Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Douchebaggery List For January

Big Red (featured here on the left) has been working overtime during the month of January. The year has started off with a bang when it comes to sleaze and lies from World, National, and local leaders. I won't even attempt to analyze the SOTU address from Obama on Wednesday night. It's been parsed to the point of being ridiculous. But... here are a few others that did make the shit list below. They are in no particular order other than they're all equally stupid.

From - filmfaker Michael Moore, the huge bastion of Socialism and Anti-Capitalism has been approved for a film grant/subsidy from the Michigan Film Office. This is the equivalent of the late Robert Mapplethorpe and the NEA grants that allowed his extremely controversial exhibits depicting Golden Showers and Gay men... all on the taxpayers dime. If Michael Moore's crocumentaries can't stand on their own merits why should the Taxpayers of Michigan subsidize them? The next time Michael needs a few bucks for one of his "fake but true" movies I suggest he should apply to his hero Raul Castro of Cuba. Michigan is nearly bankrupt and getting broker by the day thanks to the collapse of the Auto industry. No hypocrisy here. Just move along.

Also from Hotair - "IPCC based claims on a student dissertation and a magazine article". It seems the people who advocate AGW have used another dubious source to support their findings on Glacial Melting and have shredded the truth again. This time the evidence comes from none other than Mountaineers and a geography student working on a Masters degree. Since when did anecdotal evidence become the benchmark by which scientific study is based? A couple of years ago I was ridiculing Al Gore because of his asinine statement that the "debate is over". It seems the snake-oil salesmen of the IPCC have just about as much credibility when they cite evidence such as this to support their claims of Climate Change and Glacial Melting. Every new lie just burries the AGW movement a little deeper.

From the L.A. Times - "Book fair draws an array of anarchists. Diverse ideologies were on display at the festival in Barnsdall Art Park. Some attendees said the event itself proved the need for revolution: 'We don't fight here. We hold book fairs."
Can you say cliche? The Times article featured a group of self-styled Anarchists that were straight out of Central Casting in Hollywood. I'm surprised that the now irrelevant Joan Baez didn't show up and sing the great songs of Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan. You have an assortment of balding middle-aged hippies with pony tails, the proverbial pissed off feminist, environmentalists dancing around seeds in hope of good germination. I could go on forever when it comes to these clowns. And the underlying theme/hope was we need more fussing and fighting in America. These assholes didn't offer up any solutions - just the wistful longing for more violence and disruption. But hey - isn't that what Anarchists are all about? No answers - just a longing for the "good ole days". Bill Ayers would have been proud. And BTW, shouldn't these jerks be stealing each other's books instead of paying for them? After all, they're Anarchists - aren't they?,0,3735605.story?track=rss

Also from the L.A. Times - "State lawmakers take aim at free parking. There is too much of it, they say, and it encourages people to drive instead of taking the bus, walking or bicycling. A Senate proposal would prompt cities and businesses to reduce its availability.
The idiots in Sacramento are off and running again. They've decided there's too much free parking in the land of fruits and nuts and they intend to do something about it. And it's all under the guise of preventing pollution and traffic jams. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and bet there's a few bucks in it for the State coffers if these assholes have their way. It's another surreptitious grab at our pocketbooks. Living here in San Pedro is a great example of what happens to a business district when there's no parking. People go do their shopping elsewhere. It's not rocket science. I would much rather drive ten miles to Torrance, park for free and shop at the Del Amo mall than risk a forty-dollar parking ticket here. Downtown San Pedro is a ghost town when it comes to shopping. And a huge reason is there is very little parking - free or otherwise. No wonder the state of Kalifornia is bleeding red ink. And they still don't get it. And the last noise one hears will be a "huge sucking sound" (thanks Ross Perot) as more businesses leave the Left Coast.,0,211620.story?track=rss

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dirty Water: No - Not The L.A. Harbor

Nice old school rock video by the Standells from the mid-sixties. For some reason they were labeled an early punk/garage band. I hate labeling bands as anything other than good, bad, or ugly. Judge for yourself what they are. I always liked this song.

BTW, I've fished in the L.A. Harbor dozens of times and it's cleaner now than it was back in the sixties. Back in 1966, the water was so dirty you could walk across the one mile stretch between Terminal Island and the Ferry Building here in San Pedro. It's much better now IMHO. I still won't eat the fish though. Now that was "Dirty Water".

Now - on with the music.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shapes Of Things To Come

I'm back after three weeks of no posts. And no - I wasn't assassinated. I was very sick with a freaking head cold and just didn't feel like blogging. There's some nasty stuff going around. Anyway...

Michelle Malkin posted this on her site this morning and it isn't pretty. We're getting a preview of what's going to happen when KSM, the mastermind of 9/11 goes on trial at this very moment in a New York courtroom with the trial of Aafia Siddiqui, another terrorist douchebag.

Now that we know what to expect when trying Terrorists in Criminal courts perhaps we should find a way to force Eric Holder and Omama to endure the actual court proceedings in lieu of Impeachment. Since they're not busy protecting American interests they should have the extra time to attend.

Doesn't the "buck stop here" with Obama? That's what he's been quoted as saying. Well here's a chance to back your play Mr President since you want these scumbags from the land of sand to be afforded full Constitutional rights. I doubt you'll have a comment on this tonight in your SOTU address.

"You want a glimpse of the future that crime-coddling Eric Holder and the White House will be bringing up en masse?

Right now, in New York City, jihad scientist Aafia Siddiqui is on trial.
here, here, here, and here for background on the MIT-trained microbiologist/suspected KSM operative who went missing after 9/11 — and was caught, shot, and extradited two years in Pakistan after threatening to kill American soldiers.

The Pakistani government is paying for part of her defense. She has used the civilian court system to shout anti-American propaganda and spew
hatred against Jews, cause legal chaos, and make a mockery of the rights she has been granted. al Qaeda has been trained to game the system. The Western-educated Siddiqui is milking it for all it’s worth.

On Monday, she was thrown out twice for outburts. Her defense team is now asking for, you guessed it, a mistrial."

Read more about the story below.

And in honor of the posting title here's an old Yardbirds vid featuring a very young Jimmy Page. Yeah I know - I just dated myself again. Yes - I'm old. But not too old to Rock-N-Roll.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Off With Their Heads! Islamofacists Are At It Again!

Jan 2, 11:05 AM (ET)
COPENHAGEN (AP) - "A Somali man was charged Saturday with two counts of attempted murder for an attack on a Danish artist whose 2005 cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad ignited riots and outrage across the Muslim world, authorities said."

In symbolic support of Danish artist Kurt Westergaard I would like to re-post the cartoon that may someday cost him his life. The depiction of Blowhammad (above/left) with a bomb on his head has forced the artist into hiding (again). Perhaps it would have been more acceptable to Muslims if Westergaard had drawn Blowhammad trolling near the local nursery schools in search of his next Bride. The cartoon was first published in 2005. Then, as now, I eagerly await the World's "Moderate Muslims" to speak out against violence and Muslim fanatics.

According to the article "Westergaard has received previous death threats and was the subject of an alleged assassination plot." The bold Somali assailant in the story below was armed with a knife and an axe in anticipation of killing the seventy-four year old Westergaard. Besides being a religion of hate, Misogyny and intolerance, the Islamofacists are some of the world's great bullies. A twenty-eight year old vs seventy-four year old man isn't exactly what I would call a fair fight, or as the libs love to say, "happening on an even playing field".

Just WTF is wrong with Islam? The Muslims don't seem to be able to understand the concept of free speech or Religious freedom no matter where they immigrate. In Denmark, as with so many other countries of the West, the Muslim immigrants arrive at their host countries and expect the native citizens, along with their Religions, to adapt to the laws of Sharia and Islam. It doesn't matter where they live in Europe, the Muslims can't seem to get along with anyone - including other Muslims of different sects. The conflicts between Sunni and Shia Muslims has been responsible for Muslim on Muslim deaths by the thousands, if not millions. Is there a peaceful answer to a religion that seems determined to dominate, if not destroy any other culture or people other than its own?

Some World leaders have claimed: the Islamofacists are just a small minority that have hijacked Islam to rationalize and justify murder and intolerance therefore allowing those same leaders to avoid a head-on confrontation with Muslims. But mostly we have PC groveling and kow-towing on an international scale by our leaders. It's called Dhimmitude. If this is the case it can only end one way - either with the destruction of Islam or the world's other great religions. The intolerance of Muslim fanatics won't allow any other solution.

The first step to solving any problem is to admit you have one. If the World's leaders won't admit we have one when it comes to the intolerance of Islam and Muslims then when and where is the solution? It's not rocket science.