Thursday, March 27, 2008

Eastern Sierra Trout Season 2008

It's about a month away now. I keep regular checks on the weather via the Mammoth Webcam and it looks like the higher lakes are gonna be frozen again this year. BTW, you need Java enabled to use the webcam page.
Anyone who's ever fished in the Eastern Sierra knows it can and does snow EVERY month of the year. I Ice fished Lake Sabrina (pictured above left) above Bishop about fifteen years ago and fell through the ice. Some jackass didn't mark the hole he augured and boom, there I go ass over tea kettle.

Anyway... click on the link below to learn more. If I gotta hitchhike I'm gonna fish Gull lake this year. I caught a five-pound brooder up there in 1992 and saw many in the five to seven pound range being caught. I was using a floating Rapala Minnow with huge success. I also had lots of luck with a Super Duper so..... I can't wait. I'm sure there will be a ton of big Alpers being planted too.

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