Monday, November 19, 2007

MTV Arabia

MTV is going to be starting an Arabian version of their lame-ass channel in the near future. That ought to go over like a fart in Church.

MTV long ago stopped being about music and became a monument to bad taste and phony reality shows. Whatever musical credibility they once had disappeared when "Yo! MTV Raps" began playing those shitty vids. The reality in their reality (Real World, Tia Tequilla) shows took a hit when "Puck" was voted off the "Real World" many years ago for.... acting like a "real" person, complete with all the rudeness, idiocy, and prejudice that real people actually possess.

The Muslim men in the Arab world will just love seeing trashy women (Tia Tequila) telling grown men what to do. The ironic thing is MTV promises to be culturally sensitive and respectful to Muslims. Too bad they don't give a shit about good taste and not offending anyone here in the Western world. I guess that's all you can expect from a show whose demographic is the ten to fifteen-year old boy. This ought to be a farce.

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