Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Take That Al Gore!


Here's an interesting article from The Register, a British site I often visit. You could say the Register resembles an English version of Junk Science.com. They post lots of information about high-tech, the web, computers, etc...

Last week the Register posted an article about the melting of the Polar Ice Caps. Or should I say the non-melting of the Ice Caps. Of course, Al Gore was nowhere to be found and had no comments. The article includes video, charts, photos and graphs that scientifically support the fact the Ice Caps are not disappearing as the Global Alarmists of the world would have one believe. At least not yet.

Is the World warming? A lot of evidence suggests it is. Is it caused by burning fossil fuels by humans? Scientists are not sure, despite what the Goracle would have you believe. Many feel it's just the Earth's built-in thermostatic process in action. My mind is still open on Global Warming but if you want to debate the subject, support your argument with a few facts and some real science.

When Al Gore made the ridiculous statement "the debate is over" on global warming he lost all credibility with his argument. In the science courses I was taught the debate is never over when it comes to theory. Good scientific minds are never closed, unlike Al Gore's.

Perhaps the real reason Al Gore proclaimed "the debate is over" is because he doesn't want to debate. In fact, he's afraid to actually debate a real scientist. He has refused to debate qualified scientists again and again. Al Gore has made a tidy sum of money pushing his Global Warming agenda. The problem with Gore and so many other hot-air theorists is they "talk the talk but won't walk the walk."

Read the article above for some good information on what's really going on at the Polar Ice Caps.

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