Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hey Look! Obama's A Lefty!

Who'd a thunk it. I'm left-handed too. Not like Obummer though. He's a disgrace to the south-paw race. Oooops. I played the race card. Please, someone spare me another Obummer story or I will strike them. Ohhh I love a good pun.


Burnt Toast said...

How ironic, the most left (liberal/psychotic) Senator in Congress is also a lefty!

I heard Reverend James Cone today on NPR trying to discern the finer points to us typical white people about "Black Liberation Theology", his invention.

Surprisingly, BLT (funny acronym, now that I type it) according to him, is not only about helping blacks, it's about helping ALL poor people rise up from the oppression bestowed upon them by forces which NOW seem to have no color. . .no, wait, I mispoke, it's still the evil white man.

Well, I'm a bit too young to have lived through the civil rights era, but I read, hell I even write, and I'm pretty sure that the "Liberation" or "Black Power" born from this "theology" had very little or nothing to do with helping white or any other people beyond the black community.

And what have white people been doing for blacks since the civil war?


Irony strikes again.

Greasywrench said...

BLT, Wealth Redistribution, Robin Hood, blah, blah, blah. It's all code for Communism. Without coming off sounding like some fifties reactionary that's what it is.

I spent my fomative years in the sixties and remember the Civil Rights marches, MLK speeches, the assinations and most of these latter day so-called leaders have perverted just about everything Martin Luther King stood for.

Look at the race hustlers such Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. If true equality were actually achieved those Donkey Dicks would be out of a job! I also believe that Lyndon Johnson and his "great society" hurt minorities more than they ever helped them. A large percentage of an entire culture and race became dependent on handouts and have NOT been encouraged to independence.

Without sounding condescending I don't think most people can be helped by welfare or this BLT. It perpetuates "victimhood" and runs counter to any kind of self dependence. I really feel people who want to be free and self-sufficient have to do it themselves. It can't be done for them or you end up with what we have here in the U.S. - a welfare state at best or Socialism at worst. These fucking "black leaders" aren't helping anyone but themselves.