Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving To All My Online Friends

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends who post here. We still live in the greatest country in the world and that's worth giving thanks. Enjoy the holiday and pig out on food, football, beer, or whatever it may be.
Gobble Gobble Gobble....

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Here's Something You Don't See Every Any Day

I found the video and story below posted by the Gunny at The Anti-Liberal Zone. It's amazing what can happen when a political reporter actually does their job. In the video below reporter Matt Lee holds State Departmen spokeswoman Victoria Nuland's feet to the fire and grills her on the (non) response by the Omama administration about the current situation in Israel and the statements coming out of Turkey about the Israeli's being "terrorists".

It's fun (and revealing) to see the talking head Nuland crumble right before our very eyes when she's being questioned. It's obvious she's not used to handling any pressure or questions that demand real answers instead of the lies and spin we usually get from the Omama sycophants. At the end of the question she got quite testy and was forced to finally concede to Lee that the Turks are wrong.

This reminds me of the House session with World Class Douchebag Eric Holder several years ago when he absolutely refused to associate the term "radical Islam" with the word "terror" when being questioned about muslims. This politically correct cowardice, thinking, and bullshit is what got four of our fellow Americans murdered in Libya two months ago. And if it continues it WILL happen again.

This man Matt Lee is a REAL reporter as opposed to the Omama butt-licks we have to endure on a daily basis. He should get an IRE Award for this confrontation but most likely he'll be called a racist or some sort of "phobe" for doing his job. I wonder if he'll mysteriously disappear in the next few months for being an honest reporter (now there's an Oxymoron) and showing some integrity and journalistic balls.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

An Unpublished Photo Of Omama's Situation Room

What really happened: While the media Pravda is fucking around and doing everything in their power to cover the ass of Berry Omama, here at the World Of Greasywrench we have been on the job. Our favorite paparazzi Seymore Butts was able to sneak into the Situation Room the night our people in Libya were murdered and he snapped this candid photo. Of course the the Omama people denied its authenticity but I guarantee you - it's real! Would Greasywrench (me) lie to you?

The REAL Situation Room On 9/11/2012

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Time To Re-New The Race Card For 2013

Susan Rice just has to be a victim of race according to the four hags of the black caucus pictured above. It can't possibly have anything to do with her lies about Benghazi on several political shows on the Sunday following the murder of our people in Libya. And even if she was just parroting the official Omama State Department talking points we're left with the conclusion she's a stupid lackey and STILL has no credentials to represent the U.S. in world affairs as Secretary Of State.

I correctly predicted four years ago on this very blog that all legitimate criticism of Omama would cease once he became president due to his skin tone. The charges of racism started almost immediately after he was sworn in and haven't stopped since. Now we're faced with four more years of this bullshit. I've battled progressive nitwits on many forums and blogs by asking the question "just how in the world can one criticize Omama without being considered a racist" many times. Just what in the hell is the criteria? And of course, I've never get an intellectual answer. Most times I don't even get replies. When I've confronted liberals with facts they often do one of two things, they accuse you of some "ism" or "phobia" or just ignore you.

It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes or Joe Friday to realize this is just another tactic in the sleazy bag of tricks the democrats fall back on when they can't face the truth and any attempt to expose their fuck-ups in world affairs. And with the butt-licks in Pravda such as Chris Matthews they have the media in their pocket. We conservatives are fighting a war on two fronts.

So in order to escape accountability and hide behind a racial suit of armor the Congressional Black Caucus is playing their hole card which is also the race card. They've been using and hiding behind it for years with the help of world class shit-stains such as the RevRearEnds Jesse Jerkson and Al Sharpton. Until the phony race baiter and liars from the sixties lay down and die this shit will never end and politicians of color will be more than willing to hide behind the lie. And we will NEVER be able to hold crooked and incompetent public "servants" accountable. Read the full article on Hot Air.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

He Be Looking For Someone's Ass To Kick!

Noise In Da Hood
Berry Omama "be channeling his inner thug" today. In his first press conference in eight months he responded to a question about whether he did or didn't do anything to protect our people in Libya by answering like a fucking thug. I don't know about you but I usually expect my presidents to act sort of ... of... presidential. This reminds me of the shit Berry driveled out two years ago concerning the BP oil spill in the Gulf. He made a statement about looking for "whose ass to kick" when they were trying to assign blame for the spill. I would bet every last dime I have this candy-ass (Omama) has never thrown a punch in his life... at least not at a man.

And by directing his answer and tough guy shit at John McCain he might have picked the wrong guy. Say what you want about John McCain and his RINO politics but he served honorably during Vietnam and lost years of his life in a Hanoi prison. And at nearly eighty-years of age my guess is McCain would drop Omama like a one-foot putt. What the fuck have you ever done Berry? You golf on some tough courses and that's about it.

And as far as answering the question, Omama ducked it by claiming his responsibility and answer was to be directed to the families of our slain diplomat and Seals. Excuse me Berry but you DO have an obligation to the American people when asked a question about our people in the shit-hole Libya. And from what I've been reading the families of those killed have heard enough crap out of you. They don't want any more of your fucking lies and neither does America. Answer the fucking question you bastard! It's part of your job!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Veteran's Day To All Vets

A respectful salute to all of America's Vets past and present. Thank you for your service.

It sucks you're stuck with a Liar-In-Chief president who no more respects or appreciates you than he does a grapefruit. Rest assured REAL Americans do.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Now The Dust Has Settled...

we're gonna have to live with the lying scumbag and socialist in the White House for four more years. I have faith that we can survive a dishonest piece of trash such as Berry Soetero Hussein Goebbels Neville Chamberlain Omama. We survived Carter and we can get past Omama. What we may not survive is the socialist policies the dems are steering us towards. We've already passed the magical tipping point of who's doing the giving and who's doing the taking. When the dems have bled the givers dry we're going to be in a world of hurt.

Thanks to the democrats, more Americans are on food stamps, welfare (and I an NOT talking about Social Security & Veterans benefits) and other forms of government giveaways than in any point in American history. And that includes the Great Depression. We've shot and seriously wounded the proverbially Golden Goose, AKA the American taxpayer. The wound may be fatal. And as we're pushed into European style socialism how much longer can these polices be sustained? In January the sequestration kicks in despite what the lying Kenyan shit-stain claimed lied about in the second debate. And what the fuck are our "leaders" doing? They're mentally masturbating and blowing smoke up our asses all the while knowing we're heading over a cliff. And the only answer the democrats can come up with is the need for "more revenues" also known as TAXES!

During the campaign when the Pussy-In-Chief was busy labeling Mitt Romney as a murderer, tax cheat and liar I can't seem to recall his offering any economic solutions. Can you? Other than the silly-ass book of recycled lies he trotted out two weeks ago he conveniently ignored his first four years of economic failure. But rest assured all the blood sucking welfare slobs like the fat-ass phone lady in Cleveland will probably be getting new Blackberries just to keep up the status-quo. New computers and cars can't be far behind in the liberal wish-list. We're financially fucked and the trash in congress KNOW it, whether they'll admit it or not. We can't sustain the spending without consequences. Then again the feds can always print some more money.

About American Pravda: I had to laugh yesterday at the pathetically ironic talking heads of Pravda who were calling for unity and the "need to pull together" after they perverted the election by conveniently obfuscating, ignoring, and outright lying about the facts on Libya, Omama's communist past (and present) along with his lies and other easily provable shit that should have resulted in his unemployment. And there's world class blowhard Bill O'Reilly who fancies himself the "no spin king" who uses the term "free stuff" when referring to those who voted for Omama and what they want. Hey Bill, why didn't you really be honest and use the word "welfare, food stamps, and checks" when you said "stuff". No spin my ass!

I will never support this man Omama in any way shape or form. I didn't vote for him and he is NOT my president as so many on the left once said about George Bush. I will remain the disloyal opposition and work for the removal of every progressive piece of trash in Kalifornia and Washington D.C.

Being this is The People's Republik Of Kalifornia AND the Left Coast it's damn near an impossible task to vote out a liberal incumbent so it will be a challenge. But, after four more years of the Omama regime and democrat rulers (NOT LEADERS) maybe, just maybe, the trash on the left will wise up. After all - I was once a bleeding heart too. One thing I am SURE of - things CAN NOT continue as they are.

Final Thought: What I see happening in America are the similar conditions that existed in pre-WWII Germany. There's an eerie parallel to the general douchebaggery, political corruption, unemployment, disatisfaction with leaders, anti-semitism, class warfare, and worthlessness of the German Reichsmark. The only thing missing is the rampant inflation. And what was the result? A backlash that produced Adolph Hitler. And we all know how that turned out.

Democrat Fiscal Policy

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Quickie Lovenote To American Pravda

History repeats itself over and over and stupid liberals (redundant check) never seem to learn. All new lessons and refresher courses are always paid for in blood and by patriots who truly love their countries. And yet useful idiots such as American Pravda never fail to fail and continue to sell us out in the name of their own personal political ideology. It brings the following quote to mind ...

"When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,
I remained silent;
I wasn't a Jew.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out."

Martin Niemöller (1892–1984)

Change a few names and terms around and I just described the treasonous bastard Berry Omama along with his entire administration. And a very very special FUCK YOU goes out to CBS, Sixty Minutes, and especially Steve Kroft for editing out the response of Berry Omama when he was asked if the attack on our Libyan embassy was an "act of terror". The subsequent statements of Omama PROVED he was lying. And yet Sixty Minutes for some strange reason deemed the response unimportant and failed to feature it in the footage of the show. When Andrew Breitbart's site finally was able to air the footage it was YESTERDAY, which of course was two days before the election. The entire scummy fucking network should be in prison for sedition and treason!

And in the following days Omama once again stood in front of the World, the United Nations, and the American people (in the second debate) and FUCKING lied several times by claiming he called the act in Libya "terrorism" from the start.

What we can look forward to: After the dhimicrats and Omama disarm American gun owners by shitting on the Second Amendment their next target will undoubtedly be the First. I wonder how many bloggers and websites will mysteriously vanish in the next few years? After all, Omama has already demonstrated he's more than willing to by-pass congress and circumvent the Constitution via executive orders so it's not paranoia behind this post. Its fact!

If an accurate and honest analysis of American History is ever published in the future, this day may very well be credited as the one where our beloved country began its long (and possibly irreversible) slide downhill. Thanks for nothing Pravda. Your contributions have been noted.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Reason # 2 To Fire Omama's Skinny Ass

Five-Star Bitch

Actually there are a couple of thousand reasons to get rid of Omama, AKA the Vagina-In-Chief on Tuesday. But this post will focus in on the official number two reason - Valerie Jarrett. Somewhere along the way in the Omama regime this beady-eyed bitch and Chicago slumlord gained the power of a cabinet level position. I don't recall her name being on the ballot in 2008. Well it turns out she's really Omama's surrogate set of balls. Since he has none it makes sense. And on the eve of the election Valerie is already plotting her revenge. Maybe that's what Omama was talking about when he used the word the other day. Valerie's "revenge". Excuse me Valerie but aren't you counting your ovaries before they hatch?

Valerie often sits in on cabinet meetings and can be found in the situation room during times of crisis. She's quite possibly the one who gave the "stand down" order during the Benghazi attack. That's entirely plausible when you consider Omama has the resolve and determination of a jellyfish. It actually took him three times and chances to give the order to pull the trigger on Bin Laden - thanks to Valerie Jarret. She has a full security team while our people in Benghazi were allowed to die while the Omama trash watched in real time. If the congress of the USA had any decency they would have already started impeachment proceedings instead of just letting this sorry trash known as president slink off to write books in January. And beady-eyes should be part of the impeachment process.

Omama takes her skinny ass on family vacations and on other (what should be strictly) family affairs. It's even rumored she personally fills his sippy-cup and wipes his ass after his visits to the bathroom. Regardless of what she does, I can't wait to see her douchebag ass packing and leaving the White House in January. Yes, I said White House. She's more the president than Omama. He's a coward and waffler while she's actually pulling the strings. Omama's obsession/need when it comes to women and being babied is reason enough to get him out tomorrow. And good riddance to beady-eyes Jarrett.

You can relax now Jimmy Carter and get back to building those pre-fab houses and being a doddering old fool. You've been replaced as the worst president by a shitload of Chicago garbage. The trash goes out Tuesday and pick-up is on January 21.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

"If Mitt Romney Win" (sic)

"we'll be going back to the crop fields".

This story comes from The Blaze. Go check it out and read the comments too. They're very interesting.

I despise progressives and their never ending lies. Here's a nine-year old kid whose Father is filling his head with a total crock of shit about Romney sending blacks back to the fields to pick "crops". Of course the real inference here is "slavery". The truth be known - much, if not most of the farm work in America is done by illegals from south of the border these days. Not by "black slaves" as this kids father is trying to imply.

So here's a boy who's getting a start in life based on a huge fucking lie about Republicans AND hard work. And an argument can be made that his dad is actually instilling an aversion to hard labor as opposed to giving his kid some real work ethics. So by lying to his son he's not doing him any favors. He may as well tell the kid it's easier to sell drugs or steal for a living than do any "slave" labor.

Just a few examples: My Dad used to shovel chicken shit and other menial labor in a hatchery in Petaluma Ca. when I was a seven-year old boy. Once or twice a week he'd bring home a couple of hens and slaughter the damn things in the back yard. I learned that chicken doesn't come from a package in the supermarket, it comes from a real live animal. And it taught me something about reality and the fact "shitty" work isn't necessarily demeaning.

And my brother-in-law picked cotton in Alabama as a young man. It didn't hurt him and taught him the value of a good job and good wages when he finally got a job in the refineries here in Kalifornia.

As a young boy I collected pop bottles for the deposits and pushed a lawn mower around the streets of Long Beach Ca knocking on doors hoping to make a few bucks cutting grass - and I did.

These kinds of jobs are honorable decent work even if they are low wage. There was a time when things like this were valued instead of looked down upon in America. And all this kid's father is doing is teaching him the wrong things and based on a lie to boot.

I seriously doubt this kid or his dad will end up "going back to the fields" or picking cotton anywhere. But with a father who's teaching him to disrespect hard work he might end up in a life of crime or something else equally bad. All because of a progressive lie and an aversion to hard work instilled by a "loving" father. Thanks dad. Thanks for nothing.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Joe Biden Fucks Over Another Simple Sentence

Joe Biden: "There’s Never Been A Day In The Last Four Years I’ve Been Proud To Be His Vice President, Not One Single Day" I stole the story from Jammie Wearing Fools.

I could understand someone fresh off the boat from South Korea or somewhere in Eastern Europe struggling with the English language. But for a man who was born, raised, and educated (allegedly) in the USA to lumber through a speech and screw up a simple fucking sentence is inexcusable. The again maybe, just maybe, Joe made a Freudian slip and spoke the truth. That's plausible once you consider it's Joe Biden being Joe Biden. Even Joe has a moment of clarity every now and then.

I can visualize the assholes of PMS-NBC frothing at the mouth and pissing in their panties with joy if a conservative or republican had said something this stupid. But since it's Joe Biden they'll either flat out ignore it or just say "it's only Joe Biden being Joe Biden". IOW he'll get a pass. The thought of a verbally challenged fool such as Biden as a President negotiating treaties, trade agreements, and arms limitation agreements with the NOKO's, Russians or Chinese is scary. Does anyone know if he has as many problems with math as he does with English?

Joe Biden is living proof of the uselessness of a college education and the ineffectiveness of the Alzheimers drug Aricept. Think of all that tuition money that went down the drain in a vain attempt to educate this wanker. Read more about Joe's school life here. There's some juicy shit and a pretty good explanation of things to come and why Joe is so fucking stupid.

Goodbye Joe. I'll miss the endless source of material you've provided for my blog over the last four years. Without Joe to kick around who'll be my new source of malapropisms in the years to come? I guess I'll have to target the other hundreds thousands of dummycrats in congress and PMS-NBC in lieu of Joe Biden. It's gonna be tough but I have a feeling sooner or later one of em (Chris Matthews anyone) will say something breathtakingly stupid or racist. Thanks again Joe. You are/were a laugh riot.

Reason Number Ten-Billion To Despise Unions

I guess being or not being a union member trumps decency and emergency assistance in New Jersey. From Jammie Wearing Fools comes this heart-warming story. New Jersey union goons are preventing non-union crews from Huntsville Alabama from assisting in getting the lights back on. Winter is coming and this union trash is pushing its agenda.

Now (when timing is crucial) why isn't Chris Christie going ballistic over this? This kind of shit is right up Christie's alley. Jammie also made the astute point about where in the hell is Berry Omama now, after having boasted earlier in the week that "no red tape" will get in the way of recovering services along the East Coast. Oh, I bet I know where Omama is. He's out campaigning. That's it!

And besides, the big unions are part of the crew that's pulling Omama's strings.He wouldn't dare oppose his masters and donors. That would take courage - something Omama is sadly lacking.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Calibration My Ass!

I'm gonna assume all the five or six posters I get here have read about the electronic touch screen voting machines in various States that seem to have a problem registering a Romney vote and instead record an Omama vote. One voter in the story here had to re-cast her vote on the touch screen several times before it correctly recorded a Romney vote. She was told it was a "calibration" problem. These machines were checked later by technical experts and found NOT to have any "calibration" problems. And my point is; calibration (and coding) is something that is done by humans. Read more here about the "calibration" issue.

Now I'm gonna make an assumption here that the touch screen operates something along the lines of an image map. An image map is something all of us have encountered on the web. You probably don't even know you've seen one when you have. What an image map actually is, is a graphic with selected areas that are graphed and mapped off into sections. The graph is then written into the webpage code. Click on one section of the image and it links to a website or page. Click on another section and you will get an entirely different result. And graphs CAN be manipulated to size and location. In other words they can be rigged to make it extremely difficult to click on the link (or candidate) you really want unless you are very exact and precise.

For a working example click here to see in image map and java applet I created on my other website and you'll get a very good idea of what one actually is. If you really want to get your inner Geek on, view the page source on the link I provided and see what the "coordinates" actually are on the webpage code. My best guess is coding and not "calibration" is the problem with these voting machines. BTW, internet Explorer may not display my image map correctly. If not, try viewing it in Firefox.

My point is; the machine "calibration" is in the mind of the beholder (and touch screen coder). "Calibration" can be twisted, tweaked, manipulated and skewed to make the link (or in this case selected candiate) easy or hard to click on. Machines DON'T "calibrate" themselves. The easiest and smartest thing to do is see who produces and actually does the coding used on these machines and where their political allegiance lies. Or to just put it simply - follow the money.