Sunday, May 4, 2008

In The Valley Balcony Of The Jolley Green Giant

Yo Ho Ho! My first bucket of Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans are up and climbing. I had to sacrifice my mutant yellow squash to make three buckets for beans, which seems to produce quite a nice harvest for a lowly balcony container garden. I've got another type of squash I'm gonna try later in the Summer anyway. I expect to have some pickable size beans around the fourth of July.

Up until today the weather has been great. Now the Marine Layer moved in this morning but it seems to be burning off quickly. I'm still getting quite a few cherry tomatoes from my other buckets but they're eventually gonna have to sacrifice their lives for the good of the garden in a couple of weeks. bucket's gonna have to go for the sake of another crop of....whatever.

The Lakers are playing the Jazz today so it's off to the second round of the NBA playoffs. Now we'll see the Lakers put to the test. Go Lakers!

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