Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lakers Go Up On Spurs 3-1! Now It's Back To L.A.

Despite getting into early foul trouble last night the Lakers finally handed the Spurs their first home loss of the NBA playoffs. The Lakers led from the opening tip-off and never looked back.

Brent Barry kept the Spurs hopes alive with three-point shots that were killing the Lakers. Once again Manu Ginobili had a lousy game. He was not a factor. Bruce Bowen keeps on killing the Lakers with that baseline jumper from three point range and they continue to let him have it. Someone put a hand in his face - PLEASE!

Now the series comes back to L.A. and what I hope is the final game for the Spurs this year. The Lakers have out-toughed the Spurs and the Lakers should win it. But....never count the Spurs out. These guys are experienced and they will die hard. If ever a team had the will and the stones to come back from a 3-1 deficit it's San Antonio.

One other thing: I noticed all the reporters in the post game interviews were trying to stir up shit because of Brent Barry's last shot as time ran out and the fact that there was contact with Derek Fisher. It was not a foul in the eyes of the Spurs players and coach and that's good enough for me. If Barry were smart he would have flopped on that play and he might have gotten the call.

I saw shitty calls all night long. Tim Duncan went up for a lay-up and took about twenty steps. No call. Lamar Odom was called for a blocking foul on what was the most obvious charge I've ever seen. No call. I could go on but that's the way officiating is. It is purely subjective.

Now it's back to Los Angeles and the Staples Center and I hope (should the Pistons beat the Celtics) a long awaited rematch with Detroit. After four years it's time for some pay-back.


Burnt Toast said...

A 3-1 advantage going back to home court??

How does Sis feel about them apples?

Greasywrench said...

She's pissed. She's another Laker (and Kobe) hater so she is seriously put out. But... I won't count out the Spurs until the Lakers are the last men standing. The Spurs are tough and anything can happen.

Football season will start in a couple months and my Sister is a Peyton Manning fanatic so she'll get over it if the Spurs get the boot. If all else fails she's always got NASCAR.

Anyway, it's back to the FTP sites. I'm looking for some old and obscure sixties tunes and it's the only way I can find them. I run an FTP server and an FTP client from my computer so I can find the old stuff. Later Toast.