Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jeff Jacoby On The Clintons

I am a subscriber to Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe and his columns. His latest rant is a post about the Clinton's and their ambitions. As Jeff points out, Bill and Billary weren't content to give an incoming President Bush his day in the Sun on Bush's inauguration, but instead opted to entertain themselves with an Air Force Rally complete with a 21 gun salute.
I am never surprised by these two Trailer Trash clowns and the endless self-promotion they continuously engage in. Of all our Commander's-In-Chief, Clinton is the last one who should bathe himself in the limelight provided by our armed services. His blatent disrespect for the American Military during his Presidency should be cause enough to keep away from any U.S. Military base. He belongs at the swap meet instead, with all due respect to swap meet patrons.

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