Sunday, December 22, 2013

Unintended Consequences?

In an ironic turn of events, president Hussein Soetero Omama became a "survivor" of his own healthcare law. While touting the benefits of Omamacare, president Omama was the victim of a botched flu shot...

Due to the current shortage of Doctors who are now retiring because of the ACA, the medical staff at D.C. Memorial hospital have began using staff members not licensed to practice medicine to conduct basic medical procedures. This included janitors who were giving EKG exams, cafeteria workers who were authorized to perform open heart surgeries and orderlies who were performing kidney transplants. One could say the president got a "taste of his own medicine" once they were finished "practicing" on him.

The president was actually the victim of a bathroom attendant who was mistakenly given the job of performing a prostrate exam instead of the flu shot Omama was scheduled to receive. During the procedure the attendant accidentally "probed" too deep with a toilet plunger and struck the spinal column of the president leaving Omama partially paralyzed. 

But fear not - Omama's buddies at GM were able to fit the crippled leader with this spiffy new high-mileage vehicle (the successor to the Volt) that is guaranteed to NOT harm the environment. The White House press corps cleverly dubbed the two wheeler the "deuce poop". It is powered by six large hungry rats on treadmills and is capable of a ten mile per hour top speed. It also gets approximately five-hundred miles per gallon of fuel. Of course the Secret Service has to follow the fallen "leader" around with a bag of Purina Rat Chow to keep the speedy vehicle rolling. There was no mention of the stream of steamy rat turds now littering D.C. Evidently they can't be sorted out from the politicians (more rats) who infest the Nation's capital.

Now - here's hoping that Harry Reid keeps that D.C. Memorial appointment for the testosterone treatments he's scheduled to receive next week. There's no telling what these "medical experts" will be able to come up with while treating Dirty Harry. But I have a sneaking suspicion he's gonna be needing that birth control coverage everyone else is being forced to pay for once he gets his "shots". And I can't wait to see how Nancy Pelosi's frontal lobotomy turns out. It may actually improve her. Any bets?

The moral of this parody is this: If it's good for the Goose, it's good for the Gander. With Omama this pun IS intended. Think about it.

Note: in the interests of full disclosure I found the wheelchair image on the web several years ago. I stuck the Omama face in place of FDR all by myself.

Re-Education Camps - A Progressive Wet Dream

There is no such thing as a wrong opinion. Period! You may get your facts wrong in trying to debate and back those opinions but the opinion itself can NEVER be wrong. That's why we differentiate between facts and opinions. If we can punish someone for verbally expressing a thought it won't be long before we can punish them for even thinking incorrect thoughts at all. Punishing someone for "wrong thinking" is as old as rocks. Look to North Korea, Cuba, the Middle-East and dozens of other totalitarian countries for examples.

Now I'm not a particularly religious person but I do believe in some sort of higher power. I don't know what form or state it would take but it's just a feeling (or faith) I have. So when Phil Robertson expressed his views or interpretation of the Bible he's got every right in the world to do so. He has the RIGHT to be politically incorrect. It is our First Amendment that guarantees it. So now all the PC assholes and fascists of GLADD and other gay rights organizations are pissing and screaming for Robertson's head for daring to think.

The one thing that comes to mind in this twenty-first century version of a book burning is the wonderful dialog between two great American actors in the American classic movie "Inherit The Wind". The courtroom exchanges between Frederic March and Spencer Tracy were epic. Now, even though the movie took a negative viewpoint of Religion vs Darwin, the actual premise of the movie is still relevant. The true point of the movie is/was the punishment of a man for expressing his thoughts. Check out Nox & Friends for some great comments on what's really going on with the gays and their ugly thought control tactics.

It seems the more things change the more they stay the same. The USSR established Gulags for so-called "wrong thinking" dissidents during the Cold War. China and North Korea have re-education camps as I type. Will the witch hunting thought police on the far-left do the same? If they have their way they're gonna pull us all down a very slippery slope and there will be NO going back. As I have said many times on this blog, P.C. thinking and attitudes will and are destroying America.

It's Pat!

I haven't watched SNL for many years. Besides the obvious bias, Saturday Night Love just isn't funny anymore. It's been a good thirty-five years since it was. But every now and then a character showed up that tickled me. The androgynous "Pat" was one of those characters.

Now I'll pose this question - whatever happened to Pat and was it ever established what she/he actually was gender wise? I'll say this, whatever Pat was she/he has a Son. Or maybe it's a daughter. You figure it out. But anyway we know Pat was fertile whether he/she was a guy or gal. The living proof is Hoody/Footie Pajama boy. Or maybe the nerdy Pajama Boy and Pat are twins who were separated at birth. Decide for yourself.