Friday, June 29, 2012

When Words Fail Me - I Just Post A Video

I'm still flaming about yesterday and the spin and outright fucking lies I keep hearing is hurting my ears. Not a tax my ass! And now I'm hearing that Holder's (IN)justice department has no intention of investigating or prosecuting Holder. We're up against a stacked deck with Omama and the demoncrats! These assholes have GOT to go in November!

So... when all else fails I put on some music. I'm really going back in time with this song.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

No Dumbass - The American Taxpayers Will Pay!

Do you remember this stupid twit and democrat in the video below (excuse the redundancy)? Well now we can add health-care to her shit-list of democrat wet dreams.

The USA is for all intensive purposes broke and the democrats via the health-care program wrote another rubber check. And the SCOTUS just affirmed it. And while I agree we need serious health-care reform, turning it over to the federal government will be one of the most profound mistakes we have ever made as Americans. Unless the upcoming elections give us a Republican Congress and President there will be no turning back. Once this program is entrenched it will be here to stay and we can kiss our Republic goodbye and welcome in European style socialism.

Oh, and by the way, how is "socialism" working out for the people in Europe? We have learned nothing from their mistakes.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Here's Why Immigration Reform Doesn't Work!

Kalifornia Immigration Policy
And why it never will. It's been said by experts but I feel I speak from unique and personal experience on the subject. 

This is totally anecdotal evidence but... after almost forty years in various shops I can tell you that Kalifornia is swimming drowning in illegal auto repair techs. Anyone (CharlieDelta - are you reading this?) who has walked into a body shop or auto repair facility in Kalifornia or the Los Angeles area can testify to that fact.

I began my auto repair career in 1973 and with only one exception, every shop I have worked in has had illegal aliens employed as auto techs. And every employer KNEW it. All of the shop owners knew of the situation and either ignored it or just didn't give a shit. Either way the result was the same. They were well aware they were breaking the laws of the State and the USA.

I actually worked in one shop where all the mechanics had fake green cards and drivers licenses. Things got so bad I had to start doing all the test-drives when jobs were completed because the techs were afraid of being stopped by the Police and having their illegal status exposed. And the hit on wages has been devastating. In 1981 I was making $15.00 per billable hour in the shop where I worked. By 2008 the same work in another shop paid $10.00 per hour. Adjusting for inflation it was probably around one-half (my guess) of what I had made twenty-seven years earlier. And because of competition and the glut of cheap labor there are almost NEVER any benefits in these jobs. I could fill this post with many stories such as this but it would take hours and I think I've made my point.

After the Immigration Reform Law was passed in 1986 it became mandatory for anyone hired in this State to provide an identification proving they were in this country legally. Since 1986 I have worked in six auto shops and only one has requested proof of my legality. And that is the problem. Until the employers in America start to give a shit we will never stop the flood of illegal workers into the country. I don't care how many reform or "dream acts" are proposed. We already have enough laws and penalties on the books. They just aren't enforced.

And as I type and direct my rant at employers and the halfwits in Congress here's my REAL beef - we now have a president who chooses NOT to enforce our immigration laws because he doesn't like them. What kind of message does that send to the employers of this country? If the man who SWORE an oath to protect and defend the laws of America will not do his duty, how in the fuck can employers ever be expected to do theirs?

We don't need any new immigration laws passed. What we need to do is enforce the laws on the books, force employers to comply, and elect a President who will do the same. It's so simple a caveman could do it.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Have A Nice Trip... See You Next Fall...

Alright already - I couldn't resist the cheap shot. And I DO mean we'll see you next Fall Omama! November the sixth to be exact.

Elizabeth Warren - Poser And Coward

Here I go again. I blogged about this several weeks ago but the story just won't die. I have a special contempt in my heart for Elizabeth Warren. And it's not only because of her politics. It's her cowardice and the fake Indian pose she has struck.

Elizabeth Warren is now ducking the four Cherokee women her campaign promised to speak with several days ago. Not only is she a liar - she's a cowardly liar. And what's the (fake) reason for ducking these women? They're former Scott Brown donors.

Several years ago I did Paternal genealogical research for the fun of it. My Father was from Checotah Oklahoma. Before he passed away my Father provided me with his Father's (my Grandfather) BIA number. I then wrote to the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma, paid a small fee, and received Paternal information dating back to pre-Civil War times. Authentic genealogical research is not That hard. I have traced my paternal Indian relatives back the days when they didn't have Christian names. And unlike Elizabeth Warren, my Grandfather and his family were on the Dawes roll.

Why my rant: I get very very pissed about Elizabeth Warren because I have NEVER checked any type of group, racial, or "victim status" check box on a job application or government document to give myself an unearned advantage as she did. And although I am proudly Irish, German, and Cherokee, I will always refer to myself as an American!

Elizabeth - you can kiss my Mick, Kraut, Redskin, AMERICAN Ass!

Omama To Latinos: Use A Spoon - Go To Jail!

From the pages of Michelle Malkin comes this WTF article

Evidently the Omama people don't trust Latinos with the silverware. Either that or they think someone is gonna stir the president to a desired consistency. And Doug Powers, the author of the article, makes the righteous point that had this happened at a Republican event Mitt Romney would have been "roasted" alive by the press. Oh well, nothing to see here. Move along.

Nancy Pelousy Again (for the umpteenth time)

“I think he should [declare the debt ceiling unconstitutional],” Pelosi said, though she wouldn’t predict Obama’s move. “I’m in a different branch of government. In the minority, in the House. What do I know about what the president’s going to do?” - Nancy Pelosi

Just when I thought Nancy Pelousy couldn't imaginably, possibly, humanly, or conceivably get any stupider - she got stupider. But then again she IS a democrat. I'm amazed she can get out of bed and dress herself. (maybe someone does it for her)

The absurdity of her latest statement boggles the mind and speaks for itself. There's no need to elaborate in this post on her latest screed. It's finally time for that straight-jacket Nancy.

Today's Palate Cleanser - Is Tamara Holder A MILF?

I got on one of those web searches late tonight that involved one link leading to another and I eventually arrived at the video below. It features Tamara Holder and Andrea Tantaros in a quickie forty-second cat fight over whether the term MILF is a compliment or an insult.

I must confess; I enjoy seeing Tamara Holder being beaten up verbally on a regular basis by Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin along with other FOX news pundits. Tamara must have a bit of Masochism in her personality. She never seems to win a debate but she keeps coming back for more abuse at the hands of the FOX Conservatives.

There is quite a bit of rumor and speculation involving Tamara on the internet. Crap like; is she blind (no), is she Jewish (yes) is she Jesse Jackson's sweetheart (maybe). Most is pure bullshit from what I've read. But this leads me to the important question: is Tamara a MILF? You decide....

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Pop Quiz - Is Nancy Pelousy Really Crazy?

I often call someone crazy when what I really should be saying is they're just a plain old asshole. We need to remove the stigma from the word "asshole". It's a wonderful word and in my opinion far greater an insult than calling someone a fool, douchebag, dickhead, donkey-dick, or one of my other favorites. But, is there a difference between the words crazy and asshole?

When it comes to Nancy Pelousy I'm just not sure about anything anymore. She makes a fool out of herself on a regular basis. She epitomizes the old quote "it is better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt". She's definitely a fool after making the statement yesterday she made about the Eric Holder Fast and Furious hearings being all about "voter suppression". She even called the hearings a "scheme" instead of going full-on Hillary Clinton and calling it a "vast right wing conspiracy".

Nancy is also a great candidate for being called an asshole after threatening Newt Gingrich during the Republican debates with some "stuff she has on him". On Wednesday she also claimed she could have "had Karl Rove arrested" in another ridiculous statement. And of course there's the profound "we'll have to pass Omama Care to find out what's in it" puke she managed to yak up during the Omama care vote. Claiming unemployment checks add to the economy also puts Nancy into asshole territory. If those statements don't qualify her for being a poop-chute I don't know what does.

So now we're left with Crazy. The Psychiatric definition for crazy is not knowing the difference between right and wrong. I have a sneaking suspicion that Nancy doesn't meet that criteria either - she knows the difference between right and wrong. It's just that she doesn't give a shit.

So what's the correct answer to my Pop Quiz? Is Nancy Pelousy just plain crazy, a fool, or an asshole? Or is she all three?
Ooh, ooh, I've got it - She's a Democrat!

I'm A Dirty White Boy!

Ha ha... I bet the post title fooled you! I sure miss the seventies. Here's to the great Lou Graham and Foreigner.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Omama's Mama And Sleazy Pictures

Omama's Mama
As a young boy I loved sneaking issues of Playboy into my room and looking at the photos of pretty gals. At ten I didn't have a clue why they were so cool but I sure as hell liked looking at them. I've never had anything against pictures of naked women. But... that was another story.

One story making the rounds of the blogs the last few days are the alleged photos of Omama's Mama, Stanley Ann Dunham, doing BD/SM in Hawaii. I looked at the pictures on several sites including fellow conservative Right Wing Fringe and then Googled photos of Omama's Mama. Well I'll be damned if they sure as hell don't look identical. Either that or Omama's Mama has/had a cosmic twin. Either way I don't give a shit what she did as a young Commie tart. That's not the point. The real issue here is (if the photos are authentic) it just illustrates another lie in the "composite" history of Berry Soetero Hussein Omama. One fucking lie begats another.

In the process of investigating this story I ran across a progressive site and the owner was pissing and moaning about mean old nasty conservatives and how we're obsessing over something like shitty pictures of an unattractive woman from fifty years ago. As usual the progressives are totally fucking clueless and miss the point. And, as many liberals do, the site owner pulled a bait-and-switch and brought up Sarah Palin to deflect the story and change the subject away from Omama's Mama.

The story (if it's true) isn't Omama's Mama. It's the liar-in-chief sitting in the White House. And you can bet your last fucking dollar that if photos of Mitt Romney's Mom doing a pole dance surfaced they'd be on the front page of the New York Times tomorrow.

In dismissing this as a non-story the liberals prove for the umpteenth time they don't give a shit about the character of the man running this country. With progressives it's only about politics.

Who's The Stupidest Person In Congress?

I usually put Marxine Waters and Nancy Pelousy at the top of that "very special" list. But - after reading a post on this morning I may actually start to re-think my opinion. The reason for the change is Sheila Jackson Lee. I realize Sheila has said ridiculous things in the past. She's also a racist and breathtakingly stupid. But since I live here on the left coast and in the People's Republik Of Kalifornia the two douchehags mentioned in my first sentence have a more immediate impact on my life and thoughts.

I think we can all remember as children when we were caught with our hands-in-the-cookie-jar type of predicament and trying to skate by saying something like a "jimmy did it too" or "bobby started it" statement. It's a child's logic and a child's comeback. Today Sheila made one of the absurd and childish "Bush did it too" comments we constantly hear from democraps when it comes to justifying Eric Holder and Omama's fuck-ups. Besides being completely wrong and stupid all in the same breath Lee is a LIAR! The reasons are explained here.

In the process of trying to sound deep and profound Lee makes the same mistake all dumb-shits make - she comes off looking even more ignorant and stupid. Think Mike Tyson. Dirty Harry Callahan said it best: "a man's got to know his limitations". Evidently Sheila doesn't know hers. The proof is below.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Neil Cavuto Is My New Hero

Neil Cavuto is usually the proverbial "mild mannered reporter". He deals with many subjects on his daily FOX News show but he more often than not sticks to financial matters. But Neil rips the shit out of Lawrence O'Donnell of PMS-NBC in an unusually (for Neil) aggressive op/ed in the video below.

And... I learned something today that I did not know. Neil also suffers from MS. I think that gives him just a wee bit more moral authority when it comes to MS therapy than shit-stain Lawrence O'Donnell of PMS-NBC. I found the link at today.

We Have Been Fooled Again!

Maybe I should say the democraps have been fooled. Most on the right and those who chose to actually do a little research about the REAL Berry Soetero Hussein Omama (or whatever he calls himself) knew four years ago he was an empty suit and a poser. Now we're sure. But most, if not all democraps are still buying the "hope n change" bullshit.

After nearly four years of lies, obfuscation, rule by executive order and the appointment of numerous "Czars" in order to by-pass congressional confirmation the dems are still supporting this pretender known as Omama. Constitutional Instructor my Ass!

As I type this post I'm watching The Five on FOX News and Bob Beckel is making a total fucking ass out of himself defending the indefensible. IOW Beckel is standing pat on Omama and making a huge effort to justify and rationalize the "Fast And Furious" scandal and the cowardice of Eric Holder and his boss Omama.

In a reply to my previous post I wrote this about Holder: "I wonder if maybe Holder has something really juicy and incriminating on Barack in the "Fast And Furious" documents. If you consider Omama's past actions he's usually thrown those who were no longer an asset to him under the bus." You have to wonder what hole card Eric Holder is really holding on Omama. It gives the name Holder a new meaning.

Final Thoughts: Bob Beckel, you, along with the democraps of America have been fooled and you're to ideologically rigid and stupid to admit it. In honor of the fifty-two percent who put this fraud Omama in office I dedicate to them a great old song by the Who. Maybe you assholes can learn something from the lyrics.

Eric Holder Now Hiding Under Omama's Skirt

What else did you expect. After a year and a half did you really think the scumbag Attorney General Eric Holder was gonna cough up what are most likely incriminating documents? By hiding the requested emails and papers relating to the "Fast And Furious" scandal one can only conclude Holder has something to hide.

Now "Omama's Boy" Eric Holder has requested "Executive Privilege" from the White House. Now - if these documents were as insignificant as Holder has claimed, why would he need White House protection to avoid disclosure? Helen Keller could see what's happening here. 

My guess is the documents incriminate someone very high up in the Justice Department. Holder at the least. Perhaps even president Omama. It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to add two and two and come up with four. This scandal has far passed the "contempt" citation that Darrell Issa is threatening Holder with. It's time to start Impeachment proceedings against this corrupt, racist, and lying POS. Contempt is a ship that has long sailed.

What's really getting lost in this process is justice for the family of Brian Terry. And lying douchebag democrats keep on insisting it's only a "Republican witch hunt" as they continue to ignore a dead American Border Agent. Reason number ten-thousand to despise democraps!

Monday, June 18, 2012

And Omama Want's To Negotiate With This Trash?

Click to enlarge
Today on Yahoo I read this story and it once again reminds me of why we should NEVER drop our guard and treat these assholes as human beings. I'm talking about the Taliban. Now the Taliban is threatening to stop vaccinating children for Polio unless we stop the Drone attacks. 

But wait, Berry Omama has negotiated with the "moderate" Taliban. Here's a simple Google search on the subject of Omama negotiating with the pigs of the Taliban. Reason number ten-thousand to take out the White House trash in November.

Only in the world of Berry Omama would the two words "moderate Taliban" ever be used in the same sentence. It's called an oxymoron. And Omama is just a plain MORON to even consider dealing with this trash. Only in the dishonorable and cowardly world of Islamofascism would punishing and using children be considered a negotiating tactic. Then again the Taliban have used children as human shields before so this should come as no surprise. I'm sure Muhammad would approve. He just loved children.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Michael Moore - Where Are They Now?

I've been wondering where Michael Moore has been lately. Well hot damn! I have my answer. It seems the portly Moore was spotted today enjoying a Father's Day food fest at a local Chucky Cheese in Detroit. I guess that stomach stapling surgery he had in Cuba didn't take. Here's a photo of Michael working on his new "shovel it in as fast as you can" diet. Michael was heard saying a prayer before consuming six extra large cheese and sausage pizzas. The words of the prayer went like this...

"bless the meat and damn the skin - open your mouth and cram it in"

LAPD's Most (Un)Wanted!

Who's committing all of the crime here in Los Angeles? Here's the rundown and the shit list.

If you're gonna come to Kalifornia to visit Disneyland, Universal Studios, Hollyweird or for whatever reason, stay away from L.A. proper. This place is dangerous! I've lived on the Left Coast (L.A. Harbor Area) most my life and I STAY AWAY from South Central and Uptown. It's scary up there... lots of buggers and muggers and douchebags....

Oh by the way - Rodney King died.

The Lovely Sarah Palin Opines

“I think it’s funny that the cocktail circuit gives me a hard time for eating elk and moose. Anybody here have a pet moose? There’s a difference.”  - Sarah Palin

From Politico come these clever and witty comments. Sarah lays into Omama for his drug and dog abuse as a youngster. This Woman is great! And every time someone tries to tell me Sarah is the reason McCain lost in 2008 I counter with "McCain is the reason McCain lost in 2008"

Happy Father's Day To All You Dads!

To all of the posters (4 or 5) I get here and all Dads everywhere have a big fat Happy Father's Day tomorrow!

Here's a handy gift idea if you guys wanna drop a few hints to your kids and wives. I'm getting homemade Mexican food from Mrs B. and my Daughter so my ulcer is gonna be doing a tap dance tonight. But I'm stocked up on Sucralfate so who cares.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

More Fun Than A Barrel Of Monkeys

Why watch music videos or pull a cork on a Saturday night when you can watch this shit. I don't know whether to call this "America's Funniest Home Videos" or the "Douchebag Chronicles". Even if some of these assholes are posers and mugging for the camera it's the thought that counts. Watch the complete assortment of videos and try not to get too pissed. I stole the code and link from The Big Feed.

Only in America...

Chairman Maobama Continues To Evolve ... Again!

Chairman Maobama
I'm still so pissed about this that I had to post another rant. President Maobama continues to thumb his nose at the Constitution, American law, and via the process the American people. After saying last year he could NOT defy immigration law by executive order the lying bastard did EXACTLY the opposite yesterday.

And some asshole in a soundbite shown today on FOX News made a comment that personified progressive lunacy. He actually said Omama has the legal authority to issue executive orders. Omama does have that authority. But he doesn't have ANY authority to break the laws of the United States whether by executive order or any other power.

Is is clear now that the only thing Maobama did not lie about in 2008 was when he promised to "fundamentally change America" if elected. He's broken American immigration law and shit on congress in the process. Will he be held accountable? My guess is no.

And I'm sick and tired of hearing "well this is an election year" when the prospect of bringing charges of impeachment against the president are raised. I don't give a fuck if this is an "election year". Another term pissing me off is "we can't alienate" the ________________. (fill in the blank line with your favorite voting demographic) I don't give a shit who gets "alienated". The law is the law!

What Maobama has done is ILLEGAL according to any interpretation of our laws. Congress needs to step up and do their job! In case anyone forgot, the oath Maobama SWORE to defend and execute is below.

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

We're From The Government & We're Here To Help

A couple of days ago fellow blogger CharlieDelta at Gotta Get Drunk First featured a post about a visit from the Secret Service to another blogger. It seems the Secret Service were questioning a YouTube video that was posted that appeared threatening to president Omama. Now, someone correct me if I'm wrong but as a candidate doesn't Mitt Romney also have protection from the Secret Service too? Evidently he does.

This leads me to my next point. Why is Martin Bashir of PMS-NBC posting hypothetical videos of Mitt Romney's bus being blown up by terrorists? Why isn't Bashir and/or the suits of PMS-NBC being questioned by the Secret Service?

It's obvious the ridiculous video from the looney assholes of PMS-NBC is just another progressive wet dream but it sure as hell isn't funny to me and it shouldn't be to anyone else. In the mean time I think Martin Bashir and PMS-NBC should have some splaining to do. And their video is about as funny as a turd in a punchbowl.

The inspiration for this post comes from American Thinker via a post they ran this morning.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Rush - Time Stand Still

The older I get the more I understand the lyrics of this great song by Rush.

Fuck Barrett Jackson & The Cars They Rode In On!

As I'm typing this the Steve Miller Band is performing on Austin City Limits. The memories of the seventies are flooding back and things are perfect.

For those who don't know, Barrett Jackson is a company specializing in auctioning off Classic and Collector cars. I was sitting on my ass and having a pretty good Friday night until a commercial came on and mentioned these assholes. I immediately had a rise in my blood pressure and heart rate and had an urge to shoot my fucking television. Barrett Jackson has damn near by themselves caused the market price for these great old cars to skyrocket into outer space.

At one time a young man (me in 1976) could find a basket-case classic GM muscle car for less than five-hundred dollars. Hell, I bought my first Camaro for $100.00. The car was trashed. It needed an engine, the paint was shot, the tires bald, the windshield pitted and cracked, it had a Powerglide transmission that was slipping like hell and had a host of other problems. But even then, $100 dollars was a bargain for a 67 RS Camaro with a 327ci engine and equipped with A.C. and I knew it. I spent around three years and restored the car to near-new condition.

Thanks to the fuckers at Barrett Jackson I can't even buy a door panel for one of these great cars for less than $100 anymore. And why am I blaming Barrett Jackson? Because they are nothing but a bunch of fucking speculators when it comes to classic cars. Their methods encourage people to buy and flip sixties and seventies Muscle Cars like real estate. My guess is the fuckers "investing" in these classic GM cars wouldn't know a piston from a push rod. They don't give a shit about the cars. All they're looking to do is make a buck. And in the process they've priced even the most trashed and thrashed autos beyond the price range of any youngster looking to find a great project car to restore.

I would love to buy and restore another old GM sixties/seventies car. Blown engines and transmissions are no problem. I've spent close to forty-years doing nothing but heavy-line work. What that means is I basically spent all that time pulling and re-building engines, transmissions and other drive train components. I'm not bullshitting when I say the numbers of engines I've built are well into the high hundreds. It's all I did. I loved the work and I enjoyed the satisfaction of bringing a dead motor back to life. Due to the Wankers at Barrett Jackson (and other speculators) I'll never be able to do it again. I have the knowledge. I have the tools. And I have the experience.What I don't have is the money. Thanks for nothing you dicks!

This Is Why I'm No Longer A Liberal

Omama's Next Move
This and about a thousand other reasons is why I will NEVER vote democrap or progressive again. EVER!

Today the Omama administration announced they'll stop deporting illegal immigrants under certain conditions. What the fuck! Did you not take an oath when you were sworn in? And isn't it the job of congress to legislate on matters of immigration? Here's another blaring example of Omama, Manet Napolitano, and Eric Holder being the arbiters of which laws are to be enforced and which are not. Unless this policy is stopped by congress the ramifications to American workers will continue to ripple for years.

One of the criteria for enforcing this new policy is "They must also be free of convictions of felony or significant misdemeanor offenses". Excuse me you assholes - being in this country illegally IS a crime! I wonder how long it will be before these "immigrants" are given the vote? Before November is my first guess.

After reading this announcement I visited and posted on several message boards. The progressive dickheads were pissing all over themselves on hearing the news. Many tried to justify the act with the "Reagan did it too" bullshit. Excuse me but President Reagan used the LEGAL way of passing the Immigration Reform Act in 1986. He went through Congress and they passed a law. What part of that don't you fucking progressives understand. Once again Omama has done an end-around on congress and ruled by whim and fiat.

Many years ago I voted democrat. Once again the progressives have justified my complete political epiphany and reminded me of why I am now Conservative. My change began during the Clinton years. Omama just reminds of why. I am disgusted with the politicians in America. I wonder if any Republicans will have the balls to stand up to this action? I doubt it.

In November Omama will be given HIS deportation to the private sector. It can't come soon enough!

Win A Date With Omama!

The White House announced today their latest fundraising event/raffle scheduled to happen next week. The official term used by campaign boss David Axleroid was "Win A Date With Berry!"

The lucky winner will be wined and dined by the president next Saturday in San Francisco. They'll share a cozy candlelit table for two located in the Castro District. On the menu are Snails and Tube Steaks. Alternative locations considered were Long Beach, Kalifornia, Laguna Beach, Kalifornia, Fire Island, New York and West Hollywood.

Rumors of an overnight stay were hinted at by the president but he cautioned "Moochelle is already pissed about this date and if I don't show up for Sunday's Arugula the shit's gonna hit the fan". Moochelle shot back in response "If Berry comes home Sunday with a sore ass and a smile he's sleeping in the Oval Office"

Cost for the lucky lottery ticket were priced at $80,000.00 per chance. Tickets went on sale today in West Hollywood and were immediately snapped up by eager gamblers.

Image stolen here. Parody by greasywrench.

Only In The People's Republik Of Kalifornia...

would you read shit like this story...

The two turds in the mugshot below were arrested last week by the Manhattan Beach Police for credit card fraud. Now here comes the fun part - they're guys! And all things considered, they're not that bad looking. At least they're better looking than say.. Moochelle Omama or Orca Winfrey to name a few famous black women.

It's amazing these two assholes put so much work into the life of crime they were living. If they actually put forth the same effort into a "work ethic" and applied it to say ... getting a job... maybe they wouldn't have to run credit card scams. Instead they're career criminals.

The funny thing is they're both over six feet tall and weigh over two-hundred pounds. Wouldn't that be a red flag that they're men? Maybe not. Either way they sure as hell fooled the shit out of the store clerk they scammed. And the final laugher is this; it's not a disguise! These asshats actually like being posers and dressing up as gals. They should have a blast in prison once they're convicted. Prisons are full of men and things get "real up close and personal". Have fun ladies. Hmm... I wonder if they have large breastesess.
Mugshot of two Ho's

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Another Great Vid From American Crossroads

I saw this ad on American Thinker this morning from Super PAC American Crossroads. Things are getting more and more interesting as the election and conventions come closer.

Monday, June 11, 2012

See My Previous Post

In honor of patriotic songs and the National Anthem I'll put in my two cents. If the National Anthem is so hard to sing as Bill Press, a famous liberal donkey-dick said last week, maybe the song below qualifies.

By the way, If they'd let SINGERS do the Anthem instead of clowns like Roseanne Barr Arnold (whatever her fucking name is these days) maybe it wouldn't be so fucking difficult to handle. And although I love Aerosmith, Steven Tyler has no business tackling the song either. He's a rocker for Christ sakes - not an opera singer with a three octave range.

Just Who In The Hell Is REALLY Offended?

Liberal Douche
From the pages of Angry White Dude comes another progressive outrage. The banning of a patriotic song by liberal Principal Greta Hawkings because it may "offend a foreigner". The song is Lee Greenwood's famous anthem to America "God Bless The USA" and Angry White Dude poses the question: "why do liberals apologize for being patriotic".

Now, being this is the USA you have every right to love or not love America. But if you're gonna ban a song based on your phony criteria, you may also have to ban "The Autobiography of Malcom X". Or perhaps you might wanna consider banning Saul Alinsky's "Rules For Radicals". How about Mark Twain's "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" while you're at it. In other words - just where in the hell does it end once you start banning thoughts and expressions? 

Good Bless The USA is NOT a religious (despite the title) song so it shouldn't offend any atheists. It's not-pro war so it shouldn't offend pacifists. It's not pro-politics so it shouldn't offend anyone of any political persuasion. It's a simple expression of patriotism and pride in our Country. Logic follows logic and that tells me the only ones offended would be those who don't love America. And despite having the Contitutional right to hate our country Ms. Mess Hawkins, you seem to being doing quite well here. Hiding behind "offending foreigners" is a lame and dishonest excuse.

I have a question for Ms. Mess Hawkins. Just who in the fuck do you think would be outraged if you take into context the lyrics in the Lee Greenwood song? I'll tell you who - someone who doesn't like/love America and not the limp-dick reason you stated. At least that's the only answer I can come up with. Either that or you are just personally ashamed of patriotism which is the REAL reason here. At least be honest. No one above room temperature (progressives excluded) is buying your sorry fucking excuse!

Addendum: I'll tell you what really offended me three years ago. The dumb-ass "mmm mmm mmm - Barack Hussein Obama" song. I wonder if Ms Mess Hawkins played that one in class? I don't seem to remember that little ditty being banned.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Not In My Lifetime!

Not in my lifetime did I think we would cede the exploration of Space to ANY country. After all - we're the USA! 

Well it's happened and it's a done deal. I was just browsing the Web and happened upon another article that reminds me of how far we've slipped in our role in space. The Shuttle(s) are now going to be a museum pieces. But fear not - the Chinese will carry the torch. They'll be launching their fourth manned mission in June and it may include the first Chinese Woman in space.

I can remember living in Petaluma Kalifornia in 1961 as a seven-year old and standing on the porch with my Dad and watching a satellite at night (yes-you can see them) pass overhead. I don't remember if it was Telstar or one of our other early satellites. All I know and remember is the impression it made on me. We're now reduced to "studying" the stars via Hubble and our other space telescopes. Not that that's a bad thing. But - while we're looking the Chinese are doing. How in the hell did this happen? Less than ten years after George W Bush announced a planned return to the Moon, Barack Omama officially ended our Shuttle Program and our Moon trips. That fucking sucks! Now I have to rely on television reruns to visit space.

You can guess from my age (58) what my favorite television shows were as a teenager growing up. Yeah - Star Trek and the Outer Limits are at the top of a short list. My favorite genre of fiction was Science Fiction. Bradbury, Heinlein, A.C. Clark were among my favorite authors. One of the dreams on my bucket list is to see mankind make First Contact and solve the problems of fuel supply and velocity enabling interstellar travel. After all - the Earth isn't gonna last forever. I still believe these things will eventually happen. But now it looks like it won't happen in my lifetime. At least not by the USA.

Here's hoping that President-elect Romney will find it in our national budget to revive our manned program. I don't wanna see the Chinese beat the USA to the Stars.

Alfonzo Rachel Busts A Few Stereotypes

Not all Blacks are democrats. There are quite a few Blacks in the Conservative movement - just don't expect the lame stream media to publicize any of their stories unless they say or do something outrageous. 

We're fed a steady diet of the bullshit spewed by Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Charles Barron, among other race hustlers. And yet we see or hear very little positive from the media about Larry Elder, Allen West, Thomas Sowell or other Black Conservatives. Unless it involves some kind of controversy Black Conservatives are largely ignored. Just another profound example of lame stream media puke.

I post videos from Alfonzo Rachel of PJTV from time to time. Most are funny besides being enlightening. Here's something new from Alfonzo. He also makes a great point why Omama will get the Black vote despite being an epic failure as president. It's great food for thought.

You Can't Make This Shit Up!

Wake Up Asshole!
"I Was Sleepwalking"...
I'm a huge fan of parody and sarcasm and the posts exist on this blog to prove it. But - in my most alcohol inspired ramblings and musings I could never come close to this fantasy. Only from the mind of a lawyer could a ridiculous story such as this emerge. From the Sideshow via Yahoo comes this report...

"A Connecticut man accused of robbing an 81-year-old woman outside a casino at knifepoint says he was sleepwalking and has no memory of the alleged incident."

"An attorney for Winston A. Riley says he will enter a "medical defense" for his client, the Norwich Bulletin reports. 27-year-old Riley was arrested back on the morning of March 18 when the elderly woman said he pulled a large knife on her and demanded her purse while the two were riding a parking garage elevator at the Mohegan Sun casino in New London."

And lawyers wonder why they're the "butt" of so many jokes. I would love to be in the courtroom when this case is presented in front of a judge. The laughter will be deafening. Or will it?

Friday, June 8, 2012

Time To Change My Depends!

Damn Sam! After what I just heard and watched on Special Report With Brett Baier I nearly crapped my pants in shock. The lovely Kirsten Powers, one of FOX's liberal pundits, actually agreed with Charles Krauthammer and Chris Wallace that the security leaks that keep popping up on the news HAVE to be coming from the White House. I guess even a broken clock IS right twice a day. 

In my previous post here I claimed that liberalism is a mental disease. Well maybe with therapy and good drugs even Kirsten can be cured.

Addendum: Although I'm nearly 60 I don't really wear depends... yet.

The Real Lying Ass Bitch!

No, this isn't another Marxine Waters post. I'm referring to the Jimmy Fallon show and another "Lying Ass Bitch" - Berry Hussein Omama. 

Do you remember around six months ago when Michelle Bachman appeared on Fallon's late night show and the house "band" played the song "Lying Ass Bitch". My question/post is; when there are a plethora of lies coming out of politicians such as .... Berry Omama, why didn't Fallon and/or the media have the stones to target the real "Lying Ass Bitch"? Have we become so accustomed to Omama's lies that we've just come to the point where we accept and overlook them? If that's the case we're fucked in America.

Why this post now: I've just spent the morning reading various conservative blogs and websites along with the usual mainstream drivel and once again the major topic that keeps popping up over and over is the blatant dishonesty of the president. Do we have our first "serial liar" president? Whether you agree with Omama and his politics or not one fact can't be denied - the man is a liar of gargantuan proportions. All links highlighted are Google searches and the (millions) returns.

Some of the other terms I googled that are associated with Berry Omama (or is it Soetero) are "Potemkin President" and "Liar In Chief". I didn't make up these terms - millions of Americans did. There are literally millions and millions of hits with just a simple google search using this search criteria. Instead of the silly-ass bumper sticker chic used against George W. Bush such as "Bush lied - people died" or the "Petraeus Betray Us" bullshit coming from Moveon.Org we have hundreds of documents proving Omama's list of deceptions.

I HAVE to browse conservative blogs and sites to learn this info because the lame stream media REFUSE to report these stories. And yet a wanker such as Jimmy Fallon insulted and disrespected Michelle Bachman with his shitty band by playing the shitty tune and very few held his feet to the fire in the entertainment industry. More bias? Nahh...

I realize politicians lie. I've even come to expect it. But when they do, and when they're caught at it again and again and again, I expect the American people (forget the lame stream media) to hold them accountable - especially if it's a President. All of this leads me to the conclusion (duh) that progressives don't give a shit about America. It's all politics and power with liberals. The ridiculous comments following the recall vote in Wisconsin proves my point. And liberalism IS a mental disease.

Marxine Waters

Marxine Waters
It was a great week for Conservatives and fiscal sanity in Wisconsin but let's not forget that Idiocracy still reins supreme here in The People's Republik Of Kalifronia. 

Marxine Waters will almost certainly be re-elected for the ELEVENTH time. I've blogged about Marxine several times over the past years. She's even been the recipient of a Douchebag Award. But once again the hag from the South Central will be handed another term in congress. Term limits anyone?

So as we celebrate the intelligent folks of Wisconsin remember that here on the left coast the electorate aren't what we could call rocket scientists. And now that the House Ethics Probe will continue on Marxine all we can hope for is our congress will grow a set of balls (or Ovaries) and send this witch packing - but don't bet on it. She's "served" long enough. And to plagiarize Marxine - she can go "straight to Hell" if and when she ever finally goes.

Marxine Waters Image stolen from here...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly!

It just occurred to me why democrat women are always so pissed.
The Good                                         The Bad And The UGLY!
Image pilfered from here

Jim Croce Times Two

It's hard to believe it's been almost forty years since singer/songwriter Jim Croce died. Jim had just recently become successful when his life, along with four others ended in a plane crash. In less than two years after I first heard him it was all over. Here are two of his very best songs. The great acoustic guitarist accompanying Jim is Maury Muehleisen who also perished in the same crash. Damn he was great.

One Less Set Of Footsteps

I Got A Name

Trayvon Martin's Final Hour

From American Thinker comes an absolutely fascinating analysis and timeline of the final hour before the shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman. The story also comes to the conclusion and opinion that many already have - the lame stream media have distorted, ignored, or outright lied about many of the facts in this case. If features more than one inconvenient truth. Read it here.

Dumb-Ass Pontificates Again...

Alfred E. Biden
Of course I'm talking about Joe Biden. Click here to see some of Joe's latest asshattery in front of a crowd of graduating High School Seniors in Florida.

Joe Biden actually claimed (in so many words) a second term for Omama could bring about a cure for cancer, re-generating new body parts, and the growing of crops without soil or water, among other things. All with the help of our big brother government (can you say Julia).

If it weren't for gaffes and other absurd statements Joe Biden wouldn't have much to say at all. And I guess the ultimate irony is lost on Joe that there's a very good chance he'll be dumped by Omama as a running mate in November. Cure that one Joe.

What's really insulting (and scary) to me as an American is the fact that Omama picked this man for Vice President. If you consider all the ill will towards Omama, what if the unthinkable did actually happen and we ended up with Joe Biden as president? We're already the laughing stock for much of the world. Biden would complete the joke.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Manny Pacquiao

I haven't been doing any blogging on sports recently as I'm consumed with politics. Add to the fact that I have all but written the Lakers off. Not because of their shitty play-off performance but because of the strike in the beginning of the season. Fuck the NBA and its players. If a man can't live off of the millions of dollars the players in the league earn, he can kiss my ass. If it weren't for Basketball most of the players in the league would most likely be in prison or selling Crack on some street corner in "da hood". But, I am still a Boxing fan and Saturday my man Manny Pacquiao is fighting.

On Saturday Manny Pacquiao fights Timothy Bradley. I have been a HUGE fan of Manny for the last ten years or so and he is a pleasure to watch. With each successive fight (under the guidance of Freddy Roach) he's become faster, hits harder, learned defense, and become more dangerous with both hands. Manny is a throwback to old school fighters. He fights anyone with the balls to step into the ring. He has ducked NO ONE! That includes Floyd Mayweather. Floyd just doesn't really seem to want their fight to happen. Whether they will ever go toe-to-toe is a prospect that is fading fast. Both are aging and there are some great young fighters coming up in their weight classes.

But - after Manny's last performance against Juan Manuel Marquez in November (their third fight) I am wondering if he's finally reached the point all fighters sooner or later reach - their slide downhill. Although Manny won, in the third Marquez fight something was different. I'm not sure I can put my finger on it but he seemed a bit slower, didn't throw the combinations he usually does. and seemed to lack power in his punches. Maybe the fight was a fluke. Saturday night will probably answer my question.

Timothy Bradley seems like a good guy and he's a tough fighter. I've seen him fight once or twice and he's sharp. If Manny has suddenly gotten old as a fighter Bradley will expose him. I do hope I am wrong and I am still hoping Floyd Mayweather will have the balls to fight Manny Pacquiao before either one of them retires or I die of old age.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Holder's Blowzo's DOJ To Monitor Recall Vote!

Blowzo The Clown
Newsflash: Eric Holder, AKA "Blowzo The Clown" doesn't give a fuck whether votes or voters in Wisconsin are legal or not unless they are democrat. All he cares about is the perpetuation of his job and that of Berry Omama.

Holder has demonstrated his lack of integrity, racism, and partisanship time and time again. His justice department dropped the voter intimidation charges against the New Black Panthers in Philly in 2008. He continues to stonewall Darrell Issa and thumb his nose at the House Of Representatives in the Fast and Furious investigation. He openly disdained objectivity by referring to "my people" when questioned about impartial enforcement of the law. Holder is a disgrace and should have been impeached years ago. Fuck - he never should have been confirmed in the first place!

Tomorrow, when Holder's DOJ will be monitoring Tuesday's recall vote remember that Eric Holder didn't give a fuck when there was true intimidation in Philadelphia by the Panthers in 2008. He won't give a shit tomorrow either. Watch for the democrats and unions to try and steal the votes - all while Holder looks the other way. But this time the entire Country is on to Holder, Omama, the democrats, and their shit. And this time we are watching.

If you steal my gif give me a credit - Greasywrench

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Low Flush Toilets Are The Shit!

Click to enlarge
I know this is a dumb-ass rant but here goes. We have one of the low-flush toilets in our apartment. Since 1992 all toilets sold have been mandated (bloomberg anyone) by federal law to be low-flush. I wouldn't have a problem with that if the damn things always worked, but they don't.

This morning I got up, plugged in the Coffee maker, fired up a smoke and set down to read the news on the web. I'm as regular as the tides so low and behold nature eventually called and I had to take care of business.

Now - I'm not one of those people who count the squares of toilet paper I use when I empty the ol' bowels but I'm a cheap fucker so I do economize. IOW I don't use a lot of paper after a dump. But the fucking toilet never seems to be able to handle the load and turd size is not a factor. This morning I had to attack the so-called "environmentally friendly" toilet with a plunger for the umpteenth time. Eight damn squares of tissue (two wipes - four per wipe) and the crap just sat there smiling at me and daring me to "do it again" with the flush handle.

Excuse me, but after three handle shakes I have the distinct impression I've used more than the 1.6 gallons of water this fucker is supposed to use for the average flush. I had to fight the turd tooth and nail AND use a plunger to get things handled. So much for "government" mandates.

After this morning's flush caper I actually got on the web and did some research about these lame-ass toilets. It seems we're not alone here in The People's Republik Of Kalifornia. People hate these shitty toilets all across the USA. And the ultimate and sweetest irony is; they are having a problem with toilet related stinkage in ...San Francisco! Har har har. The donkey dicks up North have reaped what they have sown when it comes to being "green". I love it!

Final Thoughts: One thing that has always puzzled me. Am I the only one who folds the bathroom tissue? As a younger more reckless man I just wadded it up and wiped. Now I fold. Am I alone? Do you fold or do you wad? Inquiring minds want to know.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Omama - Stolen Valor Or Just Another Photo Op?

Saint Berry
Just when I thought the assholes of the W.H. Press Corps couldn't piss me off any more - they piss me off more!

Today on Hotair and American Thinker two stories were featured that had me fuming. Both stories featured the latest Heavenly photo-op of Omama's Memorial Day visit to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. and we were treated (again) to the image of Omama with the "divine" glow of a halo around his head at the Memorial.

Republicans and democrats have been following tradition and protocol by laying wreathes at the Tomb of The Unknown for years and I understand that. It would be a great and decent thing if they would leave it at that, but they don't. Memorial Day is to honor the fallen Veterans of America. It is NOT an opportunity for politicians of any party to exploit for political gain.

Haven't the Lame Stream Media pulled enough of this creepy deification shit with Omama? It's bad enough that Moochelle Omama recently claimed "this president has brought us out of the dark and into the light" which in itself is a HUGE fucking lie when you consider America's financial situation and outlook. And do the Omama's hold themselves up to be some kind of twentieth century Messiahs? Does Moochelle really believe this ridiculous shit? Or how about the Omama insertion of himself into damn near every Presidential biography of the twentieth century? Is there something pathologically wrong here? You decide.

Haven't we seen too many images and read too many stories of Omama's God like status? Some of the Omama photos remind me of the 1930's images from Nazi Germany. I'm referring to the images picturing Germans (IE democrats) weeping and pissing themselves at the very sight of Adolph Hitler. The late Kink Junk Mentally Ill of North Korea also comes to mind when I see these halo photos and read the stories. There is something wrong with this (pun intended) picture.

When I think of the lame stream media I'm reminded of a great line from the 1960 movie Spartacus from Crassus to Glabrus (I'm paraphrasing)
"We already look like fools. Let's not add the trappings of a clown"

The lame stream media have looked like fools for too long. Now they've entered Clown territory.

Friday, June 1, 2012

The June Douchebag Winner Has Been Announced!

Click to enlarge
It was a tough choice since this is an election year and the USA is literally swimming drowning in a sea of Political and PC douchebaggery but a winner has emerged... Michael Bloomberg!

The criteria for winning these coveted Douchebag awards is totally arbitrary. But due to his (once again) Nanny policies, awarding New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg this month's prestigious prize was a no-brainer. For further details on Mayor Bloomberg's qualifications see my previous post.

In a simple civil ceremony we see Mayor Bloomberg pictured on the upper left receiving his prize. The Mayor had no comments for the press and was seen leaving the award ceremony in a large hot-dog shaped sedan emblazoned with the logo/caption "Der Schwanze" on the side.