Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's NBA Playoff Time...Yeahhh!

"Apr 16, 2:15 AM (ET)By JOHN NADEL
Box Score Recap Game Log LOS ANGELES (AP) -The Los Angeles Lakers began the season in chaos 5½ months ago. They finished it as the Western Conference champions."

Being a die hard Laker fan since the late sixties I'm really looking forward to this years run. On the last year of Phil Jackson's three year contract the Lakers have a real shot at going deep in the playoffs this year and maybe all the way to the Finals.
Last year and the year before they didn't have a deep enough bench to really compete with the Spurs, Dallas, Phoenix, and some of the other elite Western Conference teams but things are really looking up. They have the home court advantage in the West and are seeded first.

In all of professional sports, having the home field advantage is usually meaningless - except in the NBA. The fans can help turn a game around in a minute and although it's not supposed to make a difference in the officiating, having home court does make a difference. The home teams always seems to get the close calls. Anyway, the shit hits the Fan(s) on Sunday. Ooops, I did it again with the puns.

Lets go Lakers!

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