Sunday, July 6, 2008

Boxing Cliches And The Pacman

I finally got a chance to watch the replay of the Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao vs David Diaz fight last night and it only confirmed what I already know. Manny Pacquiao is THE dominant fighter in professional boxing today.

Last December I blogged on who was the "pound for pound" best fighter in boxing after Floyd Mayweather Junior dominated Ricky Hatton and the sports writers trotted out their favorite cliche. In my opinion (then and now) there is only one fighter who fits the pound for pound axiom and it's Manny Pacquiao. After watching the Pacman destroy David Diaz in their bout I am now convinced.

I have been watching Pacquiao for the last five years or so and he improves with each fight. He's become faster, hits harder, has developed a multi-arsenal of punches and seems to possess something that many fighters tend to lose once they become champions - the hunger to keep winning.

The only question I had about this fight was - would Manny take the power and speed he had as a lighter fighter into the heavier Lightweight division. Well he sure as hell did in this fight. Diaz was helpless from almost the first bell. He couldn't handle the speed or power of Manny's fight and even made a comment in the corner to his trainer about it. Diaz was finally was dropped in the ninth round by a short but powerful left hook to the cheek and the fight mercifully ended.

Pacquiao is at his peak and in his prime right now and the only thing that can slow his game down is something that many boxers fall victim to - the party lifestyle and perks that always come with being a boxing Champion.

With all of the clowns fighting today who refuse to unify their championships by only fighting stiffs Manny is a refreshing throwback to an earlier era. He is fighting anyone and everyone who has the stones to step in with him. He gives his all with every fight. The only thing Manny has to watch out for in the next five years is himself. This guy is a pleasure to watch.

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Burnt Toast said...

Dad and I watched that fight together and we were just amazed at the speed of Pacquiao's hands and how he used his combinations so effectively.

Probably one of the better fights I've seen in years. Also, surprising how over matched Diaz was, and how he hung in there late I have no idea. I always thought he was a better fighter.