Wednesday, October 31, 2012

W.H. To Marines & Rescue Team - "Stand Down"

“There is a rumor — I want to be clear, it’s a rumor — that at least two networks have emails from the National Security Adviser’s office telling a counterterrorism group to stand down,” Gingrich told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren. “They were a group in real-time trying to mobilize Marines and C-130s and the fighter aircraft, and they were told explicitly by the White House ‘stand down and do nothing. This is not a terrorist action." Newt Gingrich. Read more here.

Bare in mind that Newt Gingrich prefaced this story by saying it's only a rumor. But unlike Harry Reid and his "Romney never paid any taxes" anonymously sourced lie, this one comes from a reliable source according to Newt - a U.S. Senator. But Gingrich insisted that at this point it's still a rumor.

This is entirely plausible if you consider that in about two and one half months Hillary "cankles" Clinton and Fat Leon Panetta will be gone anyway in a Romney administration. And since their claims of accepting responsibility are about as worthless as balls on a priest they're falling on their swords and covering the Liar-In-Chief's ass. IOW the fucking bastards have nothing to lose.

And when you consider that no one in Omama's administration has any Military experience and the only part of a chain of command Omama understands is he gets to be saluted on a regular basis by REAL soldiers We're being led by a so-called "Commander-In-Chief" who isn't fit to go camping with Boy Scouts, much less lead our Armed Forces. It is/was a recipe for disaster and we had one in Libya.

Lie begats lie and that's what we've seen the last two months. I've known some monumental bullshitters in my life and there's one thing they all have in common. When they're caught telling lies the only way to deal with shit is to either come clean and fess up or tell another lie to cover their ass. And that's exactly what has the Omama regime done - they continue to tell more lies.

Final Thoughts: We're not stupid Berry Omama, unlike the forty-seven percent who put you in office and want to keep you there in order to keep those checks and freebies coming in. We KNOW you, Hillary, and Fat Leon are lying and in a week you'll be handed your walking papers. Good riddance to trash!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Here's Why No One Should Live In L.A.

And why folks are leaving the Peoples Republik Of Kalifornia in droves. Click here to see the L.A.P.D. and its Most Wanted database. The Daily Breeze releases this database on a regular basis. It was the same last month, the month before, and the months before that. The names change but the faces always stay the same.

City Of Angels my ASS! No jobs, a shitload of crime, Hollywood, taxes up the ass, shitty progressive agenda-driven school system, government unions, Villaragosa, blah blah blah. Earthquake anyone?

Ol' Fat-Ass Resurfaces

And no, it's not in another burger eating contest either. In case anyone wonders where Michael Moore has been the last year of so he's been laying low (as if that's possible) and working on his knife and fork skills. Today The Blaze gave us a preview of what Michael has been up to (about 500 pounds is my guess) and his latest political screed.

This ad is just another in a long line of vulgar and self-destructive political trash puked up by the left in order to keep their boy Berry Hussein Soetero Goebbels Neville Chamberlain Omama in power. It also gives us yet another example of how progressives actually think. It's vulgar, offensive, profane, and ridiculous. I don't see anything clever in old men and women who use the language being used in the video below. If I want trash and profanity I'll post it myself. That's why I have a blog.

And until Omama's re-election bid I never thought I'd see a national campaign using crap like "the first time" shit from tattoo hoochie gal I saw the other day. It's the smell of desperation and contempt from a president who knows he's going to be out of a job in a week. Now I know this isn't an official campaign ad but it's indicative of how progressive douchebags such as Michael Moore think. And it's not even close to being funny or clever.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Old Douchebag Booed In New Orleans

The old douchebag in my title post is Madonna. And it happened not because of her lame ass lip-syncing. It happened because she tried (for the upmpeenth fucking time) to shove her own personal politics down the audience's throat in New Orleans.

When you consider the price of concert tickets these days I'd boo her ass too. If I plunk down a couple hundred bucks to see a concert I DON'T wanna hear about the singer or the band's politics. I want to hear some live music (which Madonna is NOT famous for). Madonna has a habit of lip-syncing her routines so technically, you can't either call her show music (she sucks) or live. Linda Ronstadt found out the same damn thing eight years ago in Las Vegas. So have the Dixie Chicks. Where the hell are they now and why aren't they ashamed of Omama?

Case in point: A week or so after my birthday (November 6) in 1986 a buddy and I saw Neil Young plugged in with Crazy Horse at the Universal Amphitheater. Now I despise Neils politics. He's another flaming liberal from Canada and he's never hidden the fact. But, Neil and Crazy Horse walked out on stage and hit the first note and it was ON! No politics, no bullshit, no nothing but music. That is the way it should be.

I don't give a shit what your politics are when it comes to music. You can worship or hate whoever you like. That's the great thing about America. I may think you're a dick-head or a fool but when I'm paying for the tickets you're on MY DIME and I don't want to hear it.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Why I Despise The Media And Why I Have A Blog!

Today I made a post on Yahoo. I post on Yahoo under the name "boatman". The full text of my Yahoo post this morning follows and then an explanation of why Yahoo is SHIT. Read my Yahoo post below and see if you don't agree that Yahoo is biased and does not like being criticized.

"I'm off topic here but I have a question for Yahoo. Why is there almost no coverage today on Yahoo's splash page on the emails from Libya? Why is there almost nothing about the fact that Omama and his state department abandoned our people after they BEGGED for help three times? Why is Yahoo posting article after article that surreptitiously bashes Mitt Romney and conservatives while sugar-coating everything about Omama?

If the editors of content at Yahoo want to be considered a legitimate internet directory then why are they publishing slanted articles and trash masquerading as news that belongs on a supermarket tabloid? This is exactly why so many no longer trust the media. And it's why I refer to Yahoo as Pravda these days. For you younger readers and posters Google "Pravda" and you will understand what I'm talking about. And a huge part of what Yahoo is trying to pass off as "news" belongs on the op/ed page. And Yahoo KNOWS it!

I expect to find slanted coverage and agenda-driven news on HuffPo, Daily Kos, and But not on what was once a very good web directory such as Yahoo.

Let's see if the sycophants of Yahoo publish this one."

Now, here is a screen capture below of what Yahoo actually published and how they published it. To view the image full size you have to click on it and when the image comes up right-click and then click view image. Then you can expand the image to full size. My post is under the name "boatman". Do you see what Yahoo did?

Click to enlarge
Scroll down to the name "boatman" in the picture above. That's my post and how and what Yahoo actually published on the comments section. Censorship anybody?

Now I realize Yahoo has the right to publish what they want and they do have guidelines - nothing vulgar, racist, hate-filled or whatever gets by their censors. Now, consider what I actually wrote by reading the text above and I DID stay within the Yahoo guidelines. This is exactly why I despise the media and left-wing agenda driven Pravda. And it's why I have a blog.

Here's a link to the actual Yahoo post if you feel like sifting through the thread.

Omama Voters Guest Star On Bait Car Episode

Aggie over at the Right Wing Fringe blog posted this video today. He refers to these thieves and scumbags as "The Sons Omama Never Had". I just call em Omama voters. Looks like they're out for a little good clean Chicago style fun, right? And like the slimy fucking cockroaches they are, they scatter when the POlice light em up.

And don't believe your lying eyes. They're really just disenfranchised victims of "da man" and not the thieving pieces of shit we see. Besides, whitey made em do it. Let's see what Chris Matthews has to say about this. He'll probably blame their problems on white racism. God forbid someone hold these assholes personally accountable.

I suppose it could have been worse - there might have been a parking lot full of five-hundred dollar running shoes. Then there might have been a full-on riot and a dozen or so more shootings. After all - it is Chicago.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Omama Spotted At Castro District Halloween Party

As the scandal involving Omama and his State Department continues to unfold, the prez continued along his merry way in a schedule that involved a fund raiser in the Castro district of San Francisco. In the photo above we see Berry as he looked attending the party. He was dressed as a D.C. hooker who calls herself "Lyin Ass Bitch" in keeping with his official campaign theme.

When asked who "Lyin Ass Bitch" was based on the president replied "someone in the State Department" and he reused to elaborate any further. The president was last seen leaving the gayla event with two large hulking men dressed as figure skaters. When he was spotted leaving his hotel room the next day he was sporting a large grin and walking with a noticeable limp. All in all the event was considered a suckcess by Omama.

BTW - All typos are intentional.

The Law Of Supply And Demand

Due to Chris Matthews, American Pravda, a couple hundred other democrats and the subsequent high demand, I've just been informed by the warehouse there will be no more douchebags available until after November the sixth. So we won't be able to hold any aware ceremonies until next month.

As far as Matthews, the idiot has gone totally of his rocker with his claims of racism. If he didn't have racism as a talking point Chris wouldn't have anything to say at all. His obsession with race is pathological at this point. After his latest rants on Sarah Palin and conservatives my suggestion is a thorazine drip. Here's hoping the lying donkey-dick lands head first on rock when he finally hits bottom. And I wonder just what the hell is gonna happen to this fool when Romney wins in two weeks. He will probably hopefully commit suicide. And as I've said several times before - Chris is not crazy. But he is seriously disturbed.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Trump To Omama - I Call

Now it's time for the lying bastard and fraud to show his cards, or in this case his transcripts. My guess (and I don't think I'm alone here) is Omama will ignore the challange. For once in his life Omama could walk the walk instead of just talking the talk. You can bet he'll do jack-shit like the cowardly shit-stain he is. And Pravda will ignore this of course.

Too Bad She Didn't Use Napalm

More fake racism and lies from the democraps, or is it Omama, or is it Axleroid, or is it... I think you get the picture. Going back to Tawana Brawley, Madonna Constantine (and several others I'm too lazy to research) I seem to remember this sort of shit happening more than once. What up Cuz? Do you hate Whitey so bad you'll torch your own ass?

Sharmeka Moffitt seems to have fucked-up and lit herself on fire while hanging out in the woods. She then blamed three white guys for the incident. My guess is she overdid the flame source to her crack pipe and ended up being a road flare. She didn't fool the cops but I'll bet she sure as hell will get RevRearEnd Al Sharpton and his his slimy fat race-card playing ass involved sooner or later (and he will). This story has been on The Blaze, Michelle Malkin, and Right Wing Fringe. I predict the reaction from Pravda will be zzzzzzzz... now that it's been proven she's lying. We can only hope next time she gets it right when she decides to light her own ass up. People are getting tired of this crap.

Now if the house band on Jimmy Fallon wants to play "lyin ass bitch" they've got a REAL example.

Lying Ass Bitch

Monday, October 22, 2012

Chris Christie - Brutally Frank

You may not agree with Chris Christie on everything he says but there's one thing I think we can all agree on - Chris Christie doesn't hold back and he's always honest. He doesn't sugar-coat the facts on Omama when he calls him clueless in this video. I get so damn tired of people labeling Omama "uninformed" or some other code word for stupid. Chris tells it like it is.

Chris Christie, along with Col Allen West, Trey Gowdy, and a few other new generation politicians have what thinking conservatives in America has been searching for - honesty. Sadly, it's probably why they'll never be elected or run for President. They have a wonderful habit of being honest and telling Americans the truth. Unfortunately, as Col Jessep once said, Americans don't seem to be able to handle the truth. It's what we need most right now and forty-seven percent of America doesn't want to hear it.

Thanks to Adrienne for posting this video today and giving me some fresh red meat for thought.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Day The Music Died

Today is the 35th anniversary of the plane crash. Everyone remembers where they were when something tragic or memorable happens. I was sitting in my living room getting loaded with a few friends from work when I heard the terrible news. Stunned is putting it mildly. I never got to see Lynyrd Skynyrd in concert and it's something I'll always regret. So in honor of one of the greatest rock bands to ever play a note I post this....

Red Meat For Today - Ron Kuby Gets Bitch Slapped!

I can't stand this fucker! He's a cliche from a bad sixties television series.

Along with William Cuntsler, Gloria All-Red and Lynne Stewart, Ron Kuby is one of the biggest shit-stains the American legal profession has EVER produced. So after I read the story on American Thinker I smiled and said to myself "greasywrench, there is justice and Karma in America". And it just bit Ron Kuby in the ass.

It seems ol' Ron decided to try and foist his view on what's right and what's not on the subject of sexual persuasion and got a punch in the nose for his trouble. And the delicious irony is he's expecting the NYPD to bend over backward for him, of all people. Considering he's spent a large part of his life trashing and defaming the cops in the Big Apple he's lucky they don't send his ass straight to Rikers Island.

Personally, I would love to read a follow up story about the couple he accosted turning the tables and suing his ass. He started the fight and got his ass kicked for his reward. And the article in American Thinker refers to Kuby making what may have been an anti-Asian slur towards the woman involved in his beat-down. So much for this lamer and poser and his lifetime of hypocrisy. Serves him right. Champion of the little guy my ass! He's just another communist phony and shit-stain that's been exposed!

More From The Chronicles Of Stupid

If you thought that Moms Mabely AKA the "omama gun gimme a free phone" lady was stupid I've got news for you - she's got competition. The Pink Dragon Lady in the video below actually calls Romney a "socialist". Angry White Dude has it right when he says "democrats depend on stupid" to stay in power.

Excuse me lady dummy but Mitt Romney epitomizes Capitalism. Then again Pink Dragon Lady IS a democrat. And take a real good look at her... doesn't she look Like Idi Amin, the former Ugandan president? What an ugly sow! This comes from The Conservative Daily News.

Funny Site For Omama Caricatures

It's past five in the morning here on the left coast and once again I've been up all night. I've suffered from insomnia most of my adult life and when I get tired I get bored. And when I get bored I get weird. And when I get weird I look for someone or something to lampoon. Well tonight was no different and I started looking for some celebrity images to photoshop and low and behold look who I found - Berry Omama.

Since I have this funny feeling Omama ain't gonna be prez much longer I'll have some last remaining fun with him. Check the site out here that features these hilarious images. Maybe you'll find something to use on your blog or site.

Forrest Chump

Friday, October 19, 2012

Great Speaker My Ass!

I just finished listening to a clip played on FOX of Omama giving a speech on the stump. I gotta wonder just who in the hell it was that labeled this fool a "great speaker"? His speeches are juvenile and childish. I fully expect him to start making cracks about Romney's "Mama and Granny" next. He's that bad. I can remember giving more eloquent and mature book reports in Junior High School than the crap Omama is spouting off. I thought he was the smartest guy in the room?

And there's one other thing that's becoming more obvious as the campaign nears its end. The smell of fear and desperation. When someone describes animals as being able to smell fear, what the animals actually smell is adrenaline. Human beings reek of it when they're scared. That's the smell coming from the Omama campaign. And adrenaline, along with the Omama campaign stinks!

And Berry has pretty much given up on defending his regime in his speeches. Then again there's nothing to defend. All he has left is to insult Mitt Romney with childish lies and slogans. "Romnesia" is one he used today. Give me a fucking break Berry - is that all you clowns have left? I swear to God I could have done a better job running the campaign - even with Omama's record.

It's all coming apart for Omama and I am enjoying every bit of it. Outside of massive voter fraud (It will happen) by the dems, for the first time I truly believe the contest is all over. Unless Mitt Romney gets caught running naked down Santa Monica Blvd with a blow-up doll he will be our next President. Then I can start capitalizing the word "President" again on a regular basis. I've stopped doing that the last four years. They're not typos when I use lower-case letters when describing congress and the presidency. They don't deserve and haven't earned the respect.

I can't wait until November the sixth when America's experiment with its first taste of Socialism, along with a Monarch will be over.

The King Is Dead - Long Live The King (in Hawaii)

Oh Those Zany Democraps - They're A Laugh Riot

There's nothing like a little clean, wholesome, and lighthearted fun between two candidates. Keith Ellison, America's only (I think) Muslim congressman got a bit nasty with fellow challenger Chris Fields in a radio debate yesterday. Since both men are black and both are demcraps the douchebags of the media Pravda won't be able to trot out their favorite card - race. And they can't accuse them of being mean nasty republicans. So how in the hell are they gonna explain this? Maybe the simplest explanation is the best - they're democreeps. Sounds good to me. Read more at American Thinker.

Don't Look At Me - I Didn't Vote For Him!

More free shit from Omama. Only this time it's a job getting paid to play cards and read. Where do I sign up? From HotAir comes the following video and story.

"Ten days ago, LG Chem subsidiary Compact Power began furloughing workers without ever having produced a single battery for Ford or GM electric vehicles.  So far, taxpayers have put $150 million into the Holland, Michigan operation via Barack Obama’s green-tech subsidy program without seeing any return at all on the investment; the only batteries that have been produced were built in South Korea.  So what has CP and LG Chem been doing for the last couple of years in the facility that taxpayer dollars built?  Mostly playing cards and reading magazines, as the NBC affiliate in Grand Rapids reports (via the Weekly Standard):"

Another shovel ready job from the good stupid people of the Omama regime. No wonder they stopped giving out reports on where the stimulus spending was going. If it weren't for the fact that I quit drinking three years ago shit like this might just inspire me to pull a cork and shoot my computer monitor. One more reason to pink slip these asshats next month.

"Get The Transcript"

Read the article I'm linking to right here. It comes from American Thinker and it's a real eye-opener. Tell me if you don't smell a big fat rat! And that rat's name is Candy. The question being asked by Jack Cashill of American Thinker is; how in the hell did Crowley just happen to have a transcript of Omama's words in the Rose Garden at hand? Something smells like gym socks here.

I'm not always the sharpest knife in the drawer so I missed the connection and what seems to be an obvious setup from CNN and Candy Crowley to aid Omama in the debate the other day. But if this is what went down then the CNN wankers needs to have their feet held IN the fire. Bias? What bias?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Now I Know Why There Was Only One VP Debate

The powers that be didn't want to tempt fate twice. Besides not knowing we haven't officially been in Iran since 1979 Joe Biden tried to tell an audience in the video below that Paul Ryan's "bullets" are aimed at you. I'm beginning to wonder if someone has to tie Joe's shoes for him when he gets up. He's that stupid!

Besides trying to destroy the U.S. economy and a couple of hundred other things that come to mind, Joe Biden is probably the most glaring reason for getting rid of Berry Hussein Soetero Goebbels Neville Chamberlain Omama. Think about it - this fool Biden is next in line to be president! God help us if something happens to Omama in the days before January 20, 2013.

Can you imagine Joe Biden wandering around in a room that controls our nuclear missiles? I can see him asking "what's this red button for" right before the start of World War III and the subsequent end of humanity.

Dear Lord - please keep Omama safe until the Romney inauguration.

Chris Matthews Isn't Crazy...

As I've said before - he's just a plain and simple asshole. Crazy people can't help themselves and by all definitions don't know the difference between right and wrong. Chris knows - he just doesn't give a fuck.

Jammie Wearing Fool posted a screed today on Chris and of course, I had to get in my two cents via the comments section. For someone who enjoys the special privileges given to the press under the First Amendment and American law Chris gives an entirely new definition to the term "useful idiot".

I don't know what Chris learned in the schools he attended as a young man but since he's in his sixties I would assume they taught civics and history in his day. That suggests he's just plain ignoring the Constitution and the First Amendment freedoms of free speech in order to get his buddy Omama re-elected. The puke and drivel being spouted by Matthews isn't op/ed or reporting. It's an open advocacy for shutting down Omama's opposition via censorship. And the fact this stupid asshole is trying to claim some sort of Unconstitutionality about anyone opposing the Omama regime is absurd.

By making ridiculous claims like this Chris not only surrenders the rights and or privileges to be a journalist - he's throwing away HIS own First Amendment rights. Censorship is a sword with two sides and it swings both ways. He's liable to get hit in his dumb-ass one of these days. Chris Matthews never fails to amaze me with his liberal stupidity.

Eva Longoria - "I Didn't Build Tweet That"

Bwaaa haaa haaa haaa! Here's another dumb-ass Hollywood halfwit having to try and whistle back a tune that's already been sung. I'm talking about Eva Lungoria. She put her lovely foot in her mouth yesterday and tweeted the following bullshit then tried to pull the ol' child's con game of "I take it back". Or maybe it was "the dog ate my homework". Or it could have been _______________. Fill in the blank line with your favorite bullshit story or excuse.

So poor dumb Eva thought that deleting the offensive tweet would remove it from cyber history? I thought liberals were supposed to be smart and tech savy while conservatives were digital dinosaurs. At least that's the stereotype. If there's one thing I've learned over the last fifteen years - once you click on the "send" button it's out there and gone. And there's no calling it back. The internet leaves digital footprints etched in stone. I even have the familiar 'how bout a nice big cup of shut the fuck up' cartoon on my sidebar with the caption "think before you click".

Over the years, especially since I began blogging in 2007 I've written said some pretty vulgar and pointed things about liberals and especially Hollywood on my sites. I stand by my opinions. You may not agree with me and you might take issue by posting a reply but I NEVER delete my posts. Good or bad I own my own bullshit and I don't try and blame Blogspot (or in Eva's case - Twitter) for the things I've posted.
Eva's tweet and following bullshit story says two things about her...
One - she's stupid.
Two - she's a liar.

Thanks to Michelle Malkin for posting the original links.

Eva Lungoria - Another Hollywood half-wit

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Intentional Heartache

Maybe it's just me but I got a feeling there's a rocker inside Dwight Yoakam struggling to get out. Listen to this video and see if there's not a strong connection guitar wise to Jimmy Page and "In The Evening" from the "In Through The Out Door" Zeppelin album. Hell, maybe I'm cracking up. No matter how you see or hear it this is a cool video.

It's Called Expository

About fifteen years ago I attended the local community college to get a background in the new (then) field of personal computers. My intentions were to get out of the automotive industry (I never did) and try something new. I did end up earning an A.S. in Computer Information Systems just for the fun of it by going nights, weekends and in my spare days. Yeah I know - big deal.

Anyway, to satisfy the degree requirements I also had to take various courses in academics which included History, Philosophy, Political Science and Personal Development along with some touchy-feely crap that had jack-shit to do with the real world. Last but not least I had to take English. In English 101 I learned a word that will remain with me until I die. The word is "Expository". When writing essays for the course I had to learn NOT to include or inject my personal thoughts, ideas, and opinions into any story. IOW - expository means keep your opinions to yourself!

Example: I read and wrote an essay on Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's "One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich" and the instructor (June Burlingame Smith) forced me to re-write the damn thing three times for a grade because I couldn't or wouldn't be an impartial writer. At the time I hated her for what she did but I realize now it did improve my thinking skills and writing. By the way, all tests in her class were in-class essay writing so there was no way to cheat. I had to learn. Thank you for that Mrs Smith.

So when watching the debates the last few weeks I have to wonder if any of the mods have the slightest fucking clue what the word expository means? I also wonder just what the hell is being taught in the thousands of journalism courses and schools now days. I understand the difference between op-ed and true reporting. The problem is; the so-called journalists of today don't. I don't give a shit what the average reporter is thinking or what his or her political leanings are. All I want is the who, what, where, why, and when of the story. I'm capable of critical thinking and can form my own opinions without their help. If I want op-ed and hysterical ranting I'll watch Sean Hannity or PMS-NBC.

So here's a big fat FUCK YOU to Candy "The Hutt" Crowley, Martha "Prune-Face" Ravaged and the other moderator(s) we will see in the final debate. Please keep your opinions and biases to yourself and I'll do my OWN thinking. I DON'T need your help. And stop correcting and bailing out the candidates... they can stand or fall on their own.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Debate Analysis - You Can't Polish A Turd

Omama's Polished Turd/Economy

I'm sure everyone who reads my screeds has heard the expression "you can't polish a turd" before. Tonight we saw exactly that with president Berry Soetero Hussein Goebbels Neville Chamberlain Omama. He tried polishing the last four years of the shit-sandwich he's been feeding Americans but Mitt Romney wouldn't give him a pass or let him get away with the bullshit stories.

I should have been taking notes as I watched but Candy Crowley did try and bail Omama's ass out a couple of times. I guess she wasn't as bad as "prune-face Martha Ravaged" in the Biden/Ryan debate but the bias managed to sneak out every now and then.

And the experts will do the fact checking tomorrow but even a novice such as me caught Omama in more than one lie. The ones that stood out were the claims of increased oil production and the Libyan security fantasy. Mitt caught him on those.

Final analysis: Even a tie is a win for Mitt Romney.... but it wasn't even a tie. Hell, it wasn't even close.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Bad Company - Don't Let Me Down

As I type this post VH1 Classic is running a Bad Company concert live. It's not the original band but a reformed version. As of today Paul Rogers is singing for what's left of Queen along with the new Bad Company but he still sounds great. Of all the debut Rock albums in my life, the first Bad Company album has to be one, if not the best, I ever heard. The music still holds up after nearly forty years.

I'm still looking for a live performance of this song. Please clue me in if you ever find one on the web. I have software to download damn near anything regardless of copyright roadblocks.

Biden Wins An Academy Award

Hey, what the fuck - in a world so twisted Berry Hussein Omama can be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize then surely Joe Biden deserves an Oscar. Besides, Biden has already won one of my coveted Douchebag Awards earlier this year so it's only fair to give him an Oscar this time.

For Joe Biden's thoroughly convincing performance in last nights debate (was it really a performance?) as an asshole, bully, blowhard and general all-around swinging dick we feel it's only fair that Joe Biden be given a nod for his impression of an intelligent man. He sure as hell has forty-seven percent of America's population fooled - they think he's a real Vice President instead of the buffoon and donkey-dick we've all come to know and despise.

He also gets credit for being a world-class liar and no-class clod for invoking the name of his wife and son who've been DEAD for forty years just to score political points . And as I posted on another blog tonight Biden's real purpose in the Omama regime is Impeachment Insurance. No sane Congress would dare get rid of Berry Soetero Hussein Goebbels Neville Chamberlain Omama with Joe Biden waiting in the wings to take over.

An honorable mention Oscar goes to prune-faced moderator Martha Ravaged of last night's debate for impersonating an impartial third party. What a performance! When not stopping Paul Ryan from answering some of Biden's lies she had an uncanny habit of changing the subject just as Ryan was ready to respond on one of Biden's Clintonian bullshit stories. Then again she only fooled the fools with her role as a moderator.

All in all, the acting by prune-face and dick-head last night would have made any comedy ever produced by Hollywood pale by comparison.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Joe "Shit-Eating Grin" Biden Just Elected Romney

Ol' Dumb-ass must have sparked a fat one before the debate. Either that or he had a baloon hit of NOS. That might explain the Cheshire Cat grin on his face all night. Toss in his arrogant and condescending attitude and constant interruptions of Paul Ryan and we may have just seen the election won tonight - by Mitt Romney.

And the moderator ought to be out selling Tupperware or Avon. Just keep her ass out of politics and debates. She lost control from the first statement. She can pick up her check from the Omama people in the morning. It's pretty obvious who she's working for.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Omama Staffer Assists In Multiple Voting... Again

Does anyone remember the late great Andrew Breitbarts's sting of the corrupt bastards of Acorn with the undercover hoochie-mamma prostitute? That's the first thing that came to mind as I watched this video. Here we have an Omama staffer discussing voting in Texas AND Florida with an undercover voter applicant. And the crooked Omama worker (redundancy check) is fucking laughing and joking about it as she does it! Then the Omama fraud action moves to Minnesota - same circus - different clowns! Does anyone think Eric "Stedman" Holder will be right on this? Yeah sure, when I fly jets or star in Porn!

Of course this is why the democraps are so violently opposed to voter ID laws and other forms of preventing voter fraud - it might cost them the any election. I can't wait to see this sting operation reported by the traitorous fifth-column stooges of American Pravda. I'm sure Rachel Mannow, Tingles Matthews, Andrea Bitchell, and the other tools assholes of PMS-NBC will get on this like stink on shit.

And why do you think I'm claiming nothing will happen to this democrat staffer who's openly discussing/facilitating voting in two different states? Because this sting happened over one month ago and we've heard NOTHING about it except for the reporting on a Conservative website. Eric Holder and the entire democrat justice department needs to be impeached and fired in that order. Eric Holder and the democrats via their racist policies have made a mockery of the word justice!

And while I'm on the subject of voting I'm gonna get registration forms for my three cats. They wanna vote too. But at least they'll only vote once. After all - they're honest Conservative Republican cats. I found the story on The Conservative Daily News.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Stacey Dash VS Spacey Trash

Trash                                                         Dash
Tough call but who would you pick? Romney supporter Stacey Dash or the "omama gun gimme a phone" slob. And whatever Moms Mabley has in her mouth I wish she'd swallow it before it becomes catching.

And the nasty things those open-minded liberals are tweeting to Stacey makes you think they're the ones who have declared a "war on women". But that couldn't be - could it?

The tweets run along the lines of "you be a white man's bitch. You sick girl. I be getting  on yo azz soon nuff" Shit such as that. Typical low-class Omama supporters in all their verbal glory.

Now, who would you rather play Circus with - Stacey or Spacey? For those not in the know, Circus is a fun game where a woman sits on your face and you attempt to guess her weight.

Friday, October 5, 2012

This Is Why Detroit Is Doomed

With trashy cockroaches like the ones in the following video, crooks and scam artists running the City Council, a police department that is either unable or unwilling to help its citizens, and a UAW that doesn't give a shit about anything but its own coffers Detroit is finished. Forget about the Auto Makers. We've already seen how well they're doing. With the exception of Ford, they would have already have filed for bankruptcy. And by handing a blank check to the UAW and shafting legitimate stockholders and non-union pensioners the dems and Omama are to blame as much as these little fuckers in the video below.

If the attitude and shit these thug bastards display below doesn't piss you off - nothing will. And if these POS scumbag kids are the future of Detroit it's no wonder the city would be better off burnt to the ground.

Allen West Vs Pravda Ass-Kisser On Labor Stats

In a juicy little exchange between Allen West and CNBC's Tylor Mathison we see (for the millionth time) another member of the fifth-column AKA Pravda defending the Omama Labor Department's new statistics on the unemployment rate in America. Skip the first 2:55 of the video to get to the exchange if you wish.

And in the first question asked of Col West we get the entire reason why NO ONE should believe what's in this obviously bogus report.Col West was asked "why do you believe what Jack Welch said instead of what Secratary Hilda Solis said"? Here's why...

Hilda Solis is a life-long democrat who's been in government jobs and sucking at the tit of Mother America since graduating from college with a degree in Public Administration. IOW she's a pencil pushing suit. Hilda Solis has been shining a seat with her ass since entering into "government service". If it weren't for American taxpayers and racist Affirmative Action policies she'd most likely be selling taco shells or firecrackers on the other side of the border. She's an appointed bureaucrat who depends on Omama for her job. She's never held a REAL job in her life. She is a democrat personified!

Jack Welch is a businessman, engineer and author with over fifty years of experience in creating jobs, wealth, and real value to our country. He walks the walk along with talking the talk. The choice of who to believe is a gimme. 

As far as Col Allen West, most of my readers already know his qualifications. And if anyone in America has earned the right to question a jobs report that only a ten-year old kid would buy into it's Allen West. Col West has actually contributed something to his country, including saving a few live in the process. Who would you believe?

Hillary Clinton got caught channeling her inner carpet-muncher in a lovely photo. Can't say I blame her. The link is from NewsBusters.

Hopefully, Bill and his box of Cigars are nowhere to be found.

Hillary Lovin Her Some Christina

Omama's Preaching To His Choir Via Labor Stats

The only one's who will be fooled by the new jobs report are fools. After four years of 8.3% unemployment the jobs number suddenly took an upturn one month before the election? Give me a fucking break! About fifty blogs and sites I've already visited this morning have blown a hole through that report big enough to drive a bus through. The only idiots who will believe this crap are the ones who aren't looking for jobs anyway. I'm talking about fat-ass "free cell phone lady in Cleveland". I'm talking about free gas and "Omama gonna help me with my mortage" gal. And I'm talking about racist douchebags like Samuel L.Jerkson and Snoop Dogg and a thousand other nitwit rappers who wouldn't know a jobs report from a book report.

This Labor Department report will be dis-assembled in the same manner as Romney took apart the Liar-In-Chief the other night. Just let a few folks get at the numbers and analyze the damn thing and see. Maybe this is Omama's October surprise. Just another monumental lie.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Here It Is Ya'all - Billy Joe Omama Speaks

As I type Sean Hannity is playing clips of this phony fucking bastard speaking to a black audience in "Chocolate City" back in 2007. And it's hilarious to listen and watch Juan Whine Williams try and rationalize, justify, and just plain bullshit the truth away defending his bitch Omama. What the fuck is it about democrat polticians and these fake-ass Southern accents and RevRearEnd Al Sharpton cadence when they get down South.

I guess when Omama comes to Kalifornia and speaks in Hermosa Beach he calls everyone "dude" and "bro" just to "relate" to his audience as Juan Whine Williams claimed. If the trash of Pravda won't hold Berry Soetero Hussein Goebbels Neville Chamberlain Omama accountable for his lies and hate, at least hold him accountable for his pretentious fucking speech! The video is from The Daily Caller.

"I Think (I'm a Cherokee) - Therefore I Am"

Only in the mind of a progressive would a rationalization such as this be born. Melissa Harris Perry came up with this gem of a liberal wet-dream about Elizabeth Warren. You gotta give it to the dems, they never stop supplying us with an endless stream of topics to lampoon.

I guess I could take Mellisa's logic a step further and let her know I "feel" like I'm a black dude from the hood. My guess is race trumps tribe and she'd have a shit-attack over that. Maybe if I started a riot over a pair of five-hundred dollar sneakers I'd have some street cred with her. Any bets? Fucking democrats - if it weren't for stupid thoughts they wouldn't think at all.

Oh, did I mention that Melissa works for PMS-NBC? Bet you already knew that. The article comes from The Blaze.

Alfonzo Nails It Right On The Knat's Ass Again!

Great video on the "Omama Gunna Gimme Phone Sow". What sucks is we have to rely on Black Conservatives such as Alfonzo Rachel or Thomas Sowell to point out these inconvenient truths. Honkies like me saying shit like this get the old race card treatment. And Alfonzo coined a new (I think) word - "Dehmeroids" in the video. I think I'll appropriate that one. His logic is pure, simple, elegant and so obviously true Stevie Wonder could see it. Thanks Dude.

And you know what's really tragic - this lazy cheese eating sponge of a woman screeching about free phones from Omama is probably now a "big" celebrity in "da hood" where she's from. She's too damn stupid to realize what a national joke she has become. She's fucking sickening!