Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rant - Screw All The Craig's List Cheapskates!

I browse Craig's List daily checking out jobs, what's for sale, rants and raves, just about anything that's interesting. I have come to the conclusion after about a year of checking and posting ad content that most of the people on C.L. are flaky, inconsiderate, cheap-ass bastards looking to take advantage of anyone stupid enough to be had.

In May of this year I was looking through the labor gigs and found an ad that was posted for someone to help restore an Austin Healy Sprite. The ad wasn't very specific so I responded with a reply as to what was needed to be done on the car. I do mainly engine and heavy-line repairs but after thirty-five years of working on cars I can and do most anything. Not being a specialist in British auto repair I was mainly just being curious. Most of the techs I know DO NOT like working on British cars and neither do I. They tend to be problematic. But being the nosy shit that I am, I sent a reply to his post. I never heard back from the poster so I just assumed he was another rude and inconsiderate C.L. flake

Well fast forward two months to mid-July and I get an email. It seems the Sprite poster finally got around to answering me. His new project was an Isuzu Trooper. The Sprite had been put on hold. What had happened is this; his Son had pulled the transmission and transfer-case out of the Trooper to install a new clutch and a junkyard transmission. Then his Son ended up disappearing leaving the Trooper torn down in the front of this fellow's house. He wanted an estimate from me for what I would charge to re-assemble the truck. This is not a difficult job, just heavy, nasty, dirty grunt work. Just what I specialize in.

I decided to go up to his house and check it out before I agreed to a price. You never know when someone is handing you a crock of shit. I head to the other end of town (at five dollars a gallon for gas) and take a look. This fellow lives up in a very nice and somewhat exclusive part of Rancho Palos Verdes where the homes list for well over a million dollars. Not exactly South Central Los Angeles. I looked the Trooper over and decide to take the job. Since no one was home when I got there I left and decided to give him my estimate via email.

After returning home I referred to my Mitchell OnDemand labor and estimator guide for a price on the job. The labor guide shows 7.5 hours to do the complete job from start to finish. I cut the labor in half since the truck was already torn down and applied my $50.00 an hour flat rate giving me a total of $175.00 for the job after rounding off the time. The customer was to supply the parts.

I then sent him an email with my estimate. Now that was one week ago and counting. No reply, no phone call (we did exchange numbers) not a damn thing. My best guess is my price is too expensive for his budget. Now keep this in mind - last year I worked in a Classic Car restoration shop in Torrance where the flat rate was $140.00 an hour. Most of the shops in the South Bay are around $100.00 per hour flat rate these days. My rate is low because I have no overhead and I usually work alone. Not exactly expensive if you ask me.

All of this leads me to the conclusion he is a cheap-ass bastard looking to take advantage of someone. I personally know a couple of dumb-asses who would probably do this job for a case of beer and a fat hooter. This fucker knows it too. I'm sure he'll show up at Home Depot or the day labor hiring center on Pacific Coast Highway and try and hire an illegal. I don't blame the guys down there. They're just trying to survive. I just get pissed off at shit-stains like this who exploit and take advantage of the situation.

I hope he calls back because I need the money. Doesn't that suck?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Where's The T.P.? I'm Wiped Out!

Last night I decided to pull a cork and have a couple of shots of Brandy in honor of the Earthquake we had here in San Pedro (so what if it was centered in Chino Hills twenty miles away) and do a little celebrating. My personal view is the next one could be the "big one" so why not go out in style and with an alcohol inspired smile on my face - as if I really need an excuse to drink?

As Mrs Greasywrench and I were listening to music while anticipating Kalifornia's eventual slide into the Pacific Ocean in the near future, she was sneezing one sneeze after another. She's been doing this for the last four or five months. I know it's not caused by my balcony container garden since none of my veggies are currently producing pollen. We finally concluded she's developed allergies to our cats after all these years.

Bare in mind we have been married for twenty-six years and have had cats for most of that time and she's never had a problem before. So now she's been sneezing and we believe it's probably because of our long haired male Maine Coon mix. Just for posterity I posted the photo above of our cats. One well adjusted Grey male Tabby and two neurotic female drama queens. (were the last four words redundant?)

Anyway, last night she went through our last roll of toilet paper (unknown to me) blowing her nose. I get up this morning and low and behold I'm winging it - there's no poo-poo paper. I'm totally wiped out from last nights festivities and to add insult to injury I have to go downstairs and rummage through my Son's room looking for paper towels, newspapers (the L.A. Times would do nicely), corn cobs - anything to do the job. Jesus H Christ! I can't seem to catch a break.

Luckily for me, my Son Michael had fast food from the corner burger joint last night and they supplied him with a shitload (all puns are intended) of napkins. Thank the Lord for Troy's Burgers. And yes, Troy's is owned by Greeks and they do serve Cokes, not just Pepsi, and you can get fries, not just chips. Thanks Troys.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Damn Earthquakes!

Well we just had one and I'm pissed. It fucked up a VCD I was burning. I had to re-boot my computer and ended up with a coaster. The photo on the left is from the Northridge quake of 1994. That quake trashed all the freeways at the north end of the San Fernando Valley and caused quite a few deaths. Compared to that one, the shaker today was like rocking in a cradle.

I'm hearing on the news it was a 5.0 or something like that. The damn thing is with an earthquake is you don't know when they're done. The inner ear plays tricks on the human body. When you think it's done you're never sure since one still feels dizzy. I did.

The best way to know when the quake is finished shaking is to look outside and see if the phone poles have stopped swaying. This was a mild one compared to the Roller Coaster ride we took in 1994. That one scared the shit out of me. Now it's back to my VCD burns....or maybe I ought to wait a while. Fucking Kalifornia!

If there's a silver lining to this cloud I'll bet my corn got a good shaking and that helped with the pollination today.

Update: the L.A. City Council just adjourned to hide under their desks. Tough shit you Wankers. The quake has been called a 5.4 magnitude shaker.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Let's Get High!

Okay - that's up to you. Personally, I like to pull a cork myself but I've been known to torch one up every now and then. But, I'm talking about a different kind of high right now.

Here's my buddy Kevin for a little perspective fumbling around among in my fully grown corn stalks. When I said they were close to ten feet tall I wasn't bullshitting. I guess it just confirms the old rumor about how high they stack shit in Kalifornia. BTW, Kevin is about five feet eight inches tall just to give you some reference.

Note: the spellchecker in Blogspot decided there are two t's in the word bullshitting. That's good to know the next time I spell it.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

And A Democrat Shall Lead...

I was typing or reading (can't remember which) on my computer the other night when this great video by Gerard Baker of the Timesonline was aired on H&C. I just heard a bit of it at that time but the complete video was posted on YouTube and I finally got to see it in its entirety. You might feel he's being satirical but it's actually a dead-on comment on the liberal press. Here it is and I warn you it's HILARIOUS!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hell Just Froze Over! AP Says We're Wining In Iraq!

Associated Press Writers Sat Jul 26,

The United States is now winning the war that two years ago seemed lost. Limited, sometimes sharp fighting and periodic terrorist bombings in Iraq are likely to continue, possibly for years. But the Iraqi government and the U.S. now are able to shift focus from mainly combat to mainly building the fragile beginnings of peace — a transition that many found almost unthinkable as recently as one year ago."

Did I just eat a few magic mushrooms and hallucinate this headline? Better click on this one before it disappears. According to the Associate Press we're wining in Iraq. The article actually conveys a positive message about the conditions there now.

Psssshhhttt....don't tell Obama or the Dhimicrats....

Rant For Today

I was just sitting here minding my own business and who pops up on my television? One of the most annoying characters and ad-men television has ever produced - Billy Mays. His shrieking pitch and loud voice is ruining my Saturday. Yeah I know, change the channel. The problem is; once this fucker gets in your head he tends to stay there.

What the fuck is wrong with the advertising industry that makes them believe this loud obnoxious turd will be able to sell me anything? I could be in Hell and I wouldn't buy a glass of ice water from this clown.

And, as with most infomercials, just when you think they're over you hear good ole Billy say....But Wait! Then you get the "two for the price of one" bullshit. Jesus H. Christ, can't the advertising industry come up with something fresh - Please!

Okay. I'm finished.

Not Too Bad For A City Boy

I've been picking my grey/green and yellow Summer squash for about two weeks now. I'll get four or five in the course of a week and then the next week the plants seem to concentrate on flowering. Anyway, I've picked four green squash like the one in the picture here and two avocado sized yellow ones so far. The last three days saw about five female flowers on my yellow squash plant that I personally hand-pollinated. In four or five days and they'll be ready too.

Now that Summer is in full swing here in San Pedro the pace should pick up. I've given all of these little cukes away up until now but I'm gonna bread and fry some for myself when I pick the next green one. I give the yellow ones to my Sis and Brother-In-Law.

My tomatoes are starting to come around. We've been picking and eating our Squash for about two weeks now. I've got a ton of baby toms on the vine. The corn is close to ten feet tall (I swear) and I should start picking in about eight or ten days. My beans are the only drawback. I've had problems off and on with them so far. I have picked a couple of pounds of nice sized ones and then the plant quits for a while. Too much water is my best guess. I have to re-design the way this plot of land irrigates.

The great thing is I've noticed so far this Summer is I haven't seen one beetle, worm, or bug. I see plenty of spiders but that's a good thing. I've got a shitload of hornets or wasps flying around my corn but they don't bother me and I don't bother them. No varmints either. We had a Raccoon with a couple of babies hanging around last Spring but she seems to have disappeared too. So far life in the green zone is grand.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Democrats Respond With A Clean Green Vehicle!

Breaking News Just In...
July 24, 2008, Bumblefuck, Egypt...
Greasywrench News Service (c)...

Environmentalist Al Gore and the Green lobby have come up with what they feel is the solution to America's energy crisis. In the picture posted here the new "Green Machine" makes its debut. In honor of the late great former President FDR, the environmentalists decided to use his likeness to illustrate their newest "high tech" answer to the fuel crisis.

The Green Machine comes complete with a 4.11 differential for fast acceleration and hole-shots and a retro set of G78R-15 radial Goodrich T.A. tires. It is completely powered by an ingenious system of belts and pulleys. Not visible in the illustration above is the optional Rat/Treadmill Turbocharger. The optional Spoiler for good handling is also pictured in the photo provided by Gore's company which is named "Hell On Wheels".

Al Gore is reportedly the designer. He claimed he had it on the drawing board many years ago but his invention of the Internet was a more pressing matter at that point in time so the Green Machine was put on hold. It has a negative Carbon Footprint and also has an optional DVD player. A four wheel drive version is planned for the future.

The Estate of the Roosevelt Family had no comment.

More Weird Shit From The Peanut Gallery

Thu Jul 24, 5:41 AM ET
"WELLINGTON, New Zealand - A family court judge in New Zealand has had enough with parents giving their children bizarre names here, and did something about it."

I wonder who died and left this clown in charge.....
I almost agree with this judge - almost. You see this in the entertainment business all the time. Celebrities seem to love naming their children after trendy shit like automobiles, fruit, seasons, diseases, anything that comes to mind I suppose.

I gotta cringe when I think of the crap these kids will have to take because their folks were such dedicated followers of fashion (thanks Ray Davies). The parents of this girl actually named her "Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii." It's tough enough in today's world to prosper without an additional burden such as that name. What comes to mind is the Johnny Cash song "A Boy Named Sue".

But - to have a judge decide he knows better is just plain ridiculous and perhaps a little bit totalitarian. If anything in the world is subjective (Okay - maybe Modern Art) it's the name of a person. Who the hell is this activist judge to decide.

The funny thing is; I always thought the Kiwi's and Aussies were much closer in temperament and world views to us in the United States than our British cousins when it comes to many things. They now seem to be moving faster towards the Politically Correct bullshit that currently infests the U.S. A.

I just read this story on Yahoo so the link will probably be dead in a few days but here's the lowdown below.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The More Things Change...

the more they stay the same.

You can not believe how angry I am after watching the video below. I'm gonna go out on a limb and bet that many of these far-left fuckers are loyal Dhimicrats. Now bear in mind I am still registered as a Dhimicrat but this shameful example of the far left is why I will NEVER vote for the Dems again. Why? So many in the once great Democrat Party openly court and embrace these scumbags. They are a large part of its base.

Of course this march happened here on the Left Coast in the College town of Santa Barbara. Kalifornia seems to be caught in a time warp. It appears many of these Donky Dicks never got out of the sixties. Every left-wing cliche in the book appears in the video below.

We have the shit-stain with a Mohawk, the Butch looking Bitch that spits on the young man doing the interview, the old British Hippie with a ponytail who calls America a "fascist country", the hag in Birkenstocks mindlessly pounding a bongo, a soccer mom praising the "poetry" of the terroists, and the fat-ass girl walking away telling the cameraman to "fuck off". They're all right out of Central Casting. The only thing missing was Jane Fonda, Huey Newton, and Bobby Seale.

(BTW, I'm not against ponytails. I had hair and a ponytail down to my ass until 1975 when it got cought in the wheels of a creeper at work. Long hair and auto repair DO NOT MIX)

I have a question for the Brit who hates this country. Why the fuck are you here? Go home asshole. Or better still, how about trying North Korea or Cuba? Perhaps you might learn what true fascism really is. Oh sure, it's really easy to pick on an easy target such as the U.S. when it comes to calling us Fascist. The very freedom our fighting men and women provide allow you to trash them and call them Fascist. How ironic. From what I'm reading about in Europe, and in England in particular, indicates they are embracing Sharia and Dhimitude there. No wonder the Brit is in the U.S. He'd be up on charges for hate speech in the U.K.

I suppose I'm so pissed off because these assholes are repeating the same sick fucked-up abusive treatment of American Vets that their Parents did. It's just a guess but I have a sneaking suspicion they're the legacy and children of sixties America-hating hippies. Am I stereotyping these people? Yes I am. Then again, they are stereotyping themselves. Watch the entire video. It has something for everybody.

Note: the young man questioning protesters who was spat upon is an Iraq war veteran. Sound familiar?

Friday, July 18, 2008

A Man Just Escaped From My Corn Patch!

A couple of weeks ago I posted a picture of what appeared to be a face in my corn. Well...just thinking it was a trick of light and shadows I thought no more about it....until this happened!

So yesterday morning I was watering my little garden and low and behold a man comes bolting out of the corn patch! The damned thing was he kind of looked familiar. I know I've seen this guy before but I just can't place him. Anyone know who he is?

Anyway, I snapped a quick photo as proof and it appears here in the upper left. Just who in the hell was/is this guy? He ran and acted like he has a habit of running through corn fields. Another strange thing is I heard a low flying prop plane and I would swear I heard gunfire. Was this plane shooting at this guy?

I yelled at him to get the hell out of my corn and he ran by and mumbled something about Mt. Rushmore and some gal named Judy Judy. Then he just vanished somewhere down Grand Avenue. I wonder who he was.....

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Food Nazis Are At It Again! Screw The Nannies!

Los Angeles City Council member Jan Perry has proposed a fast food ban in certain parts of (South Central) Los Angeles to curb the growing obesity and health "crisis" in Southern Kalifornia. Well God Damn! It seems the hidden message here is some folks aren't smart enough to make well informed choices about nutrition so now the City Council here wants to do it for them. The fucking Nanny State douchebags are all over us again like stink on shit.

If I were an African-American I would be seriously pissed and insulted since the ban is targeted towards South Central Los Angeles. I guess the nitwits on the City Council feel that Blacks shouldn't decide for themselves what they should eat. Why else would they target this part of the City? BTW, Councilwoman Perry could stand to loose a few pounds herself.

It's a medical fact that some ethnic and racial groups are high risk when it comes to Diabetes. These groups are Hispanic, Blacks and Native Americans. With all of the Public Service Announcements on Television today I think the whole world is aware of the health risks of Diabetes. Just give me the facts and let me decide for myself what I can and can't eat. I do not want the City of Los Angeles to do it for me.

It's bad enough that I'm being taxed into an early grave because I choose to smoke. What tar and nicotine won't do to me the Tax Man will. It costs about a dollar-and-a-half to manufacture and market a pack of cigarettes and the fucking things sell for over five dollars a pack here in Kalifornia. Well it doesn't take an accountant to see that the pigs in our Government are the ones making all the money on a pack of smokes. There's an addiction involved here for sure. The addiction the Tax Man has to my money. Now Health Nazis are spying on your dinner plates here in So Cal.

I've predicted this before and it's coming to fruition - as Tobacco tax revenues decline due to decreased smoking, the pigs in Government are going to have to come up with new sources to replace the Tobacco Tax money. This is just the beginning.

Make no mistake about it. It won't end with food. There are plenty of other so-called "sin taxes" that will be proposed. It started out with Tobacco. I'm sure Alcohol is on their radar too. Now it's on to food. It won't end here. What's next? Hang gliding? That's dangerous. How about helmets for motorcycle riders? Ooops, that's already a done deal. I used to ride and I always wore a bucket...but, it was my choice. Just what part of the definition of the word choice do they not understand? Read more below.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Is This The Face Of Insanity?

Is this woman crazy? You decide. After spending her formative (or is that uninformative) years as a Demoncrat Cynthia McKinney is the Green Party candidate for President.

If the Greens, Cynthia, and the environmentalists (and the Dems) have their way we'll all be wiping our asses with corn cobbs after a dump and riding in covered wagons again in another generation. Click on and read some of the fun Cynthia Links below. This nitwit needs to double up on her Ritalin dose.

How stupid can people be to elect (twice) a crazy douche like her. I could probably post a couple of million (actually, only 86,400 when I googled "crazy cynthia mckinney) links on her insanity but there's a text limit on blogspot.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

"Tall Tales" From San Pedro Kalifornia

Well it's official. I now have the tallest corn in the world. I do believe I will contact the people at the "Guinness Book Of Records" now and see if I can make it into the next issue.

Here, in this wonderful shot of my corn on the upper left, you can see my Ferry Morse Silver Queen White Hybrid Corn is beginning to tangle up the power lines here in town. I expect a call any minute from the DWP to make me cut it down. Well you know what - I'm not gonna do it. The South Bay will just have to do without power for a couple of weeks.

What really concerns me is - what if I'm typing in my blog and this massive stalk causes my computer to crash by crashing the power grid here in San Pedro. I'll never be able to finish this pos....

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Have The British Totally Lost Their Minds?

I just saw this post on Tammy Bruce's website and had to click on it. Just when you thought that it was safe to cross over the pond this crap comes out. It seems some touchy-feely group in England thinks children who don't like "spicy foreign foods" may be racist.

You can't dream this shit up. It has been my experience over the years that very few children enjoy spicy foods, just as very few children enjoy a Whiskey Sour, Vodka Martinis, or a Rum and Coke. Certain things are an acquired taste, among them are liquor and strong tasting food. A child's palate is not sophisticated enough to appreciate the better things in life.

As a child I can remember tossing up a plate full of green beans at the dinner table one night because my Aunt forced me to eat them. I had the same loathing for Liver and Onions, which was one of my Mom's favorite dishes to prepare for the five of us. I always thought that liver tasted like blood. That was the child in me. Today I love Chicken livers breaded and deep fried. I also grow and love eating green beans. Tastes change and tastes mature. I sure as hell don't remember hating Chicken livers for being Chicken livers. Hell, I'm not a racist - some of my best friends are Chickens.

Which brings me to my point - there are people in this world that will insist on seeing racism, phobias, hatreds and just plain negative character flaws in all people. Sometimes they are right. However - when they start projecting their own character flaws and prejudices such as this onto children it's time to say enough! Children are not born racist, they have to be taught. The dislike of many things sour and spicy has nothing to do with racism. They're just being kids. The link is below.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Let It Grow (Think Eric Clapton)

I finally got rid of the nitwit who was hiding out in my little corn patch last week so now my corn is growing like mad. The tallest stalk is around seven feet tall right now.

This stuff gets six inches taller every four or five days. My largest stalks are tasseling. No silks yet but the silks usually seem to just show up overnight from my past experience with corn.

Let It Grow - By Eric Clapton...

Standing at the crossroads,
trying to read the signs
To tell me which way I should
go to find the answer,
And all the time I know,
Plant your love and let it grow.

Let it grow, let it grow,
Let it blossom, let it flow.
In the sun, the rain, the snow,
Love is lovely, let it grow.

Looking for a reason
to check out of my mind,
Trying hard to get a
friend that I can count on,
But there's nothing left to show,
Plant your love and let it grow.

Let it grow, let it grow,
Let it blossom, let it flow.
In the sun, the rain, the snow,
Love is lovely, let it grow.

Time is getting shorter
and there's much for you to do.
Only ask and you will get what you are needing,
The rest is up to you.
Plant your love and let it grow.

repeat chorus...

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Boxing Cliches And The Pacman

I finally got a chance to watch the replay of the Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao vs David Diaz fight last night and it only confirmed what I already know. Manny Pacquiao is THE dominant fighter in professional boxing today.

Last December I blogged on who was the "pound for pound" best fighter in boxing after Floyd Mayweather Junior dominated Ricky Hatton and the sports writers trotted out their favorite cliche. In my opinion (then and now) there is only one fighter who fits the pound for pound axiom and it's Manny Pacquiao. After watching the Pacman destroy David Diaz in their bout I am now convinced.

I have been watching Pacquiao for the last five years or so and he improves with each fight. He's become faster, hits harder, has developed a multi-arsenal of punches and seems to possess something that many fighters tend to lose once they become champions - the hunger to keep winning.

The only question I had about this fight was - would Manny take the power and speed he had as a lighter fighter into the heavier Lightweight division. Well he sure as hell did in this fight. Diaz was helpless from almost the first bell. He couldn't handle the speed or power of Manny's fight and even made a comment in the corner to his trainer about it. Diaz was finally was dropped in the ninth round by a short but powerful left hook to the cheek and the fight mercifully ended.

Pacquiao is at his peak and in his prime right now and the only thing that can slow his game down is something that many boxers fall victim to - the party lifestyle and perks that always come with being a boxing Champion.

With all of the clowns fighting today who refuse to unify their championships by only fighting stiffs Manny is a refreshing throwback to an earlier era. He is fighting anyone and everyone who has the stones to step in with him. He gives his all with every fight. The only thing Manny has to watch out for in the next five years is himself. This guy is a pleasure to watch.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

San Francisco Unveils Alien Deportation System

July 3, 2008 - San Francisco, Kalifornia...
"Just in from the Greasywrench Press Service"

Mayor Gavin Nuisance and the City of San Francisco previewed its new Deportation System for illegal aliens who commit drug related felonies. The proud Mayor of the "City By The Bay" announced the system would be the perfect way to deal with the scourge of drug related crimes being committed by "undocumented guest felons".

A beaming Mayor Nuisance proudly proclaimed "Hey guys, check it out, it works just as we designed it to work". Here in this photo from Unassociated Press is the first guest felon being sent back to his home country. "I'll be back in a sec" the unidentified man thundered.

Mayor Nuisance vehemently denied the reports from Michelle Malkin's web site that the city was surreptitiously sending several guest felons on free airline trips out of State only so they could return to Kalifornia's northern coast to commit more crimes. "This is San Francisco" shot back the Mayor. "Would we do that?"

In a related story, the City Of Berkeley denied rumors it was considering sending convicted murderers to "sensitivity training" and "anger management classes" in lieu of prison sentences.

House Speaker and San Francisco native Nancy Pelosi had no comment....

More news to follow...

Happy Birthday USA!

Happy Birthday USA

God bless America and Happy Fourth Of July!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Who's The Dude In My Corn? Get The F**K Out Pal!

Maybe I have a vivid imagination or it's just old age and diabetes. Am I seeing things or is it a case of too many Stephen King novels?

I'm seeing some bonehead's face in my corn and it's pissing me off. He's not doing any of the watering or weeding. Last time I checked he didn't help with the plant food. Get the fuck out buddy! Go haunt a house.

That's my rant for the day, at least until I can find something political or sports related to aggravate me.

Hey Baby!

I'm a proud papa again. My first two Grey Zucchini Squash are healthy and thriving. It looks like the plethora of Bees in my buddy Kevin's apartment complex are busy doing what Bees are supposed to do. Last Spring I couldn't buy a Bee in my area but this place is swarming with them.

I have two different types of Squash so I'll probably get some cross-pollination but that's not a problem. I won't be saving any of the seeds so I don't have to worry about weird looking squash hybrids.

One of my Yellow Straight-neck plants has a bud but it hasn't bloomed yet. If all goes well and these are pollinated I should be slicing and breading these little cukes in a couple of days. If not, I'm sure I'll have something else to post and bitch about. Check em out.

From The Left - It's All About "How I Feel"


"The city of Denver has already begun to celebrate the Democratic National Convention, which officially begins less than two months from now. Pre-events have included the Colorful Food Watch and the Festival of Unpaid Bills, and yesterday’s State of the City speech began with Leftist Patriotism on Display. Instead of singing the national anthem as requested, Rene Marie replaced it with a protest song:"

Rene Marie chose to sing "Lift Ev'ry Voice And Sing" at the Denver State Of The City event instead of the National Anthem using the rationale "‘I want to express how I feel about living in the United States, as a black woman, as a black person,” .

I read this story yesterday on Jammiewearingfool and this morning on and once again the left in this country have displayed their "patriotism" in very selective ways. Aren't these the same assholes who have protested and have removed the flying of the Confederate Stars And Bars flags for years in Government Courts and in buildings Southern States? Doesn't the site of a granite slab of the "Ten Commandments" cause them to shit their pants and run whining to the ACLU?

With the left it's often about "how I feel" instead of respect and tradition. What about millions of Southerners who fly the Confederate Flag because it's "how they feel". The Confederate flag represents the ultimate sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of young Southern Men and their honor and bravery. I have NEVER heard anyone from the South say they fly the Stars And Bars because it represents slavery. WFT! I guess feelings only count when they originate from the left.

Suppose Lynyrd Skynyrd or .38 Special opened a NASCAR event or an Alabama Convention with a rousing version of "Dixie" because it's "how they feel". You can bet your last fucking dollar this would be front page news in the Lame Stream Media and RevRearend Al Sharpton would have waddled his fat ass down South and screamed bloody murder.

What did George Orwell once say - something about "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others". It seems the more things change the more they say the same.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mugabe Wins Tiny Douche Award

For being a Tin-Shit African Cesar and running one of the most corrupt elections the world has seen in recent years, Robert Mugabe wins the "Tiny Douche" award for July of 2008.

By flaunting his racism and hatred of all things Western, Mugabe has shown (once again) what a World Class Douchebag he is. He recently told the western powers that be to "go hang" when he was chastised for last week's "elections" in Zimbabwe.

In the photo posted above Mugabe receives his "Tiny Douche" award. The ceremony was attended by much of the World's press corps who pelted the Dick Tater with questions.

Like all dictators, Mugabe believes he'll live forever. But....somewhere in Zimbabwe is a bullet with his name on it. Or maybe it's a machete` or a knife. It doesn't matter. If history has taught us anything about African politics it's this; all power is fleeting. All rulers are vulnerable and Mugabe is no exception. His clock is running out of time. You can take that to the bank. Even though he's in his eighties he will not die of old age. Bet on it.

I Guess It's True - Don't Mess With Texas!

"By JUAN A. LOZANO, Associated Press Writer Tue Jul 1, 5:14 AM ET
HOUSTON - Ever since he fatally shot two men he suspected of burglarizing his next-door neighbor's home, 62-year-old Joe Horn has been both praised and vilified for his actions."

If you remember this story from last year you'll understand the title of this post. Joe Horn was cleared by a Grand Jury of any wrongdoing for shooting and killing two burglars last November 14 as they crawled out of his neighbors window in Pasadena Texas. The two men killed were illegal immigrants from Colombia. One had a criminal record with a drug related conviction.

Many years ago my late Father-In-Law shot a man breaking into his house. He (my Father-In-Law) repeatedly warned the man he was armed and would shoot, but the idiot came through the kitchen door/window anyway. Pops shot the jerk with a 9mm at nearly point blank range in the shoulder. It dropped him and stopped him. It was later determined the man was on PCP.

Anyway, Pops was put through the wringer by the legal processes here in L.A. for protecting himself and his home. His handgun was seized and they ran a trace and ballistics test on it. He was eventually cleared when it was determined the man he shot was coming through his kitchen door. After a long process the LAPD returned Pop's handgun.

I always thought that it was a cut and dried situation that when you protect yourself you are allowed to use deadly force. Not so in Los Angeles. My late Father-In-Law was a decorated WWII combat veteran but he was treated like a criminal in this case. At least common sense reigns in Texas.

The question in the Joe Horn case was he was NOT protecting his property but the property of his neighbor. Even in that situation Texas allows some wiggle room. One thing is for sure. No one will ever screw with Joe Horn after this. At least not in Texas.