Monday, May 19, 2008

Spurs vs Hornets - Who Do You Love?

Will it be the Spurs or the Hornets? The crucial game seven is tonight in New Orleans. Thus far only the Lakers and Detroit have managed road wins in the semi-final round of NBA play so things are looking mighty grim for the Spurs.

I have a vested interest in seeing the Spurs win. They've knocked the Lakers around in the finals before and caused more than one family feud. My Sister is a die-hard Spurs fan after having lived in Texas for twenty-six years so of course she hates the Lakers, especially Kobe Bryant. So having the Spurs pull off a road victory over the Hornets sets them up for a little pay-back from the Lakers and gets me and Sissy into another pissing contest. Go Spurs....

But....the Hornets are an X-factor. They're young, untested, and coached by Byron Scott who is one of my favorite all time Laker players. Plus, they're new blood. People get tired of seeing the same damn teams year after year in the Conference and League finals. New Orleans is something fresh and different. Go Hornets....

The NBA is a game of match-ups to use a cliche. Some teams (no matter how well they play in the regular season) just don't play well against others for this reason. A seven game series will always expose any weaknesses a team has. The regular season record against each other might as well be tossed out the window now. So if the Lakers end up playing the Hornets it's anyone's guess as to who wins. Forget their regular season win/loss record against each other.

No matter wins the NO/SA series tonight, the Western Conference Finals start Wednesday at Staples Center. I bet I'll have something to say on Thursday.

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