Sunday, December 30, 2007

Living In The Peoples Republik Of Kalifornia

One of the few advantages to living on the left coast is the weather. I've got Summer Squash growing at the end of December. Chances are I'll get some fresh squash in the next two weeks or so. I grew squash last fall and had fair results. I just recently learned how to pollinate flowers in the absence of Bees (Yeah I know, global warming) so I should have nice results. Here's a picture of a forty-day old straight-neck variety I'm growing on my balcony in my container garden. Not bad eh? I've got some cherry tomatoes also that just started producing. Only a few Toms so far but try doing this in Minnesota in December. BTW, the squash I grew in September/October were delicious. Living in Zone 10 rocks if you garden. I've also successfully grown Sweet Corn and Pole Beans in containers.

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