Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Republican Debate

I just finished watching, but I missed the first fifteen minutes due to dinner (I had to cook it). Anderson Cooper did a credible job of moderating. Thompson continues to disappoint me. Romney ducked far more questions than even Hillary might have. Huckabee has the momentum right now. Rudy is sticking to his guns. Ron Paul comes off a little shrill sometimes. John McCain gets the biggest (IMHO) shot with the comment on why we lost in Vietnam. Sending Hillary to Mars was another audience favorite. All in all, it was worth watching. On the post debate show William Bennett got in an interesting comment about one of the questions being from a Clinton plant. I was wondering the same thing about several of the questions. As usual, politics on both side of the aisle stink. Anyway, below is a link to youtube and the questions.

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