Sunday, August 31, 2008

Old Shit From An Old Shit - Obligitory Rock Post

For some reason a lot of Dutch Rockers hit it big in the seventies. Some lasted Like Golden Earring and some were one-hit wonders like The Tee Set, George Baker Selection, and Shocking Blue. Golden Earring hit it big with this one... Radar Love.

Monday, August 25, 2008

If Hitler Had Never Existed...

the far-left would have to invent him. Once again another left-wing douchebag (Madonna) trotted out one of the favorite Liberal cliches - comparing Bush to Hitler. This one is so fucking tired!

I've blogged on this before but it never seems to end. The far-left in the USA never seems to grow tired of comparing Conservatives to Adolph Hitler. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess most, if not all of the assholes who make this analogy are not of the WWII generation. How could anyone who lived through the Second World War ever make this comparison?

Madonna, you owe an apology to each and every Jew, Pole, Slav, Gypsy, Gay, Russian and anyone else who survived the monstrous suffering brought on by the Third Reich. The same goes to the survivors of families of all who died at the hands of these sick Nazi Bastards.

Madonna, do you even have any idea what transpired in the Death Camps? Or is your knowledge limited to the phony mysticism and pseudo Religion you so fashionably practice known as Kabbalah? In a lame attempt to remain relevant you've made an ass out yourself once again. Being a successful fifty-year old Pop (please don't call her a Rocker) singer is no license for being ignorant or stupid.

As a woman who has built her entire career ripping-off the vocal stylings of Diana Ross this lack of originality doesn't surprise me. It's about as authentic as her guitar playing.

So Madonna - until you do a little research about Hitler, WWII, what the World went through and how it suffered, do us all a favor and shut the fuck up! Then again you could apologize to the people I mentioned above in this post - but I won't hold my breath.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Chinese To Investigate Ages Of Gymnasts

From ESPN: "BEIJING -- China was asked to provide additional documents proving that five of the six members of its gold-medal women's gymnastics team were old enough to compete in the Beijing Olympics, in hopes it will end persistent questions about the girls' ages."

Well gosh darn! It's about time! The Chinese Government announced the documents would be provided by.... The Chinese Government! Well that ought to settle things. The Chinese wouldn't piss on the U.S. and the IOC and then tell us it's raining - would they?

First we had the fake opening ceremony with the lip syncing. Then the digitally enhanced opening visuals. Why should we mistrust the Chinese Olympic Committee and the Communists? They've always been straight-up with us when it comes to sports - haven't they?

Well....there was that time in the Sydney Olympics with Yang Yun who actually admitted later on to being fourteen years old. Naahh, they wouldn't do that again - could they?

Here's a lovely photo of Chinese gymnast He Kexin receiving her Gold medal. After the Medal Ceremony it was reported that He (she) went straight home to take her afternoon nap and get burped. He (she) gets cranky if she (He) doesn't get enough sleep. Let's hear it for the Chinese!

Now - if I could only get those names and pronouns correct....

Friday, August 22, 2008

You Gotta Love This Caption!

Hillary Gets Stiffed!

Well I'll bet it sure as hell wasn't Bill who stiffed her! Maybe it was Steely Dan - and I don't mean Fagen and Becker.

Crystal Mangum - The Untold Story Whorey!

From La Shawn Barber's Corner...
"Disgraced Crystal Mangum, the former stripper and prostitute who accused three Duke University lacrosse players of strangling, beating, and brutally raping her (vaginally, anally, and orally) in a tiny bathroom at a house party back in March 2006, is writing her memoirs. Not an Internet rumor. It’s true!"

From the press release:
“The truth about Crystal’s life, her account of what happened on March 13, 2006, accusations, and the motives of the people criticizing her were never seriously explored. As people appeared from out of the woodwork to offer their opinions about Crystal, no one ever asked the one person who could set the record straight.”

Well now it can be told - the true and shocking memoirs of Crystal Mangum. Yes, Crystal Mangum - the stripping, prostituting, drunken, drug abusing, mental case, scumbag, lying Whore. That Crystal Mangum!

In case you don't recall, she's the douchebag who nearly ruined the lives of three Duke Lacrosse players with a big fat fucking lie! Now she's decided to share her story lie with the world. This one ought to win her a Pulitzer. Yes - Crystal Mangum is finally gonna get "paid" for her trouble.

I find it amazing that American Publishers will (Random House) refuse to publish a book dealing with the Child-Bride of Muhammad fearing that the subject might upset Muslims but subsequently have the guts (or lack of ) to waste ink and paper on this bitch.

Mike Nifong, former D.A. for Durham County, who indicted the Lacrosse players lost his job and lost his license to practice law while only serving one day in jail for contempt for his part. Nifong should be serving some serious prison time right now for knowingly prosecuting men he knew to be innocent. He hid exculpatory evidence and conveniently forgot (hid) DNA results that would have exonerated these young men early on in this farce.

Of course Nifong, who was running for office against an African-American candidate in a heavily black district, was rimming the voters in a sleazy effort to get himself re-elected. Nifong deserves every fucked-up consequence that has since happened to him. Hot tar and feathers for this Donkey Dick would have been poetic justice. Either way, it's all over for him.

These three young men may never recover from the damages of being falsely accused of rape by this pig. The Lame Stream Media and Eighty-Eight Duke University Professors pissed all over themselves in a rush to convict these young men and in the process showed that racism comes in many colors and forms. With the exception of the three Lacrosse players, there isn't an innocent person in the entire sleazy story.

And yet this loony walking talking Yeast Infection Mangum just walked away without even being charged with a crime. The rationalization for not prosecuting her according to North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper was the lame excuse "she probably believes it really happened to her". Cooper knew she was lying and just blew it off because she's bat-shit crazy. To top it all off, this wasn't the first time she claimed to have been raped or has been in trouble with the law. And her reward for this slimy scam is a book deal. Incredible!

Only in America can a sleazy skanky tin-plated crotch such as Crystal Mangum get paid for the shit she pulled. To add insult to injury, that fat pile of monkey spunk, Al Sharpton, has yet to apologize to any of these men after publicly insinuating they were guilty. And the final outrage - Jesse "Baby Daddy" Jackson paid for Mangum's college education. Each time I read about this case I am outraged.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm Still Laughing At "The One" Three Hours Later

I saw this new ad from the McCain campaign on Hannity & Colmes tonight. If nothing else, the 2008 run-up to the election has been one of the most witty and clever as far as television ads in my memory.

I'm not making light of what may be the most crucial election in my/our adult lives as Americans. So much is at stake including the direction of our Foreign Policy and if and how we deal with Islamofacism and whether we take another huge step towards Socialism but it has been entertaining. And the best is yet to come. It may get very dirty. Let's see who blinks first.

Here's another version of the same ad. My computer speakers are on the fritz right now so I can only imagine the dialog in this ad. The McCain campaign has absolutely pwned Obama when it comes to the very clever use of "The Ten Commandments" in their ads. Great stuff!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Take That Al Gore!

Here's an interesting article from The Register, a British site I often visit. You could say the Register resembles an English version of Junk They post lots of information about high-tech, the web, computers, etc...

Last week the Register posted an article about the melting of the Polar Ice Caps. Or should I say the non-melting of the Ice Caps. Of course, Al Gore was nowhere to be found and had no comments. The article includes video, charts, photos and graphs that scientifically support the fact the Ice Caps are not disappearing as the Global Alarmists of the world would have one believe. At least not yet.

Is the World warming? A lot of evidence suggests it is. Is it caused by burning fossil fuels by humans? Scientists are not sure, despite what the Goracle would have you believe. Many feel it's just the Earth's built-in thermostatic process in action. My mind is still open on Global Warming but if you want to debate the subject, support your argument with a few facts and some real science.

When Al Gore made the ridiculous statement "the debate is over" on global warming he lost all credibility with his argument. In the science courses I was taught the debate is never over when it comes to theory. Good scientific minds are never closed, unlike Al Gore's.

Perhaps the real reason Al Gore proclaimed "the debate is over" is because he doesn't want to debate. In fact, he's afraid to actually debate a real scientist. He has refused to debate qualified scientists again and again. Al Gore has made a tidy sum of money pushing his Global Warming agenda. The problem with Gore and so many other hot-air theorists is they "talk the talk but won't walk the walk."

Read the article above for some good information on what's really going on at the Polar Ice Caps.

You Can't Keep A Good Bean Down

After a month or so of being sick, my pole beans are making a comeback. I attribute this to our Corn being picked and the stalks coming down. This allows the beans more Sunshine explaining the new and improved growth.

We have been getting production on and off all Summer from these beans. They would put out a couple of pounds then quit. Vines would die and I would plant new ones. This has been going on since June. I think they're here to stay now, or for the rest of the Summer anyway. Our garden is limited in the amount of Sun it gets but since the plants grow vertically they are always in the Sun now. Let's hear it for the Legume!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Chinese Gymnast Wins Rings Competition!

(c) Greasywrench Press Service:
August 17, 2008
Beijing, China

Shi Fo Ni won the individual competition this morning on the Rings. Here She is pictured to the left performing her wining routine. The coaches and Chinese officials denied early reports that Shi Fo Ni was only eighteen months old. In fact, the Chinese delegation produced a birth certificate showing she was born in 1948. They also denied reports of doping that keeps infants artificially youthful and prevents them from entering puberty.

"I am shocked that you would accuse us of this dastardly practice" said Chinese gymnastic coach Mi Fake Yu. We have strived to keep in the practice of the Olympic spirit and our wonderful opening ceremony should be evidence. "Our singers were even trained in the United States at the Ashley Simpson School Of Voice" replied the coach. "If that doesn't prove our integrity then nothing will!"

"Just wait for the closing ceremony" thundered Mi Fake Yu. "We plan on a demonstration with Chairman Mao swimming the Yellow River" When the Coach was told Mao was long dead he replied "it's only a rumor, Mao is alive and living in Canton with Chou En Lai". When reminded that Mao would be over one hundred years old if he were still living Fake Yu replied "we give him special vitamins - just like our gymnasts." The presiding Chairman of the Chinese Olympic Committee and Beijing Communist collective, Mi No Li, concurred with Mi Fake Yu on all accounts.

The IOC had no comment. Avery Brundage was reported to have rolled over in his grave.

Friday, August 15, 2008

An American Carol

Unlike Lions For Lambs, Redacted, or any of the Anti-American films that have made the rounds the last few years, American Carol looks like it will be a winner. It is scheduled to open on October 3. Here's a short trailer.

Let's see if the American film goers prefer to see the U.S.A. trashed or portrayed as the good guys. Of course it's a thinly disguised put-down of Michael Moore. Some of Hollywood's small community of known Conservatives (yes - they do exist) are featured. That short list includes Dennis Hopper, James Woods, Kelsey Grammer among others. There are many other Conservative actors in Hollywood who would rather remain in the closet rather than risk their careers.

David Zucker of the Airplane and Scary Movie series is the man behind the production. The left-wing Donkey Dicks on YouTube are having a shit fit over this movie. Their comments on YouTube are hilariously ridiculous.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kevin - I'm Gonna Make You Famous.....

by putting you on my blog. Here are a couple of ears of corn we picked in our garden yesterday and my buddy Kevin gets to do the honors of posing for a photo. The corn was very, very, sweet from what I found out this morning.

Some folks like the more traditional type of heirloom corn that has a not-so-sweet flavor. I tend to favor the hybrid Sh2 type of corn, also known as a Supersweet type. Candy corn is another way I've heard it described.

We've been picking for about ten days and the corn keeps getting better. I have a bad habit of picking early, therefore getting corn before it's at its peak flavor. We let these cobs stay on the stalks a couple of extra days and the results were worth it . I know they're not the biggest ears you may ever see but they were excellent eating.

We are getting 2 ears off of each stalk. The corn stalks are also putting out "sucker shoots" or feeders that actually have little grotesque looking ears. The sucker shoot baby cobs are not good for eating but they are kind of cool/weird looking.

Poco Repost - In The Heart Of The Night

I post videos on YouTube occasionally under the username Boatman1953. I had quite a few up until a year ago but took most of them down because of copyright violations. I still have a few there and here's my YouTube post of one of Rock's greatest and most underrated bands - Poco. Mrs Greasywrench and I had the pleasure of seeing them live on a New Years Eve many years ago and they were great.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Marcy Levy - A Sweet And Powerful Voice

Okay, here's the answer to my previous post below. The beautiful voice belongs to Marcy Levy AKA Marcella Detroit. Check out the YouTube goodie below to hear a great song she co-wrote with Eric Clapton. I've been wondering for many years who had the pure and beautiful voice accompanying Eric Clapton on so many of his seventies classic rockers. Boy was I wrong about who it was. Check out the lyrics link and the little ditty posted below. I've been in love with this Woman's voice for thirty-three years.

Blue Eyed Soul - Do You Recognize This Voice?

I came across this video on youtube and had to post it. This lady has an awesome Rock and Blues voice. Now - without cheating and going to YouTube or Google to search, can you tell me who she's famous for singing with? She is a great Rocker in her own right. I'll post the answer at days end.

RIP Bernie Mac


"Aug 9, 10:17 AM (ET)By F.N. D'ALESSIO
CHICAGO (AP) - Bernie Mac, the actor and comedian who teamed up in the casino heist caper "Ocean's Eleven" and gained a prestigious Peabody Award for his sitcom "The Bernie Mac Show," died Saturday at age 50.
"Actor/comedian Bernie Mac passed away this morning from complications due to pneumonia in a Chicago area hospital," his publicist, Danica Smith, said in a statement from Los Angeles."

This is a shock. The comedy and entertainment world lost Bernie Mac today at the relatively young age of fifty. Condolences to all his loved ones and family. He was far too young to have left us.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Why I Am A Conservative Republican

8/10/08--Update: It didn't take long for all the shit-stains and douchebags to flame this guy on YouTube. Read the comments if you're bored. Be prepared for some atrocious spelling.

I just left and found this most excellent video from a YouTube user posting under the name machosauceproductions. Check it out. I hope this guy doesn't get flamed and called a "Tom" by other African-Americans because he doesn't "toe the line" and subscribe to the usual group-think..

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm Gonna Make A Prediction..

Now that we're so close to the conventions the speculation is all about who the VP choices will be by the two Candidates. I'm not going to vote for Obama so I don't really care who he chooses. But I am wondering who McCain will pick. Okay - here's my guess.

I think John McCain is gonna go out on a limb and surprise everyone by picking someone who can bring an interesting slant and really add something to the GOP ticket - Sarah Palin. She is the current Governor of Alaska and would appeal to several demographics.

Obviously she would help bring in the Women's vote. She's young and exciting in contrast to what is believed to be one of McCain's major weakness - that he's too old and part of the establishment in D.C. She's perceived as somewhat of an outsider to politics since she's from Alaska. And....I have a feeling that due to our current energy crisis she can/will play a major role in the upcoming debate (if the Dems ever let it get to a floor vote) on ANWR and much of the unexplored and potential drill sites up North. Also, being a Governor she has executive experience should the unthinkable happen. All in all she's a very intriguing choice.

She may very well re-vitalize the conservative wing and base of the GOP who up until now have been somewhat lukewarm to John McCain. Her values are traditional Conservative values and that may make the difference in November when we vote. She may very well steal Obama's thunder if the GOP and McCain have the foresight to consider this very interesting choice for the ticket.

"Papa Bear" Kilpatrick Heads To "Da Big House"

From the "UPDATED AT 12:11 P.M. -- Judge Ronald Giles just sent Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick to jail moments after the mayor pleaded for forgiveness and admitted he made an unauthorized trip to Windsor on city business. Come back to as this story develops."

The late great City Ghetto Of Detroit will see its Mayor head off to jail for violating a court order not to travel. Thanks to Michelle Malkin for staying on this story. Mayor Kilpatrick violated an agreement with the 36th District Court not to leave the City and now his next trip will be to spend a night in the Hoosegow.

This idiot can't seem to keep his big mouth shut or respect the letter of the law. The list of allegations against Kilpatrick is long and sleazy. He's arguably one of the most corrupt Mayors in the U.S. and his role in what may have been an officially sanctioned murder of an Exotic Dancer is still open to speculation.

Will this arrogant turd learn anything from this latest incident? I doubt it. If the past hasn't taught him anything nothing will. In fact, this will probably give him more "street cred" in the "hoods" of Detroit. There is nothing I love more than seeing a crooked politician get his due.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Just In! First Pics Of John Edwards Love Child!

Just in from the National Inquisitor....
October 23, 2009

Alright, alright - I guess I'm just bored. There's so much douchebaggery in politics in general and Congress specifically it's hard to choose a rant every day so I thought I'd have a little fun with Paintshop Pro today. No - I don't use Adobe Photoshop. It's too expensive and PSP does pretty much what I want.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

William "Deep Freezer" Jefferson - One Kool Kat!

"The Most Ethical Congress Ever" - Nancy Pelosi.

Does the Pelosi statement ring a bell? Does the name William Jefferson bring back any fond memories? Jason Mattera from Young America's Foundation caught Congressman Jefferson with his panties down in this YouTube video with some really funny questions recently. The expression on Jefferson's face is priceless. Watch the video below. Thanks to LaShawn Barber for bringing this to our attention.

If you don't recall who Jefferson is, he's the Democratic Congressman from Louisiana who was caught with $90,000.00 wrapped in foil in a freezer in his home. Talk about "cool cash". Of course what do you expect from a man named "William Jefferson" and from a Political Party that gave us the honorable crack smoking Marion Berry, former Mayor of Washington D.C. - integrity?

Monday, August 4, 2008

Dude - Where's My Reparations?

It seems like this subject comes up almost annually now. I'm talking about reparations for the descendants of Slavery by and from the U.S. Government. Congress is once again offering an official apology for the horrible institution that ended with the Civil War. I have to admit I was inspired by a column that Michael Reagan wrote this morning in Front Page Magazine.

Alright now, if we're gonna do it for the descendants of African-Americans then I am putting in my claim right now. I'm 1/2 Irish and we all know how the Irish were treated by America. Potato Famine my ass! The real suffering began here in the U.S. for the Irish. They were treated like dogs.

I'm also 1/4 Cherokee and I can document it. My genealogical research on my late Father's family goes back six generations to Pre-Civil War Indian Territory. That's right. Oklahoma, where my late Dad was from, wasn't even a State when my Grandfather and his ancestors were registered on the Dawes roll. If any one Indian tribe was decimated by Official Government policy it was the Cherokee. Can you say "Trail Of Tears"? I have my Grandfather's BIA number to facilitate research. Kaaa-Ching!

I'm also 1/4 German and can trace my Maternal Grandfather's roots back to Prussia thanks to a wonderful family tree one of my Nieces did a few years back. I'll have to work on that one to see how I can shakedown the Feds. There has to be a German angle to this reparations scam, er, I meant payoff.

The Japanese-Americans who were citizens of the U.S. during WWII lost everything. Many of them are still alive and they deserved what little the Government did to compensate them many years later.

All sarcasm aside, I am profoundly against reparations of any type for the institution of Slavery. The last American Slave died in 1979 according to some articles I researched on the web. This differs from the survivors of the Holocaust, many who are still alive and did receive reparations from Germany. What tort was committed by anyone now living and against who when it comes to the issue of Slavery in the United States?

No decent minded American will ever defend slavery on any terms. Most of the Southern and Northern soldiers were not slave owners so what did they die for and what crimes were they guilty of? Even Southern soldiers who fought for the Confederacy also died saving the Union? They gave the final measure for the Wealthy Southern Plantation owners while they had nothing to gain. That was the reparation they paid.

There were over six-hundred-thousand deaths, North and South. As far as I'm concerned this debt to African-Americans has been paid in full with the blood of the Civil War. We can't undo past wrongs by holding folks living today accountable. The last Slave owners have been dead for at least four or five generations.

So all of the race hustlers including Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Charles Barron, and anyone else who fits the shoe need to stop using "White Guilt" to keep a never-healing wound open. It's time to move on and fix the real problems facing race issues in this country. Problems such as drugs, children born out of wedlock, lousy education, gangs and all other ills plaguing the country - if we don't, we will never get past the issue of racism in America. It will destroy us.

Some links to the issue of reparations are below. Both sides of the debate are featured.