Sunday, March 23, 2008

It's Hot Here On The Left Coast!

It's the hottest Easter I can ever remember. I hope everyone in the cyber world had a good one. Temps got up to eighty degrees here in San Pedro so I know it had to have been warmer in downtown Los Angeles and out in the San Fernando Valley.
My tomatoes took off like shit through a goose. Now Spring (and a fake Summer) is here I'm finally gonna get some production. I have never grown toms before and these two plants are actually ones that Wintered over so I don't know how many I'll get. They are starting to look really good. One more thing. I don't even like tomatoes so most of them are gonna get given away.
I'm really looking forward to starting my Blue Lake Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans in a few weeks. I am a big green bean eater. I love em. I gotta scrounge up a few more cat litter or paint buckets pretty soon.
I'd also love to grow some fresh Okra but have had problems in the past with production. I'd get a couple of pods and the damn things would quit. Maybe it just isn't hot enough. I just might try again this summer anyway.

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