Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mugabe Wins Tiny Douche Award

For being a Tin-Shit African Cesar and running one of the most corrupt elections the world has seen in recent years, Robert Mugabe wins the "Tiny Douche" award for July of 2008.

By flaunting his racism and hatred of all things Western, Mugabe has shown (once again) what a World Class Douchebag he is. He recently told the western powers that be to "go hang" when he was chastised for last week's "elections" in Zimbabwe.

In the photo posted above Mugabe receives his "Tiny Douche" award. The ceremony was attended by much of the World's press corps who pelted the Dick Tater with questions.

Like all dictators, Mugabe believes he'll live forever. But....somewhere in Zimbabwe is a bullet with his name on it. Or maybe it's a machete` or a knife. It doesn't matter. If history has taught us anything about African politics it's this; all power is fleeting. All rulers are vulnerable and Mugabe is no exception. His clock is running out of time. You can take that to the bank. Even though he's in his eighties he will not die of old age. Bet on it.

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