Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Doing Auto Repairs On The Ground...

Blows Goats!

I just finished replacing the oil pump on my 96 Olds Cierra and it's got to be the most shitty job I've ever had to do on the ground. Not being in a shop right now and going self-employed I have to do all my work out of my garage. Not bad when it's a nice clean brake job or a tune-up but this kind of job needs to be on a lift. Even a valve job would be better than working on the ground.

My Mitchell On-Demand calls for 4.7 hours of labor to get this pump replaced. I did the job in just under 6 hours. The job involves dropping the exhaust, removing the starter, jacking up the engine after removing the torsion mount (Dogbone) up top, removing the front engine mount bracket to the engine, and removing the A.C. compressor. The time on the ground is not too bad for a 54 year-old arthritic old geezer like me. I'm gonna pay for this tomorrow. Right now I would sell my soul for a couple of Vicodin ES.

I finished just in time to watch the Lakers tough it out against the Celtics. Once again the Lakers have had problems getting to the boards. By the second half Kobe was crashing and getting the calls he wasn't getting in Boston. It's the home-court advantage I've been crowing about for two months.

Sasha Vujacic had a great game coming off the bench and scoring 20 points. There is no fear in Sasha Vujacic. He lives and dies by his outside shooting, especially the three point shot. I've said before the key to winning in the Finals was how the Lakers match up against the Celts. Right now the Celts have the edge. Hopefully Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom will keep out of foul trouble and have the breakout game I've been expecting from them. So far they're under performing.

I believe the Celts are playing at their peak; however, the Lakers can play much better than they are. The Lakers need a blowout game to earn some respect from Boston or the Celts will win in six or seven.

Final Score: Toast 2 - Greasywrench 1

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