Sunday, December 30, 2007

Elderly Hippie Appears In Bison Herd

An elderly Hippie/Bison hybrid was recently spotted grazing with a Bison herd in the State of South Dakota. Several explanations were given for the sighting. Some experts claimed it was a result of global warming. Climatologist Dee Bunk explained it this way "because of increasing temperatures (excessive hot air ) in San Francisco, the Hippie/Bison was forced to find a cooler climate during the Winter months". The temps in South Dakota are considerably cooler this time of year, hence the Hippie's migration. The Bison herd seemed to be avoiding the Hippie because of the strong smell associated with his leftist views. The Hippie declined to be interviewed other than to say he was originally from the State of Vermont and then requested a "big fat hooter to graze on". The federal government denied claims that the creature was the result of a secret government program designed to produce lower cholesterol in Buffalo meat. People from Vermont denied the hybrid was the product of Bison-Hippie fornication. Truthers immediately accused the Government of a cover up. Democratic Presidential candidates Ron Paul and Hillary Clinton called for an independent investigation.

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