Wednesday, January 16, 2008

ACLU Says Public Bathrooms Are Private

You have to hand it to Larry Craig. First he pleads guilty. Then he changes his mind and tries to say his toe-tapping was misinterpreted. Then he tried to withdraw his guilty plea in an attempt to justify not leaving the Senate. Now the ACLU weighs in with this ridiculous opinion.

"The ACLU also noted that Craig was originally charged with interference with privacy, which it said was an admission by the state that people in the bathroom stall expect privacy"

Someone correct me if I'm wrong but in a public restroom the privacy part comes into play when I'm going to use the facilities for what they were intended for. If these ass-hats at the ACLU get any more absurd someone please shoot me. BTW, who's liberties is the ACLU protecting nowadays? Certainly not mine. When I use a public restroom the only thing I want to be concerned about is if there's soap and toilet tissue, not a U.S. Senator in the next stall looking for love in all the wrong places. Hey Larry. Have some guts and come out of the closet. Most decent people don't hate Gays. But, most decent people detest liars, especially politicians who are liars.

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