Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kevin - I'm Gonna Make You Famous.....

by putting you on my blog. Here are a couple of ears of corn we picked in our garden yesterday and my buddy Kevin gets to do the honors of posing for a photo. The corn was very, very, sweet from what I found out this morning.

Some folks like the more traditional type of heirloom corn that has a not-so-sweet flavor. I tend to favor the hybrid Sh2 type of corn, also known as a Supersweet type. Candy corn is another way I've heard it described.

We've been picking for about ten days and the corn keeps getting better. I have a bad habit of picking early, therefore getting corn before it's at its peak flavor. We let these cobs stay on the stalks a couple of extra days and the results were worth it . I know they're not the biggest ears you may ever see but they were excellent eating.

We are getting 2 ears off of each stalk. The corn stalks are also putting out "sucker shoots" or feeders that actually have little grotesque looking ears. The sucker shoot baby cobs are not good for eating but they are kind of cool/weird looking.

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