Friday, August 22, 2008

Crystal Mangum - The Untold Story Whorey!

From La Shawn Barber's Corner...
"Disgraced Crystal Mangum, the former stripper and prostitute who accused three Duke University lacrosse players of strangling, beating, and brutally raping her (vaginally, anally, and orally) in a tiny bathroom at a house party back in March 2006, is writing her memoirs. Not an Internet rumor. It’s true!"

From the press release:
“The truth about Crystal’s life, her account of what happened on March 13, 2006, accusations, and the motives of the people criticizing her were never seriously explored. As people appeared from out of the woodwork to offer their opinions about Crystal, no one ever asked the one person who could set the record straight.”

Well now it can be told - the true and shocking memoirs of Crystal Mangum. Yes, Crystal Mangum - the stripping, prostituting, drunken, drug abusing, mental case, scumbag, lying Whore. That Crystal Mangum!

In case you don't recall, she's the douchebag who nearly ruined the lives of three Duke Lacrosse players with a big fat fucking lie! Now she's decided to share her story lie with the world. This one ought to win her a Pulitzer. Yes - Crystal Mangum is finally gonna get "paid" for her trouble.

I find it amazing that American Publishers will (Random House) refuse to publish a book dealing with the Child-Bride of Muhammad fearing that the subject might upset Muslims but subsequently have the guts (or lack of ) to waste ink and paper on this bitch.

Mike Nifong, former D.A. for Durham County, who indicted the Lacrosse players lost his job and lost his license to practice law while only serving one day in jail for contempt for his part. Nifong should be serving some serious prison time right now for knowingly prosecuting men he knew to be innocent. He hid exculpatory evidence and conveniently forgot (hid) DNA results that would have exonerated these young men early on in this farce.

Of course Nifong, who was running for office against an African-American candidate in a heavily black district, was rimming the voters in a sleazy effort to get himself re-elected. Nifong deserves every fucked-up consequence that has since happened to him. Hot tar and feathers for this Donkey Dick would have been poetic justice. Either way, it's all over for him.

These three young men may never recover from the damages of being falsely accused of rape by this pig. The Lame Stream Media and Eighty-Eight Duke University Professors pissed all over themselves in a rush to convict these young men and in the process showed that racism comes in many colors and forms. With the exception of the three Lacrosse players, there isn't an innocent person in the entire sleazy story.

And yet this loony walking talking Yeast Infection Mangum just walked away without even being charged with a crime. The rationalization for not prosecuting her according to North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper was the lame excuse "she probably believes it really happened to her". Cooper knew she was lying and just blew it off because she's bat-shit crazy. To top it all off, this wasn't the first time she claimed to have been raped or has been in trouble with the law. And her reward for this slimy scam is a book deal. Incredible!

Only in America can a sleazy skanky tin-plated crotch such as Crystal Mangum get paid for the shit she pulled. To add insult to injury, that fat pile of monkey spunk, Al Sharpton, has yet to apologize to any of these men after publicly insinuating they were guilty. And the final outrage - Jesse "Baby Daddy" Jackson paid for Mangum's college education. Each time I read about this case I am outraged.

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