Wednesday, April 2, 2008

419 Scammers At It Again! Scambaiting Anyone?

I am getting absolutely hammered the last few weeks by 419 scammers. Each and every day I'm getting at least ten emails from these assholes. I guess it's because I made the mistake of replying to one last month. I called him a Mugu (Nigerian for Fool) and said I hoped he'd get eaten by a Lion.

For those who don't know what a 419 scam is: it's the email that arrives in your inbox from someone in Africa who's either dying from some exotic disease, someone who's offering you thousands of dollars to help save a relative in dire straits, or basically anyone trying to separate you from your hard earned cash with a ridiculous story and plea for money.

Now the fuckers are flooding my inbox with some of the most outrageous bullshit stories anyone could imagine. I've read about some of the scambaiting going on in some of the other websites and it's hilarious. For those that don't know, scambaiters reply to the Nigerians and act like they believe the bullshit. Then they waste the time of the scammers by keeping them emailing back and forth with even BIGGER bullshit stories. The scambaiters keep these idiots going for months just to waste the time of the scammers.

I'd post some of the email I get but it would literally take hours to read. I might post one anyway just for fun. I spent about three hours one night reading some of the scambaiting stories. I couldn't navigate away from the page it was so damn funny. Mrs Greasywrench heard me laughing so hard from the other room she was ready to send me to the happy factory.

I'm sure at one time or another most web email users have gotten email from these Donkey Dicks. What cracks me up is that some people actually fall for this shit. It's amazing people can be so gullible. Click on the highlighted links to read some great scambaiting stories. You will be thrilled by the exploits of Lewd Noogie and some of the other scambaiters. I swear I was ready to put on a pair of Depends I was laughing so hard.

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