Thursday, February 7, 2008

Kalifornia Weather - You Gotta Love It!

Nothing beats the weather on the Left Coast. Living in the Los Angeles area puts me in zone 10 of the gardening zones which means I get to grow all year long. Depending on the heat and other factors I usually get veggies in January and February that can't be grown until June and July in some our colder zones. All of this foliage is coming out of three five-gallon buckets. Spring is getting closer so I'm gonna have a blast.
Here are some Summer veggies I'm growing right now on my balcony. Cherry Tomatoes are in the background, with Catskill Dwarf Variety Brussels Sprouts toward the middle of the balcony and finishing up with some straight-neck Summer Squash. I'm getting small production right now because it's been cold even for Kaliforina standards the last month or so. We are heading into one of our Winter mini-heat waves for the next few days. Temps will be in the seventies so things are looking good.

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