Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Brigette Bardot On Trial For Thinking!

She may be better remembered as the revolutionary sex kitten of 1960s French cinema, but these days Brigitte Bardot is better known as a standard-bearer of the anti-immigrant wing of France's political spectrum. Bardot went on trial Tuesday charged with "inciting racial hatred," and in view of her four previous convictions on similar charges, prosecutors sought exceptionally stiff penalties of $22,000 and a two month suspended sentence."

Do Muslims have the good people of France so intimidated that having opinions and expressing them has now become a crime? I just read this story on Yahoo and I've seen another thread on Sweetness & Light dealing with the subject.

Now it seems that the crime of expressing her opinion about Muslims and their degradation of French culture has gotten Ms Bardot in hot water for the fifth time. It also appears that the French have no respect for the woman who they themselves have many times described as a "National Treasure".

I seem to remember the French bending over in the past for the Nazis and it was American and Allied soldiers who paid the ultimate price to rescue the Frogs from their own Dhimitude. Could it be happening again? Have the limp dicks of Europe learned nothing from history? It seems not. If history is repeating itself (again) it will take American blood and treasure to bail them out for the third time in less than a century.

I find it interesting that the Yahoo article described Ms Bardot's crime as "bashing Islam". I'm sure that if the roles were reversed I doubt that Yahoo would describe Muslims as "bashing Christianity". That would take a little more balls then the Lame Stream Media seem to have anymore. Another example of the double standard in reporting from the gutless press.


nicolette said...

I agree completely, she said standard dinner table stuff, it's like the french don't have freedom of speech. It's so "tolerant" that it's completely intolerant. She must be fed up!

Greasywrench said...

To plageurize a train of thought from a great movie (Inherit The Wind) if you can make it a crime to speak or write about something then sooner or later you can make it a crime to think about something too.

If it's happening in France it can happen here. Actually, it is happening here now when it comes to hate crimes, which in my opinion give special status to one group over another. That IS wrong.