Friday, May 30, 2008

Celtics vs Lakers - Sound Familiar?

Okay, now the league has gotten what they wanted. It's Boston vs. Los Angeles. But it's not 1987. Those days are gone forever. Magic Johnson and Larry Bird have long retired. Johnny Most and Chick Hearn are dead. So is Dennis Johnson. Without Robert Parrish, Kevin McHale, Danny Ainge, M.L. Carr, and the rest of the Celtic bench it's not 1987. No more Kurt Rambis, Byron Scott, James Worthy, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Michael Cooper, Bob McAdoo or the rest of the Lakers of 1987 either.

So, don't call this a "rivalry renewed". It may be a rivalry begun. That remains to be seen. Boston will have the home-court advantage in a 2-3-2 format so the Lakers will have to win on the road. That's the quick analysis. Now, let the games begin.

It's Over - Lakers Take The Spurs By 100 - 92!

Last night the San Antonio Spurs came into Staples Center and opened up on the Lakers with a seventeen point lead. It looked like one of my lame predictions might actually come true. I thought the Spurs might take one in L.A. as the Lakers did in Texas. For nearly one-half of the game it seemed possible. Then the Lakers got serious. By the end of the first half the Lakers cut the Spurs lead down to a manageable six points and it was apparent that old age and a weak bench had finally caught up with San Antonio. Teams in the NBA can get old in a season and it showed last night. The Spurs made a valiant effort but came up short.

I made a prediction when the playoffs began two months ago. I wrote that the Lakers have one of the best benches of all the NBA teams and last night they validated that call. Luke Walton, Roni Turiaf, Jordan Farmar and Sasha Vujacic all played well coming off the bench. Their younger legs were too much for a Spurs bench that averages 35+ years.

Pau Gasol had a playoff career high nineteen rebounds and five or six were on the offensive boards along with five blocked shots. That, along with Kobe's best game (thirty-eight points) so far in the playoffs was the whole story. The Spurs just couldn't keep up with the younger Laker reserves and it showed. They Spurs looked tired and old by the fourth quarter when Kobe did much of his damage. Kobe was dunking over Tim Duncan and driving the lane with ease. Sasha Vujacic, Jordan Farmar and Derek Fisher hit some clutch three-pointers and sealed the Spurs fate. Once again Manu Ginobili was not a factor for the Spurs.

Here's to the San Antonio Spurs for giving the Lakers a great series and being a classy team and organization. With a few smart trades the Spurs will remain competitive in the NBA. But...whether they remain among the title contenders is dependent upon what they do this off-season. In retrospect I believe the New Orleans Hornets would have probably given the Lakers a much more difficult time in the Conference Finals had they beaten the Spurs in the semi-final series they played.

Whoever wins the Eastern Conference Finals will have their hands full against L.A. I don't like the slower half-court type game the Celtics and the Pistons play. It's boring and results in low scoring games. I do think that Boston would probably give the Lakers a harder time than Detroit. Kevin Garnet has been a thorn in the side of the Lakers in days past. In the 2004 series when he was with Minnesota Timberwolves he had a great series against the Lakers. Anyway....

Go Lakers...

Update: May 30, 2008 - Boston wins Eastern Conference!
Now it's the Lakers vs Celtics. No, it's not a renewal of an old rivalry. Magic Johnson and Larry Bird are long retired. That was over in 1987. This may be the beginning of a new one. Hey Toast - It's on!

RIP Harvey Korman

Harvey Korman died yesterday at the age of 81. He was one of the stars in a movie that probably gave me the single longest, hardest, and most painful laugh of my life. Of course that was the Fart Scene in "Blazing Saddles". That along with some very funny bits in the Carol Burnett show is probably going to be his legacy. Rest In Peace Heddy, oops, I meant Hedly.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lakers Go Up On Spurs 3-1! Now It's Back To L.A.

Despite getting into early foul trouble last night the Lakers finally handed the Spurs their first home loss of the NBA playoffs. The Lakers led from the opening tip-off and never looked back.

Brent Barry kept the Spurs hopes alive with three-point shots that were killing the Lakers. Once again Manu Ginobili had a lousy game. He was not a factor. Bruce Bowen keeps on killing the Lakers with that baseline jumper from three point range and they continue to let him have it. Someone put a hand in his face - PLEASE!

Now the series comes back to L.A. and what I hope is the final game for the Spurs this year. The Lakers have out-toughed the Spurs and the Lakers should win it. But....never count the Spurs out. These guys are experienced and they will die hard. If ever a team had the will and the stones to come back from a 3-1 deficit it's San Antonio.

One other thing: I noticed all the reporters in the post game interviews were trying to stir up shit because of Brent Barry's last shot as time ran out and the fact that there was contact with Derek Fisher. It was not a foul in the eyes of the Spurs players and coach and that's good enough for me. If Barry were smart he would have flopped on that play and he might have gotten the call.

I saw shitty calls all night long. Tim Duncan went up for a lay-up and took about twenty steps. No call. Lamar Odom was called for a blocking foul on what was the most obvious charge I've ever seen. No call. I could go on but that's the way officiating is. It is purely subjective.

Now it's back to Los Angeles and the Staples Center and I hope (should the Pistons beat the Celtics) a long awaited rematch with Detroit. After four years it's time for some pay-back.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ol' Granny Obama Caught Spinning Yarns!

Obama gets more and more like Hillary each day. He's been caught telling tall tales by some of the other blogs. Of course the Lame Stream Media doesn't seem to have much to say about his stories, but they're in the tank for him so that's to be expected.

Anyway, posted this article about Obama's Uncle (or was it his Grandfather?) being part of the "Brigade" that liberated Auschwitz. The strange thing is....the Red Army liberated that infamous death camp. This, along with a few other whoppers leads one to conclude that Obama is either a very poor historian and a liar. A very poor liar. Or, a poor historian. Either way he's gone over to the Dark (Hillary) side with these stories.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Honoring Memorial Day

USA Flag

Have a safe and sane Memorial Day America. Enjoy the barbecue or however you celebrate this day and remember what it's for - to honor the Veterans who payed the ultimate price. God bless America and her Veterans.

NBA - There's No Place Like Home

Well we all knew last night was gonna happen sooner or later. The Lakers were due to play a really bad game. Now they've got it out of their system. I had a bad feeling as soon as Manu Ginobili hit his first two shots it was going to be a long night. The Lakers let the game get out of hand in the first period.

Now it's time to dominate the Spurs like we did in the second game. Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol were tentative in their shot selections and their low-post play. You have got to go up strong in the NBA. If the Lakers expect to get back to the form we KNOW they usually play, it's time to get tough. I don't mean dirty tough but aggressive tough.

As I expected, the Spurs were getting the calls at home they weren't getting at Staples Center. I'm talking about charging fouls that were blocking fouls and calls like that. I don't like it but that's the NBA. The Lakers get the calls their way at home so they can't bitch. Don't look to the refs to help you out Lakers.

To their credit the Lakers took a beating without whining and they will be back on Tuesday in San Antonio to show the fans here in L.A. and elsewhere what they're made of. I look forward to the game. I knew the Spurs weren't gonna fold up as so many of the experts on TNT (are you listening Charles?) were predicting. Now we have a competitive series. It's on now!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Please Dear Lord - No More Marv Albert On TNT

I can't think of any sports announcer more annoying than Marv Albert. Please God - make him have a bad cold tonight. Maybe the Measles or Mumps will do the trick. Just don't let him announce.

Maybe he'll find a new outfit to wear and decide not to show up in San Antonio. Maybe that new garter and silk stockings will keep him on the sidelines. Maybe he'll find a nice hooker with a juicy ass to bite.

Since the death of Chick Hearn I can no longer turn on my radio and turn down the volume of my television and listen to a great announcer. RIP Chick. There will never be another you or your clever and rapid fire way of simulcasting a game. Now we're stuck with whoever is announcing on TNT or the Networks.

So Marv, please keep your big mouth shut and let us watch the game in peace. We don't need to hear "Yesssss" when a great play happens. We can see. No more "downtown" on a long shot or a three pointer. Just shut the f**k up and let us watch the game.

One last thing Marv. That fu**ed up Toupee has got to go. No one gives a shit if you're bald. Lose the Toupee. It wouldn't fool Helen Keller.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Maxine Waters Wins "Pocket Douchebag" Award!

I saw this post on Burning Toast and a few other fellow blogs and it made my blood boil. So.... The World Of Greasywrench is proud to announce the Shit-Stain from South Central, AKA Maxine Waters, is the new winner of the "Pocket Douchebag" award. She has certainly earned it.

To the left is Maxine making her acceptance speech in front of local reporters and thanking everyone who made her award possible. She was quoted as saying "I will do my best to live up to this prestigious award and I'm sure I will find a use for it." She was also quoted as saying, "Maybe on my next trip to Cuba I can take it along". "The last time I was there things were in short supply".

The Pocket Douchebag's handy and convenient compact size makes it portable and easy to carry on airline flights. Flights to Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, and where ever you feel at home Maxine. Just hop one of those flights and keep on going.

BTW Maxine, if you really want to live in a country where the Oil industry is nationalized, try Mexico. It's just down South and Pemex will love you for it. Just go south on the 405 to the 5 and in about two hours you'll be in Heaven. Otherwise, drop the Freudian slips and learn a little bit about our system of Government. We live in a Representative Republic, not a Democracy, not a Monarchy, not a Theocracy, and certainly not a Socialist country.

One last thing Maxine, the next time you head to Cuba to grovel in front of one of the Castro brothers - don't come back!

Lakers Abuse The Spurs

Boy was I wrong when I predicted a close game last night. It actually was close - at least for a couple of minutes. The Spurs appear to be a very tired and disoriented team right now. That's my assessment of last night's game. I didn't expect to see a thirty-point spread at the end. The bookmakers in Vegas must be scratching their heads now. The Lakers cleared their bench last night half-way through the fourth quarter.

Manu Ginobili continues to have a bad series and Tony Parker was a bust last night too. The Spurs have lost their shooting eye and along with it, their offense. The Lakers continue to throw new looks at the Spurs defense with their smart bench rotations. Jordan Farmar and Sasha Vujacic are giving Ginobili and Parker fits with their quickness and tenacity. Derek Fisher must have at least five steals in the first two games. Lamar Odom and Kobe provide great offense forcing Tim Duncan to try and do it all offensively for the Spurs. In other words, the Spurs are seriously out-gunned right now. One San Antonio bright spot is Bruce Bowen. He never misses the baseline shot he takes from three point range. The Spurs ought to work that one more often. He's killing the Lakers from the same spot.

Now the series movies to San Antonio and unless I'm full of shit again (it's been known to happen) the Spurs will recover on their home-court. I've been saying all along about the importance of playing at home in the NBA and it might be the Panacea the Spurs need.

Someone on TNT asked Charles Barkely last night if the Spurs were tired or the Lakers were simply a much better team. Sunday we'll all get the answer. I predict a Spurs win at home. The series is being played as a 2-2-1-1-1 format so San Antonio is going to regret the one that got away last Wednesday at Staples Center. You can't surrender a twenty-point lead on the road and expect to survive what will most likely be a grueling seven game series. We'll find out tomorrow.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Women - Arghhhhh!

The title of the post says it all. I won't even attempt to elaborate.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Michelle Malkin's Bullshit Detector At Work

Here's a story that's been making the rounds on the blogs the last few days. Read about it on Michelle Malkin's website. If all of this proves to be true it's just another example of the lack of accountability our "leaders" seem to be infected with. Michelle has just begun to report on this story and I'm sure more is to come. The link is below. Thanks Michelle.

"More on the deadbeat Dem/Hillary superdelegate/Calif. congresswoman who welched on her mortgage–and her taxes and utility bills, too!
By Michelle Malkin • May 22, 2008 05:12 PM"

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lakers Overcome Twenty Point Deficit To Win

It took the Lakers approximately thirty minutes to decide to play the Spurs last night. Maybe I should say it took Kobe thirty minutes to wake up and play. When he did wake up he came up swinging. What a comeback it was too. One more game like than and I'm gonna need a fibulator and an oxygen tank. But...twenty points in an NBA game isn't shit and the Lakers got very lucky last night.

Whatever Kobe is smoking pre-game I wish he'd knock it off. He's got a bad habit of doing what he did last night. He'll sleepwalk through half a game and then all of a sudden get serious. This wasn't the first time. He might get away with that in game one but if he pulls the same shit again the Lakers aren't gonna dodge the next Spurs bullet.

All the local papers are buzzing today about the "comeback" and such, but the reason the Lakers got away with it is Manu Ginobili disappeared Wednesday night along with his offense. The rest of the Spurs took a small vacation too starting at the six minute mark of the third period but it won't happen again. If Ginobili had even made two of the ten shots he missed last night L.A. would be crying the blues this morning. Get serious Kobe. We can't get away with this again. The Spurs will kill the Lakers next time. I guarantee it.

Still it was a great testament to a Laker team that wouldn't quit and it had to take a mental toll on San Antonio. The Spurs are a class act and they didn't cry and blame anyone but themselves for the loss. Considering they spent the better part of the night before in a grounded airplane they had every right to bitch. The next game won't be so easy. The Spurs are not the type of team to lay down like the Nuggets did in the first round. They will be back and I predict a close game Friday.

Hot Off The Press! Hillary Caught Telling The Truth!

I found the link to this story at Sweetness and Light. It's deliciously ironic. Hillary and Bill are accusing the press of "slanted reporting". Now that's fu***ng rich!

Now wait just one minute. Isn't Hillary supposed to be the smartest woman in the U.S., and yet it took her all this time to figure that out what a corrupt slanted press we have. Bwaaahaaahaaa! She wants to be the next President of the U.S. and it took her fifty plus years to see through the bullshit of the Lame Stream Media.

Hillary has got to be having a Mental Super Nova right now because I believe she feels Obama stole what was rightfully her nomination and now she's gonna zero in on the press as the culprits. And the best part is....she's correct. Obama has had the press bending over and asking for "another" since he announced.

In my opinion, Obama was nominated four years ago when he made the great keynote address at the Democratic Convention. As soon as I heard his speech I said to myself, Greasywrench, the press and Terry MaCaullife are gonna be on this guy like stink on shit. Ray Charles could have seen it coming. Every time the Democrats have a great Keynote address the next thing you hear is "let's get this guy/gal to run. They did it with Barbara Jordon, Mario Cuomo, and Ted Kennedy (that one really worked out).

Isn't that just like the Dems. To select a nominee because he's a great speaker. The only problem is - Obama can speak for hours and say nothing of substance. He's worse than an infomercial at three in the morning. Just like the L.A. River, he's half a mile wide and an inch deep. I actually feel Hillary would make a better President than Obama. Not that I'd vote for either one of them.

This shit serves the Clintons right. They've been using the press and dirty tactics for years and now it's jumped up and bitten both of their fat-asses. Now the shoe is on the other foot how's it feel Bill and Hillary? Not too tight? Ahh sweet irony. The story is below. Try not to laugh too hard when you read what a whining couple of Donkey Dicks the Clintons are.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Greasywrench - Be Careful What You Wish For...

Well now I have gotten what I have been wishing for. It's going to be the Lakers vs Spurs in the Western Conference finals. Now let's hope in two weeks I'm not pissing and moaning about it. The Spurs played a good game tonight and joined Detroit and Los Angeles as the only second round teams to win on the road.

The Hornets live and die by Chris Paul and tonight he needed more help than his teammates could give him. It takes more than one man to win in an NBA game. We Laker fans ought to know after the Lakers were disassembled following Detroit's destruction of L.A. in the 2003/2004 season NBA Finals and Phil Jackson (at that time) deciding to move on.

For the last three years the Lakers have been all Kobe. He couldn't do it by himself then and neither could Chris Paul now. That's the entire game in a nutshell. It takes a team of five to win deep in the playoffs and the Hornets came up short after being the surprise of the year. Congratulations to New Orleans. They are young and you WILL hear more from this team next year.

Now as far as the Spurs go...they are virtually the same team that beat the Lakers in the 2002/2003 West Finals. But.....the Lakers are vastly improved and a hell of a lot more athletic. Shaqille O'Neal in his prime was the MAN and the dominate center in the NBA but by the Detroit series he was not the Shaq of old and he and the Lakers were exposed by the Piston's great team play. Now with Pau Gasol, Derek Fisher (again) and Lamar Odom the Lakers are a very dangerous machine.

As much as I detested Jerry Buss for the aftermath of the 2004 finals and the trashing of that version of the Lakers, it's easy to see he was looking toward the future. In retrospect he was absolutely correct. Now it's come to fruition and we're all looking forward to the Western Conference finals starting Wednesday. Go Lakers!

Spurs vs Hornets - Who Do You Love?

Will it be the Spurs or the Hornets? The crucial game seven is tonight in New Orleans. Thus far only the Lakers and Detroit have managed road wins in the semi-final round of NBA play so things are looking mighty grim for the Spurs.

I have a vested interest in seeing the Spurs win. They've knocked the Lakers around in the finals before and caused more than one family feud. My Sister is a die-hard Spurs fan after having lived in Texas for twenty-six years so of course she hates the Lakers, especially Kobe Bryant. So having the Spurs pull off a road victory over the Hornets sets them up for a little pay-back from the Lakers and gets me and Sissy into another pissing contest. Go Spurs....

But....the Hornets are an X-factor. They're young, untested, and coached by Byron Scott who is one of my favorite all time Laker players. Plus, they're new blood. People get tired of seeing the same damn teams year after year in the Conference and League finals. New Orleans is something fresh and different. Go Hornets....

The NBA is a game of match-ups to use a cliche. Some teams (no matter how well they play in the regular season) just don't play well against others for this reason. A seven game series will always expose any weaknesses a team has. The regular season record against each other might as well be tossed out the window now. So if the Lakers end up playing the Hornets it's anyone's guess as to who wins. Forget their regular season win/loss record against each other.

No matter wins the NO/SA series tonight, the Western Conference Finals start Wednesday at Staples Center. I bet I'll have something to say on Thursday.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pick A Winner

Here's a small picture of the last three days harvest of my Cherry Tomatoes. I only have two plants going in my buckets so I'm getting enough to make me happy. I give em away anyhow. I get about the same amount picked as shown in the picture every three or four days.
The ironic thing is the plants look like they're dying. Lots of brown leaves and branches where I had nothing but bright green a couple of months ago. I'll let these guys go right on living as long as they put out fruit. Fair enough don't you think?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

More European Dhimis Grovel For Islam,2933,356295,00.html

Thanks to Jammie Wearing Fool for posting the link to this story. I am stunned that so many of our European friends have forgotten the lessons of WWII. This ties in very well with the Bush "appeasement" speech a few days ago.

The Dutch have jailed a satirist and political cartoonist for speaking out in a sarcastic comment on Muslims. (Ted Rall, are you scared? Just kidding.) Anyway, this is becoming a scary situation in Europe now. Are we witnessing the death of free speech? Am I wrong here and am I just trying to impose the values and freedoms we take for granted in the U.S.A. on our European jellyfish, oops, I meant friends?

About a month ago I posted on what's happening to Bridgette Bardot in France. She dared to voice an opinion about Islam and its cultural impact on France and she was (for the fifth time) hauled into court and charged with some sort of "hate speech violation". Now it seems more of the European sheep are falling into line with their version of P.C. Did I not get the memo? Is free speech and voicing one's opinion now considered hate speech in many European countries now?

How much longer will it take until this Dhimitude spreads across all of Europe? Am I being melodramatic? I don't think so. All of this reminds me of a great comment/poem on the Nazis by Martin Niemoller and about the unwillingness of people to stand up to tyranny. Above is a picture of the Holocaust Memorial in New England for anyone who cares to read it. The words are as fresh and relevant today as they were seventy-five years ago. Please click on the thumbnail at the top/left of this page and read the words. I dare you to NOT see a parallel with what's happening today.

Big Brown Wins Preakness

I'm not a big horse racing fan but I usually try and watch the Triple Crown races when a horse is in the running to win all three. Today I watched a big brown horse run a race that brought back a thirty-five year old memory.

I was only a nineteen year old kid when Secretariat ran the Belmont virtually all alone in 1973. Not knowing shit about horses or racing, even I could apprecitate the site of a big red horse that ran away from a field of four other horses and in the process set a record that still stands today. In fact, many racing experts feel it may never be equalled or broken.

So, just for a minute today I was a nineteen year old kid again with my whole life ahead of me. I'm watching a race on a warm sunny day as I did in 1973 and marveling at the athletic ability of horses. I never really use the term Deja Vu but it's all I can think of right now.

Here's a YouTube clip of Secretariat winning the Belmont from 1973 below. IF Big Brown wins the Belmont in three weeks I'll post a clip of him too. Until then, the best horse race I've ever seen was the 1973 Belmont. And, the best horse I've ever seen run was Secretariat

Excite News Reports Kennedy Suffers Seizure

"May 17, 5:16 PM (ET)By GLEN JOHNSON

(AP) Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., applauds during a ceremony to award the Profile in Courage Awards,...Full Image
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BOSTON (AP) - A spokeswoman for Sen. Edward Kennedy says he is conscious and talking to family after he suffered a seizure in his Cape Cod home and was flown to a Boston hospital."

As much as I disagree with his politics here's hoping nothing is seriously wrong with the Senator. I'd like to see some grace and compassion from the left wing blogs when a conservative is sick or in trouble as well.

Update: Lakers Win - Utah Goes Is Home!

Last night the Lakers played three quarters of perfect, almost flawless basketball. Unfortunately there are four quarters in an NBA game. They came very close to blowing a nineteen point half-time lead in the last five minutes or so when Utah finally found the three-point range and damn near shot the series back to Staples Center.

Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher all contributed to what was a white-knuckler of a fourth quarter. I had a feeling that Utah was going to make one last run at the Lakers and sure as hell it happened with five minutes to go. Thanks also to Carlos Boozer of Utah for fouling out. You were a major factor and I was relieved to see you sit down. Also, congratulations to Utah for playing a great series and giving the Lakers all they could handle.

Now it's time to see what happens with the Spurs and the Hornets to see who's next. I predicted the Lakers were a vastly improved team over a month ago with a very good chance to go deep in the playoffs and now here they are heading to the Western Conference Finals. Go Lakers and thank you Phil Jackson for backing up your words and predictions three years ago.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Win Or Go Home - Lakers Go Up 3-2 Over Jazz

Well things got sloppy last night but the Lakers eventually pulled off another home court win. They're still making too many ball handling turnovers and it looks like they're being out rebounded on the offensive boards too but they got away with it anyway.

They can't make the same mistakes in Utah next game. To win the big prize they're going to have to win some road games. I still think this series will go seven games but you never know.

One thing that really stands out is the turnovers on turnovers the Lakers tend to make. It's the mark of a young team and the Lakers are relatively young. After forcing a steal or causing a bad pass the Lakers tend to run down court and turn the ball right back over to the Jazz. It drives me crazy when that happens.

What did Kenny Rogers say in the "Gambler"? "You gotta know when to walk away and know when to run". Something like that. Well the Lakers need to know when to slow down and when to run. They can run with the best of the NBA teams but only in their own time and place. Not off turnovers.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Good Ole Dependable Tomatoes

I haven't posted any tomato pictures for a while since I was so obsessed with the weird squash plant I had growing. So, here's a tomato shot I thought I'd post.

These little red ping-pong ball sized goodies grow even when I ignore em. Nothing like unconditional love from a plant. I gave the plants a haircut yesterday or else they would have overrun my balcony.

I'm contemplating cutting down the plants which is probably a dumb idea since they're growing and producing like weeds. I don't know how long the average tomato plant lasts but these guys actually Wintered over. I started them in late October and they began producing in early February. I'm getting about ten a day from both plants. I don't care for tomatoes so I give them away but all reports say they are great. Anyway, at least something I cultivate likes to actually produce fruit.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Close But No Cigar

The Lakers made a fight of it today in Utah but came up short. Kobe being hurt was no excuse. A team can't make as many ball-handling errors as the Lakers did and expect to win. No excuses for the Lakers.

They put on a furious comeback late in the fourth quarter thanks to Derik Fisher and Lamar Odom but all it bought them was an overtime. I could have killed Luke Walton when he allowed his (supposed) easy dunk to get blocked from behind. He kind of trotted up court instead of going up strong and got caught by Price.

Okay. Now it's back to L.A. and Staples Center. Maybe we'll get a few of the charging calls we didn't get today. Like I said a month ago. Home court COUNTS in the NBA. The Lakers will win all their home games and win this series in seven.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Fuck Windows XP Scan Disk!

I am sitting here right now just steaming because I broke one of my own Cardinal rules. I let Windows Scan disk run in XP after a system lockup and crash. I had to shut Windows down by just hitting the restart button on my puter when it locked and after letting Scan disk run for an hour or so it wiped out about 60 gigs of Music Vids, Mp3's and backup data.

Scan disk will not prompt users for permission if it finds problems with files, folders, cross-linked shit, sectors or partitions. It just goes ahead and deletes what it doesn't like. I ran a recovery program and it worked great. The problem is all I recovered was shit. Corrupt fucking shit!

I have 2 hard drives in my puter. One is slaved to the other and I'm always backing up the C: drive to the D: via an image file by using Norton Ghost. What I haven't been doing is backing up my redundant D: drive by burning the data to disk. Now I'm fucked.

I figure I've lost about the last year of Mp3 downloads and YouTube video conversions to the great cyber here-after. Yeah, I know it's my own karma because some of this music I downloaded is bootleg. The problem is I'm an old fuck and the only way I can find this music is via Peer to Peer trading. It isn't being sold anymore. Walk into Best Buy and go to the music DVD section and all there is is nothing but Rap and Hip Hop. Fuck that!

It's all my fault. I should have known better but I haven't been backing up my data by burning redundant DVD's of my music and important files. Now I have to go dig up about a hundred various disks and try and recover what Scandisk "fixed". It's my fault for letting it happen. I broke one of my most important rules. What a fucking dummy I am. The very first thing they taught us in the Computer Information Systems course I took is... ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR FILES!!!!!!!

I think I'm gonna pull a cork tonight and drown my sorrows by listening to music. Problem is I'm gonna have to dig up my music CD's and DVD's instead of listening to the files off my late, great, corrupted D: drive. Someone give me one-hundred lashes please. FUCK!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dumbest Survivor In History!

I can't believe what I just saw Eric do on Survivor. He has to be the stupidest contestant in the history of the game. This schmuck doesn't deserve to win a box of Cracker Jacks. He willingly gave his immunity necklace to Natalie thinking he was going to "redeem" himself in the eyes of the other women. He might as well have jumped into a lagoon full of sharks.

Stevie Wonder could have seen what was coming. The women have been gunning for the men the last three weeks. After Ozzie fucked up by not playing his immunity idol last month the the guys were doomed. WTF! No wonder women have us by the balls.

The reaction from James on the jury was priceless. I believe James, if he hadn't hurt his hand last week would have won this game. Eric, you have to be the dumbest shit that ever lived. The women played you like a cheap guitar. Bwaaahaaahaaaa....

BTW, I didn't say he wasn't a nice guy. In fact he's a real likable kid, just naive and trusting. His likability and niceness may have cost him a million dollars because he had been dominating the immunity challenges the last three weeks against the women and probably would have continued to do so.

All I can say is - Eric; don't ever have any children. Please!

Lakers Win Again!

Okay, the Lakers took another one from the Jazz tonight and Kobe Bryant got his MVP award. But, I have a bad feeling about this series. The Jazz have lost both games but the score doesn't really reflect the actual game play.

With a few breaks going different ways it could easily be Utah up two games to none. The Lakers dominated Denver but they're not closing out against the Jazz like (statistically) they ought to be doing. Now they're heading to Salt Lake City and I have a feeling the Jazz are going to turn it around on the Lakers. Let's hope not, but like I said, I have a weird feeling about this series. The Lakers ought to be crushing the Jazz and they are not.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

In The Valley Balcony Of The Jolley Green Giant

Yo Ho Ho! My first bucket of Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans are up and climbing. I had to sacrifice my mutant yellow squash to make three buckets for beans, which seems to produce quite a nice harvest for a lowly balcony container garden. I've got another type of squash I'm gonna try later in the Summer anyway. I expect to have some pickable size beans around the fourth of July.

Up until today the weather has been great. Now the Marine Layer moved in this morning but it seems to be burning off quickly. I'm still getting quite a few cherry tomatoes from my other buckets but they're eventually gonna have to sacrifice their lives for the good of the garden in a couple of weeks. bucket's gonna have to go for the sake of another crop of....whatever.

The Lakers are playing the Jazz today so it's off to the second round of the NBA playoffs. Now we'll see the Lakers put to the test. Go Lakers!