or any other historical religious figure. So president Berry Sotero - please tell your wife to stop with the bullshit about your divinity and stop placing placing yourself into some divine context.

Image courtesy of Click to enlarge.Link

Monday, April 16, 2012

Great Video From Keith Urban

I'll start off my new phase of blogging with a video. Here's Keith Urban performing "For You". Now I know that Keith is usually considered Country... but I know a Rocker when I see and hear one. Enjoy.